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Almeida, Jorge
Almeida, Jorge Manuel Castelo Branco de Albuquerque
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I grew up in Lisbon, Portugal, where I received my BA in Psychology (2003; Faculty of Psychology, University of Lisbon). There I worked with Leonel Garcia Marques on topics of person perception, and Paulo Ventura on semantic memory. I then moved to Cambridge MA, USA, where I did my PhD (and MA) in Psychology at the Department of Psychology Harvard University (2011) with Alfonso Caramazza in the Cognitive Neuropsychology Laboratory and Ken Nakayama in the Vision Sciences Lab. I focused on the kinds of information that are processed unconsciously under continuous flash suppression, and on the processing of tools/manipulable objects. After my PhD I started working on the neural processing of tool items, focusing on how different types of tool-related information are processed in the brain and on how tool-related regions modulate the signal in other tool-related regions.

I am currently an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences – University of Coimbra, Portugal. I am now focusing on how object-related information is mapped in the brain and how local object-selectively is defined within domain-specific networks via long-range connectivity. To do so I use fMRI, neuromodulation and behavioural testing. I am currently the PI or Co-PI in 4 FCT research projects, and the PI of the first ERC grant in the field of Psychology in Portugal – ContentMAP. My core research topics are cognitive neuroscience, object recognition, neural organization of conceptual knowledge, category specificity in the brain, neuroplasticity, and effects of neurostimulation on neural processing. To address these questions, I have the pleasure of collaborating with fantastic researchers around the world namely Bradford Mahon and the CAOs Lab now at Carnegie Mellon University; Angelika Lingnau at Regensburg University; Yanchao Bi and Fang Fang at Beijing Normal University and Peking University respectively; Mel Goodale and Jody Culham at Western University, among others.

Most importantly, I have been fortunate to have the help of an outstanding group of researchers at the Proaction Lab.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12019Action at a distance on object-related ventral temporal representationsLee, Dongha ; Mahon, Bradford Z. ; Almeida, Jorge Manuel Castelo Branco de Albuquerque articleopenAccess
22012Affect of the unconscious: Visually suppressed angry faces modulate our decisionsAlmeida, Jorge ; Pajtas, Petra E. ; Mahon, Bradford Z. ; Nakayama, Ken ; Caramazza, Alfonso articleopenAccess
317-May-2023Alternative Brain Connectivity Underscores Age-Related Differences in the Processing of Interactive Biological MotionWalbrin, Jon ; Almeida, Jorge ; Koldewyn, KamiarticleopenAccess
42016Clinical validation of Alzheimer's disease assessment scale - cognitive sub-scale (ADAS-cog) - for the portuguese populationNogueira, Joana masterThesisopenAccess
52018Compensatory plasticity in the congenitally deaf for visual tasks is restricted to the horizontal planeAlmeida, Jorge Manuel Castelo Branco de Albuquerque ; Nunes, Goncalo Filipe de Almeida ; Marques, José Frederico; Amaral, Lénia Alexandra Leal articleopenAccess
62017Connectivity-based constraints on category-specificity in the ventral object processing pathwayChen, Quanjing ; Garcea, Frank E. ; Almeida, Jorge ; Mahon, Bradford Z. articleembargoedAccess
