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Dias, Luís C.
Dias, Luís Miguel Cândido
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Luis C. Dias obtained a degree in Informatics in 1992, a Ph.D. in Management in 2001, and Habilitation in Decision Aiding Science in 2013, from the University of Coimbra. He is currently a Full Professor at the Faculty of Economics, University of Coimbra (FEUC), where he has been teaching courses on decision analysis, operations research, informatics, and related areas, and has supervised 10 PhD students. Luis is the Director of the Centre for Business and Economics Research at U. Coimbra (CeBER), a collaborator at INESC Coimbra, a member of the coordination board of U.Coimbra’s Energy for Sustainability Initiative, and currently the Chair of the General Assembly of APDIO, the Portuguese Operational Research Society. He is on the Editorial Board of the EURO Journal on Decision Processes and Omega, and also contributes to the community as evaluator of grants (Academy of Finland, Cyprus’s Research Promotion Foundation, Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology, Poland's National Science Centre) and PhD theses (Univ. of Adelaide, Australia; Aalto Univ. and Univ. of Jyväskylä, Finland; Univ. Lisbon and Porto, Portugal; Univ. du Luxembourg; Univ. Politec. Madrid and Univ. Rovira i Virgili, Spain; Univ. Vienna, Austria; Univ Warwick, UK). He is a former Vice-Dean for Research, (co)coordinator of the Master's in Management and the PhD in Sustainable Energy Systems, and Vice-President of APDIO. He held temporary invited positions at the University Paris-Dauphine, France, and the University of Vienna, Austria. Luis's research interests include multicriteria decision analysis, performance assessment, group decision and negotiation support, decision support systems, and applications in the areas of energy and environment. He has published over 80 articles in peer-reviewed international journals, in journals such as Computers & Operations Research, Decision Analysis, Decision Support Systems, European J. of Operational Research and Omega (in the management science / operations research area) as well as Applied Energy, Energy Policy, Environmental Science & Technology, International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment, Journal of Cleaner Production (in the energy and environment area), with over 1500 citations both in Scopus and Web of Science.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
120-May-2016Additive aggregation with variable interdependent parameters: the VIP Analysis softwareDias, Luis C. ; Clímaco, João N. articleopenAccess
22002An aggregation/disaggregation approach to obtain robust conclusions with ELECTRE TRIDias, Luís ; Mousseau, Vincent ; Figueira, José ; Clímaco, João articleopenAccess
32008An algorithm for ordinal sorting based on ELECTRE with categories defined by examplesRocha, Clara ; Dias, Luís articleopenAccess
4Dec-2016An Application of Soft Systems Methodology in the Evaluation of Policies and Incentive Actions to Promote Technological Innovations in the Electricity SectorAntunes, Carlos Henggeler ; Dias, Luis ; Dantas, Guilherme ; Mathias, João ; Zamboni, Lucca articleopenAccess
52015An application of value-based DEA to identify the best practices in primary health careGouveia, M. C. ; Dias, L. C. ; Antunes, C. H. ; Mota, M. A. ; Duarte, E. M. ; Tenreiro, E. M. articleopenAccess
6Apr-2019Analysis of cost-environmental trade-offs in biodiesel production incorporating waste feedstocks: A multi-objective programming approachCaldeira, Carla; Freire, Fausto ; Olivetti, Elsa A.; Kirchain, Randolph ; Dias, Luis C. articleembargoedAccess
