Carvalho, Ana Luísa

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Carvalho, Ana Luísa
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Carvalho, Ana Luísa
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Ana Luisa Carvalho (ORCID 0000-0001-8368-6666) is Associate Professor and group leader at the CNC-Center for Neuroscience and Cell Biology, University of Coimbra, Portugal. She has 20 years of experience working as a Neuroscientist. The aim of her research is to uncover cellular and molecular mechanisms at the basis of neuronal excitability and synaptic function, and how they are impaired in brain diseases. She has made important contributions to the identification of receptor associated proteins and metabolic hormones that regulate synaptic function and plasticity, and to understanding synaptic dysfunction in polyQ diseases and autism spectrum disorder. She has published over 60 papers (H index= 29; >3200 citations) in high impact journals such as PNAS, Neuron, Nature Communications and J Cell Biology. Ana Luisa has mentored 15 PhD and 17 MSc students and presently coordinates the H2020-MSCA-ITN European Training Network Syn2Psy-Synaptic Dysfunction in Neuropsychiatric Disorders, and the Master Program in Cellular and Molecular Biology at the University of Coimbra. She has coordinated 12 research grants funded by FCT, the EU or private foundations, and participated in 14 other grants. She was a member of the Scientific Research Council for FCT (2013-16) and is ad hoc reviewer for ERA-NET; Wellcome Trust, BBSR (UK), NOW (The Netherlands); Fondation Fondamental and INSERM/CNRS (France); FWO (Belgium); Neurological Foundation of New Zealand; FCT (Portugal), among others. She has given 27 invited conferences and participated in 84 PhD juries and in 110 Master degree juries.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12015Analysis of the ghrelin/GHSR1 system in dentate gyrus neural progenitor cellsFonseca, Irina Suheila Martins Leal masterThesisopenAccess
2Feb-2015Aβ and NMDAR activation cause mitochondrial dysfunction involving ER calcium releaseFerreira, Ildete Luísa ; Ferreiro, Elisabete ; Schmidt, Jeannette ; Cardoso, João M. ; Pereira, Cláudia M. F. ; Carvalho, Ana Luísa ; Oliveira, Catarina R. ; Rego, A. Cristina articleopenAccess
32007BDNF regulates the expression and traffic of NMDA receptors in cultured hippocampal neuronsCaldeira, Margarida V. ; Melo, Carlos V. ; Pereira, Daniela B. ; Carvalho, Ricardo F. ; Carvalho, Ana Luísa ; Duarte, Carlos B. articleopenAccess
427-Apr-2007Brain-derived neurotrophic factor regulates the expression and synaptic delivery of alpha-amino-3-hydroxy-5-methyl-4-isoxazole propionic acid receptor subunits in hippocampal neuronsCaldeira, Margarida V. ; Melo, Carlos V. ; Pereira, Daniela B. ; Carvalho, Ricardo ; Correia, Susana S. ; Backos, Donald S. ; Carvalho, Ana Luísa ; Esteban, José A. ; Duarte, Carlos B. articleopenAccess
52008Characterization of alternatively spliced isoforms of AMPA receptor subunits encoding truncated receptorsGomes, André R. ; Ferreira, Joana S. ; Paternain, Ana V. ; Lerma, Juan ; Duarte, Carlos B. ; Carvalho, Ana Luísa articleopenAccess
62013Characterization of antibodies recognizing pathological forms of Tau in Alzheimer’s diseaseMarreiro, André Filipe Domingos masterThesisopenAccess
72014Characterization of Natural Killer Cells in Chronic Myeloid Leukemia PatientsAlmeida, Jani Sofia Jesus masterThesisopenAccess
815-Jun-1999Characterization of Phosphorylation Sites on the Glutamate Receptor 4 Subunit of the AMPA ReceptorsCarvalho, Ana Luísa ; Kameyama, Kimihiko ; Huganir, Richard L. articleopenAccess
92016Contribution of the ventro-lateral periaqueductal grey matter to fear conditioned analgesiaWinke, Nȃnci Aléxia Vieira masterThesisopenAccess
102016Developing assays to assess structure and function of synapses in vitroBaptista, João Francisco Chibeles Rebelo Pestana masterThesisembargoedAccess