722-Feb-2022Cross-Modal Plasticity in the Auditory Cortex of the Congenitally Deaf: an fMRI study using population receptive field analysisCampos, Joana Margarida de Morais Sayal AbreumasterThesisopenAccess
8Mar-2021Decoding stimuli (tool-hand) and viewpoint invariant grasp-type informationBergström, Fredrik ; Wurm, Moritz; Valério, Daniela Filipa Codinha ; Lingnau, Angelika; Almeida, Jorge articleopenAccess
92015Decoding Visual Location From Neural Patterns in the Auditory Cortex of the Congenitally DeafAlmeida, Jorge ; He, Dongjun ; Chen, Quanjing ; Mahon, Bradford Z. ; Zhang, Fan ; Gonçalves, Óscar F. ; Fang, Fang ; Bi, Yanchao articleopenAccess
102019Domain-Specific Diaschisis: Lesions to Parietal Action Areas Modulate Neural Responses to Tools in the Ventral StreamGarcea, Frank E. ; Almeida, Jorge Manuel Castelo Branco de Albuquerque ; Sims, Maxwell H.; Nunno, Andrew; Meyers, Steven P.; Li, Yan Michael; Walter, Kevin; Pilcher, Webster H.; Mahon, Bradford Z. articleopenAccess
112016Domain-specific functional organization: neurocognitive characterization of a case of hemi-prosopometamorphopsiaFreixo, Andreia masterThesisopenAccess
1223-Oct-2017A Double Dissociation between Acting on and Knowing How to Act on ToolsValério, Daniela Filipa Codinha masterThesisclosedAccess
132010Efectividade da independência e/ou autonomia do poder judicial em Portugal: reflexões sobre as condições externas e internasDias, João Paulo ; Almeida, Jorge articleopenAccess
142017Escala de Avaliação da Doença de Alzheimer – Subescala cognitiva (ADAS-Cog): Dados normativo para a população portuguesaNogueira, Joana ; Freitas, Sandra ; Duro, Diana ; Tábuas-Pereira, Miguel ; Guerreiro, Manuela ; Almeida, Jorge ; Santana, Isabel articleopenAccess
1511-Aug-2020Face-Specific Perceptual Distortions Reveal A View- and Orientation-Independent Face TemplateAlmeida, Jorge ; Freixo, Andreia ; Tábuas-Pereira, Miguel ; Herald, Sarah B.; Valério, Daniela ; Schu, Guilherme ; Duro, Diana ; Cunha, Gil ; Bukhari, Qasim; Duchaine, Brad; Santana, Isabel articleopenAccess
162016A geometric interpretation of the Schützenberger group of a minimal subshiftAlmeida, Jorge ; Costa, Alfredo articleopenAccess
172013Grasping with the eyes: The role of elongation in visual recognition of manipulable objectsAlmeida, Jorge ; Mahon, Bradford Z. ; Zapater-Raberov, Veronica ; Dziuba, Aleksandra ; Cabaço, Tiago ; Marques, J. Frederico ; Caramazza, Alfonso articleopenAccess
182020Guidelines for TMS/tES clinical services and research through the COVID-19 pandemicBikson, Marom; Hanlon, Colleen A; Woods, Adam J; Gillick, Bernadette T; Charvet, Leigh; Lamm, Claus; Madeo, Graziella; Holczer, Adrienn; Almeida, Jorge Manuel Castelo Branco de Albuquerque ; Antal, Andrea; Ay, Mohammad Reza; Baeken, Chris; Blumberger, Daniel M; Campanella, Salvatore; Camprodon, Joan A; Christiansen, Lasse; Loo, Colleen; Crinion, Jennifer T; Fitzgerald, Paul; Gallimberti, Luigi; Ghobadi-Azbari, Peyman; Ghodratitoostani, Iman; Grabner, Roland H; Hartwigsen, Gesa; Hirata, Akimasa; Kirton, Adam; Knotkova, Helena; Krupitsky, Evgeny; Marangolo, Paola; Nakamura-Palacios, Ester M; Potok, Weronika; Praharaj, Samir K; Ruff, Christian C; Schlaug, Gottfried; Siebner, Hartwig R; Stagg, Charlotte J; Thielscher, Axel; Wenderoth, Nicole; Yuan, Ti-Fei; Zhang, Xiaochu; Ekhtiari, HamedarticleopenAccess
192016Hemispheric asymmetries in subcortical visual and auditory relay structures in congenital deafnessAmaral, L. ; Ganho-Ávila, A. ; Osório, A.; Soares, M. J. ; He, D.; Chen, Q. Z. ; Mahon, B. Z. ; Gonçalves, O. F. ; Sampaio, A. ; Fang, F.; Bi, Y.; Almeida, J. articleopenAccess