72008Análise da eficiência da actividade agrícola e da sua distribuição no território portuguêsPereira, Helga Sofia Andrade masterThesisopenAccess
830-Jan-2013Aplicação do método Action Research ao processo de apoio à decisão com uso do sistema VIP analysisVentura, Alecsandra Alves Veras doctoralThesisopenAccess
9Nov-2015Applying Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis to the Life-Cycle Assessment of vehiclesDomingues, Ana Rita ; Marques, Pedro ; Garcia, Rita ; Freire, Fausto ; Dias, Luís C. articleopenAccess
102006An Approach to Support Negotiation Processes with Imprecise Information Multicriteria Additive ModelsClímaco, João ; Dias, Luís articleopenAccess
11Oct-2018Assessing supply risks for non-fossil mineral resources via multi-criteria decision analysisJasiński, Dominik ; Cinelli, Marco ; Dias, Luis C. ; Meredith, James ; Kirwan, Kerry articleopenAccess
121-Sep-2008Assessing the performance of biogas plants with multi-criteria and data envelopment analysisMadlener, Reinhard ; Antunes, Carlos Henggeler ; Dias, Luís C. articleopenAccess
132014Avaliação de desempenho das unidades de saúde para a melhoria dos cuidados de saúde primáriosGouveia, M. C. ; Dias, L. C. ; Antunes, C. H. ; Mota, M. A. ; Duarte, E. M. ; Tenreiro, E. M. bookPartopenAccess
1412-Oct-2012Barómetro do Centro de Portugal : orientações para a construção de um indicador compósito para avaliação da conjuntura do Centro de Portugal com recurso a opinião de peritosMendes, Catarina Filipa Carnoto. masterThesisopenAccess
15Jun-2015Benchmarking of maintenance and outage repair in an electricity distribution company using the value-based DEA methodGouveia, M. C. ; Dias, L. C. ; Antunes, C. H. ; Boucinha, J. ; Inácio, C. F. articleopenAccess
162017Beyond Value Function Methods in MCDA for Health CareDiaby, Vakaramoko ; Dias, Luis bookPartembargoedAccess
17Dec-2014Biogas plants site selection integrating Multicriteria Decision Aid methods and GIS techniques: A case study in a Portuguese regionSilva, Sandra ; Alçada-Almeida, Luís ; Dias, Luís C. articleopenAccess
18Mar-2021Choice-based preference disaggregation concerning vehicle technologiesDias, Luís C. ; Oliveira, Gabriela D.; Sarabando, Paula articleopenAccess
192012Comparison of decision rules to mediate negotiations with incomplete informationSarabando, Paula ; Dias, Luís C. articleopenAccess
202005Dealing with imprecise information in group multicriteria decisions: a methodology and a GDSS architectureDias, Luís C. ; Clímaco, João N. articleopenAccess
212006Dealing with inconsistent judgments in multiple criteria sorting modelsMousseau, Vincent ; Dias, Luís ; Figueira, José articleopenAccess
222012Dealing with uncertainty in Decision Support Systems: Recent trends (2000–2011)Dias, Luis C. ; Henggeler Antunes, Carlos ; Rios Insua, David articleopenAccess
232007A decisão: uma temática pluridisciplinarHenggeler Antunes, Carlos ; Dias, Luis C. bookPartopenAccess
24Apr-2022A Delphi Based Approach to the Assessment of New Marine Litter Reduction and Processing TechnologiesCunha, Maria C. ; Marques, João; Dias, Luís C. ; Cotera, Ignacio Rada; Triantaphyllidis, GeorgearticleopenAccess
251-Jul-2023Development and application of a composite circularity indexGarrido, Susana ; Rodríguez-Antón, José; Amado, Carla A F; Santos, Sérgio; Dias, Luís C. articleopenAccess