112015Development and Validation of the Response to Stressful Situations Scale in the General PopulationCarvalho, Célia Barreto ; Motta, Carolina ; Sousa, Marina ; Cabral, Joana ; Carvalho, Ana Luísa ; Peixoto, Ermelindo articleopenAccess
122013Development of plasma Aβ assays for disease modifying approaches in Alzheimer’s diseaseNogueira, Ana Sofia Soares masterThesisopenAccess
1322-Dec-2017Dissecting the role of GPRASP2 in autism spectrum disorder and intellectual disabilityHussien, Mohamed Edfawy SolimandoctoralThesisembargoedAccess
142016Dissection of hierarchy formation in mice: behavioral and molecular correlates of dominance.Sousa, Renato José Melo masterThesisembargoedAccess
1530-Aug-2004Downregulation of retinal GLUT1 in diabetes by ubiquitinylationFernandes, Rosa ; Carvalho, Ana Luísa ; Kumagai, Arno ; Seiça, Raquel ; Hosoya, Ken-Ichi ; Terasaki, Tetsuya ; Murta, Joaquim ; Pereira, Paulo ; Faro, Carlos articleopenAccess
162013Effects of ghrelin on hippocampal glutamate receptors and neuronal morphologyLeeuwen, Joni van masterThesisopenAccess
172013Evaluating injury signals and regeneration enhancers following a central nervous system injurySimões, Anabel Rodriguez masterThesisopenAccess
182016Ghrelin receptor activation regulates hippocampal spine dynamicsSerrenho, Débora Vanessa Lourenço masterThesisembargoedAccess
192014Immunobiology of natural killer cells : subpopulations, phenotypes and functional properties useful for immunotherapyQueirós, Débora Tânia Basílio masterThesisopenAccess
2024-Jul-2014In vitro ischemia-induced changes in the transcriptome of hippocampal neurons: neuroprotective pathways in brain ischemiaFernandes, Joana Filipa Coelho doctoralThesisopenAccess
212015"Intelligent design of color-tuned ChR2 variants for optogenetics applications”Cruz, Bruno Filipe Oereira da masterThesisopenAccess
222015Interplay between Dopamine and γ2- AminoButyric Acid type A receptors' surface dynamics during maturation of neurons and development of hippocampal networks.Matias, Miguel Albino masterThesisopenAccess
232021Ligand-independent activity of the ghrelin receptor modulates AMPA receptor trafficking and supports memory formationRibeiro, Luís F.; Catarino, Tatiana ; Carvalho, Mário; Cortes, Luísa ; Santos, Sandra D.; Opazo, Patricio O.; Ribeiro, Lyn Rosenbrier; Oliveiros, Bárbara ; Choquet, Daniel; Esteban, José A. ; Peça, João ; Carvalho, Ana Luísa articleopenAccess
242004Metabotropic glutamate and dopamine receptors co-regulate AMPA receptor activity through PKA in cultured chick retinal neurones: effect on GluR4 phosphorylation and surface expressionGomes, André R. ; Cunha, Paulo ; Nuriya, Mutsuo ; Faro, Carlos J. ; Huganir, Richard L. ; Pires, Euclides V. ; Carvalho, Ana Luísa ; Duarte, Carlos B. articleopenAccess
252014Microtubule-targeting agents: a therapeutic strategy in neurodegenerative diseasesApóstolo, Nuno Miguel Ferreira Morais masterThesisopenAccess
262016miRNA in the regulation of synaptic functionRodrigues, Beatriz Figueiredo masterThesisembargoedAccess
272014Molecular mechanisms of the synaptic and cognitive effects of ghrelinCarvalho, Mário Jorge da Silva masterThesisopenAccess
281-Jul-2014Molecular Mechanisms Underlying in vitro Cerebral Ischemia: Multiple Neuronal Death PathwaysVieira, Marta doctoralThesisembargoedAccess
292007NEDD8: A new ataxin-3 interactorFerro, Anabela ; Carvalho, Ana Luísa ; Teixeira-Castro, Andreia ; Almeida, Carla ; Tomé, Ricardo J. ; Cortes, Luísa ; Rodrigues, Ana-João ; Logarinho, Elsa ; Sequeiros, Jorge ; Macedo-Ribeiro, Sandra ; Maciel, Patrícia articleopenAccess
302007NPY in rat retina is present in neurons, in endothelial cells and also in microglial and Müller cellsÁlvaro, Ana Rita ; Rosmaninho-Salgado, Joana ; Santiago, Ana Raquel ; Martins, João ; Aveleira, Célia ; Santos, Paulo F. ; Pereira, Tiago ; Gouveia, Denisa ; Carvalho, Ana Luísa ; Grouzmann, Eric ; Ambrósio, António Francisco ; Cavadas, Cláudia articleopenAccess
