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Title: Domain-Specific Diaschisis: Lesions to Parietal Action Areas Modulate Neural Responses to Tools in the Ventral Stream
Authors: Garcea, Frank E 
Almeida, Jorge Manuel Castelo Branco de Albuquerque 
Sims, Maxwell H
Nunno, Andrew
Meyers, Steven P
Li, Yan Michael
Walter, Kevin
Pilcher, Webster H
Mahon, Bradford Z. 
Keywords: anterior intraparietal sulcus; dorsal stream; fMRI; manipulable objects; neurosurgery; supramarginal gyrus; tools; ventral stream; voxel-based lesion-activity mapping; voxel-based lesion-symptom mapping
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: Neural responses to small manipulable objects ("tools") in high-level visual areas in ventral temporal cortex (VTC) provide an opportunity to test how anatomically remote regions modulate ventral stream processing in a domain-specific manner. Prior patient studies indicate that grasp-relevant information can be computed about objects by dorsal stream structures independently of processing in VTC. Prior functional neuroimaging studies indicate privileged functional connectivity between regions of VTC exhibiting tool preferences and regions of parietal cortex supporting object-directed action. Here we test whether lesions to parietal cortex modulate tool preferences within ventral and lateral temporal cortex. We found that lesions to the left anterior intraparietal sulcus, a region that supports hand-shaping during object grasping and manipulation, modulate tool preferences in left VTC and in the left posterior middle temporal gyrus. Control analyses demonstrated that neural responses to "place" stimuli in left VTC were unaffected by lesions to parietal cortex, indicating domain-specific consequences for ventral stream neural responses in the setting of parietal lesions. These findings provide causal evidence that neural specificity for "tools" in ventral and lateral temporal lobe areas may arise, in part, from online inputs to VTC from parietal areas that receive inputs via the dorsal visual pathway.
ISSN: 1047-3211
DOI: 10.1093/cercor/bhy183
Rights: openAccess
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