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Fregni, Felipe
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12014Biological Markers in Noninvasive Brain Stimulation Trials in Major Depressive DisorderFidalgo, T. M; Morales-Quezada, J; Muzy, G; Chiavetta, N; Mendonca, M.; Santana, M.; Gonçalves, Óscar Filipe Coelho Neves ; Brunoni, A.; Fregni, F. articleopenAccess
22014Biological markers in noninvasive brain stimulation trials in major depressive disorder: A systematic reviewFidalgo, T.M.; Morales-Quezada, J.L.; Muzy, G.S.C.; Chiavetta, N.M.; Mendonca, M.E.; Santana, M.V.B.; Gonçalves, Óscar Filipe Coelho Neves ; Brunoni, A. R.; Fregni, F. articleopenAccess
32015Hemispheric dorsolateral prefrontal cortex lateralization in the regulation of empathy for painRêgo, G.G.; Lapenta, O.M.; Marques, L.M.; Costa, T.L.; Leite, J. ; Carvalho, S. ; Gonçalves, Óscar Filipe Coelho Neves ; Brunoni, A. R.; Fregni, F. ; Boggio, P. S. articleopenAccess
42017Is the relationship between mind wandering and attention culture-specific?Gonçalves, Óscar Filipe Coelho Neves ; Rêgo, G.; Oliveira-Silva, P.; Leite, J. ; Carvalho, S. ; Souza-Queiroz, J.; Fregni, F. ; Amaro, E.; Boggio, P. S. articleembargoedAccess
52017Mind wandering and the attention network systemGonçalves, Óscar Filipe Coelho Neves ; Rêgo, Gabriel; Oliveira-Silva, Patrícia; Leite, Jorge ; Carvalho, Sandra ; Fregni, F. ; Amaro, E.; Boggio, Paulo S. articleopenAccess
62016Neuromodulation as a cognitive enhancement strategy in healthy older adults: promises and pitfallsMartins, Ana R. S. ; Fregni, Felipe ; Simis, Marcel ; Almeida, Jorge articleopenAccess
72011Obsessive Compulsive Disorder as a functional interhemispheric imbalance at the thalamic levelGonçalves, Óscar F. ; Carvalho, Sandra ; Leite, Jorge ; Pocinho, Fernando ; Relvas, João ; Fregni, Felipe articleopenAccess
82015Sustained effects of a neural-based intervention in a refractory case of tourette syndromeCarvalho, S. ; Gonçalves, Óscar Filipe Coelho Neves ; Soares, J.M.; Sampaio, A. ; Macedo, F. ; Fregni, F. ; Leite, J. articleopenAccess
92011Task-specific effects of tDCS-induced cortical excitability changes on cognitive and motor sequence set shifting performanceLeite, J. ; Carvalho, S. ; Fregni, F. ; Gonçalves, Ó. F. articleopenAccess
107-Feb-2023The cerebellum is causally involved in episodic memory under agingAlmeida, Armando ; Martins, Ana R.; Amaral, Lénia ; Valério, Daniela ; Bukhari, Qasim; Schu, Guilherme ; Nogueira, Joana; Spínola, Mónica ; Soleimani, Ghazaleh; Fernandes, Filipe ; Silva, Ana R. ; Fregni, Felipe ; Simis, Marcel ; Simões, Mário; Peres, André articleopenAccess
112018The differential effects of unihemispheric and bihemispheric tDCS over the inferior frontal gyrus on proactive controlLeite, J. ; Gonçalves, Óscar Filipe Coelho Neves ; Pereira, P.; Khadka, N.; Bikson, M.; Fregni, F. ; Carvalho, S. articleopenAccess
122013The effects of cross-hemispheric dorsolateral prefrontal cortex transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) on task switchingLeite, J. ; Carvalho, S. ; Fregni, F. ; Boggio, P. S. ; Gonçalves, Óscar Filipe Coelho Neves articleopenAccess
132021The effects of direct current stimulation and random noise stimulation on attention networksLema, Alberto ; Carvalho, Sandra; Fregni, Felipe ; Gonçalves, Óscar Filipe Coelho Neves ; Leite, Jorge articleopenAccess
142020Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation as an Add-on Treatment to Cognitive-Behavior Therapy in First Episode Drug-Naive Major Depression Patients: The ESAP Study ProtocolCarvalho, Sandra; Gonçalves, Óscar F. ; Brunoni, Andre R.; Fernandes-Goncalves, Ana; Fregni, Felipe ; Leite, Jorge articleopenAccess
152015Transcranial direct current stimulation based metaplasticity protocols in working memoryCarvalho, S. ; Boggio, P. S. ; Gonçalves, Ó. F. ; Vigário, A.R.; Faria, M.; Silva, S.; Gaudencio Do Rego, G.; Fregni, F. ; Leite, J. articleopenAccess