202009Infinite-vertex free profinite semigroupoids and symbolic dynamicsAlmeida, Jorge ; Costa, Alfredo articleopenAccess
21Aug-2007A influência das condições organizativas para a independência do poder judicial em PortugalDias, João Paulo ; Almeida, Jorge workingPaperopenAccess
222021Knowing how to do it or doing it? A double dissociation between tool-gesture production and tool-gesture knowledgeValério, Daniela ; Santana, Isabel ; Sousa, Diana Aguiar de; Schu, Guilherme ; Leal, Gabriela; Pavão Martins, Isabel; Almeida, Jorge articleembargoedAccess
232017Measuring vulnerability to anxiety: Factorial structure, reliability, validity and discriminatory accuracy of the Anxiety Sensitivity Index-3-PT.Ganho-Ávila, Ana ; Moura-Ramos, Mariana ; Gonçalves, Óscar ; Almeida, Jorge articleembargoedAccess
2414-Sep-2023Neural and behavioral signatures of the multidimensionality of manipulable object processingAlmeida, Jorge ; Fracasso, Alessio; Kristensen, Stephanie ; Valério, Daniela ; Bergström, Fredrik ; Chakravarthi, Ramakrishna ; Tal, Zohar ; Walbrin, JonathanarticleopenAccess
2526-Feb-2021Neural mechanisms underlying processing speed in healthy older adultsFerreira, Sara Isabel da Silva MagalhãesmasterThesisopenAccess
262016Neuro-Ophthalmic Syndromes and Processing Speed in Multiple SclerosisCosta, Silvana L. ; Gonçalves, Óscar F. ; Chiaravalloti, Nancy D. ; DeLuca, John ; Almeida, Jorge articleopenAccess
272016Neuromodulation as a cognitive enhancement strategy in healthy older adults: promises and pitfallsMartins, Ana R. S. ; Fregni, Felipe ; Simis, Marcel ; Almeida, Jorge articleopenAccess
2815-Dec-2023Neuroplastic changes in functional wiring in sensory cortices of the congenitally deaf: A network analysisRuttorf, Michaela ; Tal, Zohar ; Amaral, Lénia ; Fang, Fang ; Bi, Yanchao ; Almeida, Jorge articleopenAccess
292015Neuroplasticity in congenital deaf humansAmaral, Lénia ; Almeida, Jorge articleopenAccess
302015A NOTE ON PSEUDOVARIETIES OF COMPLETELY REGULAR SEMIGROUPSAlmeida, Jorge ; Costa, Alfredo articleembargoedAccess
312022Optimistic Youth: Young Adults Predicted a Faster Decrease in Risk during COVID-19 Emergency State in PortugalScaletti, Sara ; Duarte, Inês ; Senra, Catarina ; Almeida, Jorge ; Ferreira, António Jorge ; Walbrin, Jon; Pilacinski, Artur articleopenAccess
322014Optimization of multiple coils immersed in a conducting liquid for half-hemisphere or whole-brain deep transcranial magnetic stimulation: A simulation studySousa, Sonia C. P. ; Almeida, Jorge ; Cavaleiro Miranda, Pedro ; Salvador, Ricardo ; Silvestre, Joao ; Simoes, Hugo ; Crespo, Paulo articleopenAccess
332021Overlapping but distinct: Distal connectivity dissociates hand and tool processing networksAmaral, L. ; Bergström, F. ; Almeida, J. articleembargoedAccess
342007Os poderes do juiz-presidente: o futuro face ao limite constitucional do juíz naturalAlmeida, Jorge ; Branco, Patrícia articleopenAccess
352017Polarity-specific transcranial direct current stimulation effects on object-selective neural responses in the inferior parietal lobeAlmeida, Jorge ; Martins, Ana R. ; Bergström, Fredrik ; Amaral, Lénia ; Freixo, Andreia ; Ganho-Ávila, Ana ; Kristensen, Stephanie ; Lee, Dongha ; Nogueira, Joana ; Ruttorf, Michaela articleopenAccess
362013Presentations of Schützenberger groups of minimal subshiftsAlmeida, Jorge ; Costa, Alfredo articleembargoedAccess
372016Resilience to the contralateral visual field bias as a window into object representationsGarcea, Frank E. ; Kristensen, Stephanie ; Almeida, Jorge ; Mahon, Bradford Z. articleopenAccess