26Oct-2014Development of a Web-based Multi-criteria Spatial Decision Support System for the assessment of environmental sustainability of dairy farmsSilva, Sandra ; Alçada-Almeida, Luís ; Dias, Luís C. articleopenAccess
27Oct-2019Diffusion of alternative fuel vehicles considering dynamic preferencesOliveira, Gabriela D.; Roth, Richard ; Dias, Luis C. articleembargoedAccess
28Feb-2023Drivers of water utilities’ operational performance – An analysis from the Portuguese caseAmaral, António L.; Martins, Rita; Dias, Luis C. articleopenAccess
29Feb-2021Eco-efficiency in early design decisions: A multimethodology approachBelucio, Matheus; Rodrigues, Carla; Antunes, Carlos Henggeler ; Freire, Fausto Miguel Cereja Seixas ; Dias, Luis C. articleembargoedAccess
301-Nov-2022Efficiency benchmarking of wastewater service providers: An analysis based on the Portuguese caseAmaral, A Luís; Martins, Rita; Dias, Luís C. articleopenAccess
3118-Oct-2012Efficiency evaluation with a DEA-MCDA method with incorporation of preferences and data uncertaintyGouveia, Maria do Castelo Batista doctoralThesisopenAccess
322000ELECTRE TRI for Groups with Imprecise Information on Parameter ValuesDias, Luís ; Clímaco, João articleopenAccess
33Apr-2019Enriching the results of screening social life cycle assessment using content analysis: a case study of sugarcane in BrazilDu, Chongyang ; Ugaya, Cássia; Freire, Fausto ; Dias, Luis C. ; Clift, RolandarticleembargoedAccess
3414-Mar-2018Environmental and social life cycle assessment of sugarcane in Brazil: comparing manual and mechanical harvestingDu, Chongyang doctoralThesisembargoedAccess
3528-Feb-2011Escolha e ordenação com informação ordinal : extensão à decisão em grupo e à negociaçãoSantos, Paula Cristina Sarabando dos doctoralThesisopenAccess
362002Exploring the Consequences of Imprecise Information in Choice Problems Using ELECTREDias, Luis C. ; Clímaco, João bookPartopenAccess
37Jan-2019Group decision making with incomplete information: a dominance and quasi-optimality volume-based approach using Monte-Carlo simulationSarabando, Paula ; Dias, Luis C. ; Vetschera, Rudolf articleembargoedAccess
382018Identification of objectives for national energy planning in developing countriesLee, N. C. ; Leal, V. M .S. ; Dias, L. C. articleembargoedAccess
39Aug-2014Impact of feedstock diversification on the cost-effectiveness of biodieselGülşen, Ece ; Olivetti, Elsa ; Freire, Fausto ; Dias, Luis ; Kirchain, Randolph articleopenAccess
40Jan-2019Influence of Demographics on Consumer Preferences for Alternative Fuel Vehicles: A Review of Choice Modelling Studies and a Study in PortugalOliveira, Gabriela D.; Dias, Luis C. articleopenAccess
4118-Apr-2001A informação imprecisa e os modelos multicritério de apoio à decisão : identificação e uso de conclusões robustasDias, Luís Miguel Cândido doctoralThesisopenAccess
422016Integrating life-cycle assessment and multi-criteria decision analysis to compare alternative biodiesel chainsDias, Luis C. ; Passeira, Carolina; Malça, João ; Freire, Fausto articleopenAccess
432015IntroductionBisdorff, Raymond ; Dias, Luis C. ; Meyer, Patrick ; Mousseau, Vincent ; Pirlot, Marc bookPartopenAccess
442003IRIS: a DSS for multiple criteria sorting problemsDias, Luís C. ; Mousseau, Vincent articleopenAccess
452014Levels of incomplete information in group decision models – A comprehensive simulation studyVetschera, Rudolf ; Sarabando, Paula ; Dias, Luis articleopenAccess
462019Life beyond the grid: A Life-Cycle Sustainability Assessment of household energy needsVogt Gwerder, Yvonne; Marques, Pedro; Dias, Luis C. ; Freire, Fausto Miguel Cereja Seixas articleembargoedAccess
