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Schu, Guilherme
Schu, Guilherme
Schu, Guilherme
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
111-Aug-2020Face-Specific Perceptual Distortions Reveal A View- and Orientation-Independent Face TemplateAlmeida, Jorge ; Freixo, Andreia ; Tábuas-Pereira, Miguel ; Herald, Sarah B.; Valério, Daniela ; Schu, Guilherme ; Duro, Diana ; Cunha, Gil ; Bukhari, Qasim; Duchaine, Brad; Santana, Isabel articleopenAccess
22021Knowing how to do it or doing it? A double dissociation between tool-gesture production and tool-gesture knowledgeValério, Daniela ; Santana, Isabel ; Sousa, Diana Aguiar de; Schu, Guilherme ; Leal, Gabriela; Pavão Martins, Isabel; Almeida, Jorge articleembargoedAccess
37-Feb-2023The cerebellum is causally involved in episodic memory under agingAlmeida, Armando ; Martins, Ana R.; Amaral, Lénia ; Valério, Daniela ; Bukhari, Qasim; Schu, Guilherme ; Nogueira, Joana; Spínola, Mónica ; Soleimani, Ghazaleh; Fernandes, Filipe ; Silva, Ana R. ; Fregni, Felipe ; Simis, Marcel ; Simões, Mário; Peres, André articleopenAccess