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Costa, Alfredo
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
111-Apr-2013A categorical invariant of flow equivalence of shiftsCosta, Alfredo ; Steinberg, Benjamin articleembargoedAccess
22005Conjugacy invariants of subshifts: an approach from profinite semigroup theoryCosta, Alfredo Manuel Gouveia da preprintopenAccess
32023Equidivisibility and profinite coproductAlmeida, Jorge; Costa, Alfredo articleopenAccess
42016A geometric interpretation of the Schützenberger group of a minimal subshiftAlmeida, Jorge ; Costa, Alfredo articleopenAccess
52009Infinite-vertex free profinite semigroupoids and symbolic dynamicsAlmeida, Jorge ; Costa, Alfredo articleopenAccess
62006A new algebraic invariant for weak equivalence of sofic subshiftsChaubard, Laura ; Costa, Alfredo preprintopenAccess
72015A NOTE ON PSEUDOVARIETIES OF COMPLETELY REGULAR SEMIGROUPSAlmeida, Jorge ; Costa, Alfredo articleembargoedAccess
82013Presentations of Schützenberger groups of minimal subshiftsAlmeida, Jorge ; Costa, Alfredo articleembargoedAccess
92023A profinite approach to complete bifix decodings of recurrent languagesCosta, Alfredo articleopenAccess
102009Profinite groups associated to sofic shifts are freeCosta, Alfredo ; Steinberg, Benjamin preprintopenAccess
112007Pseudovarieties defining classes of sofic subshifts closed under taking shift equivalent subshiftsCosta, Alfredo articleopenAccess
1215-Mar-2013Some operators that preserve the locality of a pseudovariety of semigroupsCosta, Alfredo ; Escada, Ana Paula articleembargoedAccess