47Apr-2018Life cycle assessment addressing health effects of particulate matter of mechanical versus manual sugarcane harvesting in BrazilDu, Chongyang ; Kulay, Luiz ; Cavalett, Otavio ; Dias, Luis ; Freire, Fausto articleembargoedAccess
4831-Oct-2022Low cited articles in operations research / management scienceDias, Luis C. ; Lev, Benjamin; Anderson, James B.articleopenAccess
492023Low cited articles in operations research / management scienceDias, Luís C. ; Lev, Benjamin; Anderson, James B.articleopenAccess
502007Managing uncertainty in decision support modelsAntunes, Carlos Henggeler ; Dias, Luís C. articleopenAccess
512007Managing uncertainty in decision support models foreword to the special issueAntunes, Carlos Henggeler ; Dias, Luís Cândido articleopenAccess
5230-Oct-2019Market dynamics of Electric Vehicles in Portugal: Coupling preference modeling and diffusion analysisPita, Gabriela Duarte Oliveira de CastrodoctoralThesisopenAccess
53May-2013Mediation with Incomplete Information: Approaches to Suggest Potential AgreementsSarabando, Paula ; Dias, Luís C. ; Vetschera, Rudolf articleopenAccess
547-May-2012Métodos de classificação multicritério com classes parcialmente ordenadasRocha, Maria Clara da Silva Pereira doctoralThesisopenAccess
552015Modelling consumer preferences for electric vehicles in Portugal: an exploratory studyOliveira, Gabriela Duarte; Dias, Luís Miguel Cândido ; Sarabando dos Santos, Paula CristinaarticleopenAccess
56Sep-2013MPOC: an agglomerative algorithm for multicriteria partially ordered clusteringRocha, Clara ; Dias, Luis C. articleopenAccess
57Dec-2019Multi-Criteria and Life Cycle Assessment of Wood-Based Bioenergy Alternatives for Residential Heating: A Sustainability AnalysisMartín-Gamboa, Mario; Dias, Luis C. ; Quinteiro, Paula; Freire, Fausto ; Arroja, Luís; Dias, Ana CláudiaarticleopenAccess
58Apr-2018A multi-criteria approach to sort and rank policies based on Delphi qualitative assessments and ELECTRE TRI: The case of smart grids in BrazilDias, Luis C. ; Antunes, Carlos Henggeler ; Dantas, Guilherme ; Castro, Nivalde de ; Zamboni, Lucca articleembargoedAccess
592015Multi-Criteria Assessment of Data Centers Environmental SustainabilityCovas, Miguel Trigueiros ; Silva, Carlos A. ; Dias, Luis C. bookPartopenAccess
609-Jun-2022A multi-criteria assessment of policies to achieve the objectives of the EU marine litter strategyDias, Luis C. ; Cunha, Maria C; Watkins, Emma; Triantaphyllidis, GeorgearticleopenAccess
6113-Apr-2023A multi-criteria assessment of the implementation of innovative technologies to achieve different levels of microplastics and macroplastics reductionCunha, Maria C; Tsiaras, Kostas; Marques, João R; Hatzonikolakis, Yannis; Dias, Luís C. ; Triantaphyllidis, GeorgearticleopenAccess
62Jul-2008A multi-criteria decision approach to sorting actions for promoting energy efficiencyNeves, Luís Pires ; Martins, António Gomes ; Antunes, Carlos Henggeler ; Dias, Luís Cândido articleopenAccess
632015Multi-criteria environmental performance assessment with an additive modelDias, Luís C. ; Silva, Sandra ; Alçada-Almeida, Luís bookPartopenAccess
64Oct-2023A multi-criteria framework for the ecodesign of bio-based materials at early development stagesMüller-Carneiro, Jade; Rodrigues, Carla; Dias, Luís C. ; Henggeler Antunes, Carlos; Mattos, Adriano L.A.; Freire, Fausto articleembargoedAccess
652015Multi-criteria sustainability classification of dairy farms in a portuguese regionSilva, Sandra ; Alçada-Almeida, Luís ; Dias, Luis C. bookPartopenAccess