31Feb-2006Nuclear export of African swine fever virus p37 protein occurs through two distinct pathways and is mediated by three independent signalsEulálio, Ana ; Nunes-Correia, Isabel ; Carvalho, Ana Luísa ; Faro, Carlos ; Citovsky, Vitaly ; Salas, José ; Salas, Maria L. ; Simões, Sérgio ; Lima, Maria C. Pedroso de articleopenAccess
322013Pesquisa de marcadores genéticos para a retinopatia diabética pela genotipagem de SNPs em genes candidatosDuarte, Tânia Patrícia da Silva masterThesisopenAccess
332007PKC Anchoring to GluR4 AMPA Receptor Subunit Modulates PKC-Driven Receptor Phosphorylation and Surface ExpressionGomes, André R. ; Correia, Susana S. ; Esteban, José A. ; Duarte, Carlos B. ; Carvalho, Ana Luísa articleopenAccess
342011Post-transcriptional mechanisms of regulation of AMPA receptors : regulation of GluA1 expression by the contactin associated protein 1Fernandes, Dominique Moreira masterThesisopenAccess
3517-Dec-2015Presynaptic formation and function under the control of ubiquitin and the proteasomePinto, Maria Joana Guimarães doctoralThesisembargoedAccess
3621-Feb-2003Protein kinase C gamma associates directly with the GluR4 alpha-amino-3-hydroxy-5-methyl-4-isoxazole propionate receptor subunit. Effect on receptor phosphorylationCorreia, Susana Santos ; Duarte, Carlos Bandeira ; Faro, Carlos José ; Pires, Euclides Vieira ; Carvalho, Ana Luísa articleopenAccess
372003Regulation of AMPA Receptor Activity, Synaptic Targeting and Recycling: Role in Synaptic PlasticityGomes, André R. ; Correia, Susana S. ; Carvalho, Ana Luísa ; Duarte, Carlos B. articleopenAccess
382000Regulation of AMPA Receptors by PhosphorylationCarvalho, Ana Luísa ; Duarte, Carlos B. ; Carvalho, Arsélio P. articleopenAccess
393-Feb-2015Regulation of ataxin-3 by phosphorylation: Relevance for Machado-Joseph diseaseMatos, Carlos Adriano Albuquerque de doctoralThesisopenAccess
4018-Jun-2018Role of Caspr1 and Caspr2 in the regulation of glutamatergic transmission and synaptic plasticity - implication for disease pathogenesisFernandes, Dominique Moreira doctoralThesisembargoedAccess
412013Role of local protein synthesis in presynaptogenesisMartins, Luís Filipe Maximino masterThesisembargoedAccess
422015Role of shisa6 on AMPAR surface mobility and nano-organizationCampelo, Tiago Miguel Sá masterThesisopenAccess
432009Role of the IgG superfamily receptor neogenin in the development of the mammalian olfactory systemSilva, David Mendes da doctoralThesisopenAccess
4415-Jul-2008Striatal and nigral pathology in a lentiviral rat model of Machado-Joseph diseaseAlves, Sandro ; Régulier, Etienne ; Nascimento-Ferreira, Isabel ; Hassig, Raymonde ; Dufour, Noelle ; Koeppen, Arnulf ; Carvalho, Ana Luísa ; Simões, Sérgio ; Lima, Maria C. Pedroso de ; Brouillet, Emmanuel ; Gould, Veronica Colomer ; Déglon, Nicole ; Almeida, Luís Pereira de articleopenAccess
4525-Jan-2018Super resolution imaging reveals differential organization and regulation of NMDA receptor subtypesKellermayer, Blanka doctoralThesisembargoedAccess
462016The impact of antipsychotics on the trafficking of neurotransmitter receptorsFernandes, Alexandra masterThesisopenAccess
472019The Role of Ghrelin in Regulating Synaptic Function and Plasticity of Feeding-Associated CircuitsSerrenho, Débora ; Santos, Sandra D.; Carvalho, Ana Luísa articleopenAccess
4811-Nov-2011The role of mitochondrial dynamics in autophagy = A função da dinâmica mitocondrial durante a autofagiaGomes, Lígia Carinha doctoralThesisopenAccess
492014The role of the Ubiquitin-Proteasome system and Autophagy in Tau clearance in primary neuronsProfes, Marcos Schaan masterThesisopenAccess
502009Variações de expressão génica associadas à terapêutica com inibidores de tirosina cinase na LMCMendes, Sandrine Craveiro masterThesisopenAccess


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