38Dec-2012A right visual field advantage for visual processing of manipulable objectsGarcea, Frank E. ; Almeida, Jorge Manuel Castelo Branco de Albuquerque ; Mahon, Bradford Z. articleopenAccess
3915-May-2021Size constancy affects the perception and parietal neural representation of object sizeKristensen, Stephanie ; Fracasso, Alessio; Dumoulin, Serge O.; Almeida, Jorge ; Harvey, Ben M. articleopenAccess
402013Spatial Frequency Tuning Reveals Interactions between the Dorsal and Ventral Visual SystemsMahon, Bradford Z. ; Kumar, Nicholas ; Almeida, Jorge articleopenAccess
412013Structural processing and category-specific deficitsMarques, J. Frederico ; Raposo, Ana ; Almeida, Jorge articleopenAccess
422016Temporal Frequency Tuning Reveals Interactions between the Dorsal and Ventral Visual StreamsKristensen, Stephanie ; Garcea, Frank E. ; Mahon, Bradford Z. ; Almeida, Jorge articleopenAccess
432021The contributions of the ventral and the dorsal visual streams to the automatic processing of action relations of familiar and unfamiliar object pairsXu, Shan; Liu, Xingyu; Almeida, Jorge ; Heinke, DietmararticleopenAccess
442019The effect of cathodal tDCS on fear extinction: A cross-measures studyGanho-Ávila, A. ; Gonçalves, Óscar Filipe Coelho Neves ; Guiomar, R.; Boggio, P. S. ; Asthana, M.K.; Krypotos, A.-M.; Almeida, J. articleopenAccess
4526-Oct-2022The effects of Semantic Distance in Object Recognition: A feature-based and behavioral approachSantos, Francisco Figueiredo FortemasterThesisopenAccess
462015The Temporal Dynamics of Visual Processing in Multiple SclerosisCosta, Silvana Lopes ; Gonçalves, Oscar F. ; DeLuca, John ; Chiaravalloti, Nancy ; Chakravarthi, Ramakrishna ; Almeida, Jorge articleopenAccess
477-Jun-2021Tool heads prime saccadesPilacinski, Artur ; Haan, Stella de ; Donato, Rita ; Almeida, Jorge articleopenAccess
48Oct-2013Tool manipulation knowledge is retrieved by way of the ventral visual object processing pathwayAlmeida, Jorge ; Fintzi, Anat R. ; Mahon, Bradford Z. articleopenAccess
492016Topographical functional connectivity patterns exist in the congenitally, prelingually deafStriem-Amit, Ella ; Almeida, Jorge ; Belledonne, Mario ; Chen, Quanjing ; Fang, Yuxing ; Han, Zaizhu ; Caramazza, Alfonso ; Bi, Yanchao articleopenAccess
502019Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation Alters Functional Network Structure in Humans: A Graph Theoretical AnalysisRuttorf, Michaela ; Kristensen, Stephanie ; Schad, Lothar R.; Almeida, Jorge Manuel Castelo Branco de Albuquerque articleopenAccess
5124-Mar-2022Uncovering the interaction between hands and tools: are these categories dissociableAmaral, Lénia Alexandra LealdoctoralThesisopenAccess
52Mar-2023Underfunding Basic Psychological Science Because of the Primacy of the Here and Now: A Scientific ConundrumAlmeida, Jorge articleopenAccess
532022Virtual Reality for Safe Testing and Development in Collaborative Robotics: Challenges and PerspectivesBadia, Sergi Bermúdez i; Silva, Paula Alexandra; Branco, Diogo Alexandre Martins ; Pinto, Ana; Carvalho, Carla; Menezes, Paulo; Almeida, Jorge ; Pilacinski, Artur articleopenAccess
542018Visual and visuomotor processing of hands and tools as a case study of cross talk between the dorsal and ventral streamsAlmeida, Jorge Manuel Castelo Branco de Albuquerque ; Amaral, Lénia Alexandra Leal ; Garcea, Frank E. ; Sousa, Diana Aguiar de; Xu, Shan; Mahon, Bradford Z. ; Martins, Isabel Pavão articleopenAccess
552021Within-category representational stability through the lens of manipulable objectsLee, Dongha ; Almeida, Jorge articleopenAccess


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