66Apr-2014A multi-objective approach for developing national energy efficiency plansHaydt, Gustavo ; Leal, Vítor ; Dias, Luís articleopenAccess
67Oct-2014Multi-objective optimization for building retrofit: a model using genetic algorithm and artificial neural network and an applicationAsadi, Ehsan ; Silva, Manuel Gameiro da ; Antunes, Carlos Henggeler ; Dias, Luís ; Glicksman, Leon articleopenAccess
682013Multicriteria Classification with Unknown Categories: A Clustering-Sorting Approach and an Application to Conflict ManagementRocha, Clara ; Dias, Luis C. ; Dimas, Isabel articleopenAccess
692022Multicriteria Decision Analysis Addressing Marine and Terrestrial Plastic Waste Management: A ReviewSantos, Murilo R.; Dias, Luís C. ; Cunha, Maria C. ; Marques, João R. articleopenAccess
702013Multicriteria decision analysis for sustainable data centers locationCovas, Miguel T. ; Silva, Carlos A. ; Dias, Luis C. articleopenAccess
712017Multiobjective programming for sizing and locating biogas plants: A model and an application in a region of PortugalSilva, Sandra ; Alçada-Almeida, Luís ; Dias, Luís C. articleembargoedAccess
7225-Jan-2024Multiple criteria decision analysis to support the design of safe and sustainable chemicals and materialsDias, Luís C. ; Caldeira, Carla Sandra Patinha ; Sala, SerenellaarticleopenAccess
73May-2019Multiple local optima in Zeuthen–Hicks bargaining: an analysis of different preference modelsDias, Luis C. ; Vetschera, Rudolf articleembargoedAccess
74Sep-2012A Note on a Group Preference Axiomatization with Cardinal UtilityDias, Luis C. ; Sarabando, Paula articleopenAccess
751995O processamento paralelo e os métodos PROMETHEE e ELECTRE III no apoio multicritério à decisão : algums programas, experiências computacionais, e discussão de resultadosDias, Luís Miguel Cândido otheropenAccess
761999On computing ELECTRE's credibility indices under partial informationDias, Luís C. ; Clímaco, João N. articleopenAccess
77Oct-2019On generating utility functions in Stochastic Multicriteria Acceptability AnalysisDias, Luis C. ; Vetschera, Rudolf articleembargoedAccess
782013On locating sustainable Data Centers in Portugal: Problem structuring and GIS-based analysisCovas, Miguel Trigueiros ; Silva, Carlos A. ; Dias, Luis C. articleopenAccess
79Jan-2014On multi-criteria sustainability assessment: Spider-gram surface and dependence biasesDias, Luis C. ; Domingues, Ana Rita articleopenAccess
8023-Jan-2017Optimization of Feedstock Blends to Improve Biodiesel Cost Effectiveness and Manage Environmental ImpactsCaldeira, Carla Sandra Patinha doctoralThesisopenAccess
8122-Oct-2019Outside options and confidence in Zeuthen-Hicks bargainingDias, Luís Miguel Cândido ; Vetschera, Rudolf workingPaperopenAccess
822021Performance evaluation of emergency department physicians using robust value‐based additive efficiency modelLabijak‐Kowalska, Anna; Kadziński, Miłosz; Spychała, Inga; Dias, Luis C. ; Fiallos, Javier; Patrick, Jonathan; Michalowski, Wojtek; Farion, KenarticleopenAccess
832021Performance evaluation of emergency department physicians using robust value‐based additive efficiency modelLabijak‐Kowalska, Anna; Kadziński, Miłosz; Spychała, Inga; Dias, Luís C. ; Fiallos, Javier; Patrick, Jonathan; Michalowski, Wojtek; Farion, KenarticleopenAccess
842018Performance evaluation of Portuguese mutual fund portfolios using the value-based DEA methodGouveia, Maria do Castelo Batista ; Neves, Elisabete Duarte; Dias, Luís Cândido ; Antunes, Carlos Henggeler articleopenAccess
85Mar-2019Planning strategies to address operational and price uncertainty in biodiesel productionCaldeira, Carla; Swei, Omar; Freire, Fausto ; Dias, Luis C. ; Olivetti, Elsa A.; Kirchain, Randolph articleembargoedAccess
86Dec-1996O Processamento Paralelo e o Apoio Multicritério à Decisão: Algumas Experiências ComputacionaisDias, Luis M. C. ; Clímaco, João articleopenAccess
87Apr-2022Project portfolio management considering the commitment of agents: A bi-objective model applied to administrative servicesNoro, Jorge; Dias, Luís C. articleembargoedAccess
882018Public policies for smart grids in BrazilDantas, Guilherme de A. ; Castro, Nivalde J. de ; Dias, Luis ; Antunes, Carlos Henggeler ; Vardiero, Pedro ; Brandão, Roberto ; Rosental, Rubens ; Zamboni, Lucca articleembargoedAccess
898-Nov-2011Regras de origem preferencial e controlo de exportação o caso da Bosch TermotecnologiaPedro, Sandrine Figueira masterThesisopenAccess
902003Resolving inconsistencies among constraints on the parameters of an MCDA modelMousseau, Vincent ; Figueira, José ; Dias, Luís ; Silva, Carlos Gomes da ; Clímaco, João articleopenAccess
9118-Nov-2013A retrofit decision support approach for improving energy efficiency and indoor environmental quality in buildingsAsadi, Ehsan doctoralThesisembargoedAccess
92Sep-2015Uma revisão de três pacotes de software dedicados a problemas multiatributoClímaco, João ; Dias, Luis ; Alçada Almeida, Luis articleopenAccess
93May-2019Robust multi-criteria weighting in comparative LCA and S-LCA: A case study of sugarcane production in BrazilDu, Chongyang ; Dias, Luis C. ; Freire, Fausto articleembargoedAccess
942000Shortest path problems with partial information: Models and algorithms for detecting dominanceDias, Luís C. ; Clímaco, João N. articleopenAccess
952010Simple procedures of choice in multicriteria problems without precise information about the alternatives’ valuesSarabando, Paula ; Dias, Luís C. articleopenAccess
9619-Jan-2015Sistema de Apoio à Decisão Espacial Multicritério na Localização de Centrais de BiogásSilva, Sandra Cristina Gonçalves da doctoralThesisopenAccess
972015Stochastic comparative assessment of life-cycle greenhouse gas emissions from conventional and electric vehiclesNoshadravan, Arash ; Cheah, Lynette ; Roth, Richard ; Freire, Fausto ; Dias, Luis ; Gregory, Jeremy articleopenAccess
98Aug-2022A stochastic method for exploiting outranking relations in multicriteria choice problemsDias, Luis C. ; Rocha, Humberto articleembargoedAccess
992022A stochastic method for exploiting outranking relations in multicriteria choice problemsDias, Luís C. ; Rocha, Humberto articleopenAccess
1002012Super-efficiency and stability intervals in additive DEAGouveia, M. C. ; Dias, L. C. ; Antunes, C. H. articleopenAccess
1012007Supporting groups in sorting decisions: Methodology and use of a multi-criteria aggregation/disaggregation DSSDamart, Sébastien ; Dias, Luís C. ; Mousseau, Vincent articleopenAccess
1021995Teoria das filas de esperaDias, Luís Miguel Cândido reportopenAccess
1032020The potential learning effect of a MCDA approach on consumer preferences for alternative fuel vehiclesOliveira, Gabriela D.; Dias, Luis C. articleopenAccess
104May-2022Two-party Bargaining Processes Based on Subjective Expectations: A Model and a Simulation StudyDias, Luis C. ; Vetschera, Rudolf articleopenAccess
105Mar-2013Uncovering the multiple objectives behind national energy efficiency planningHaydt, Gustavo ; Leal, Vítor ; Dias, Luís articleopenAccess
106Mar-2020Using Different Qualitative Scales in a Multi-Criteria Decision-Making ProcedureGonzález del Pozo, Raquel; Dias, Luis C. ; García-Lapresta, José LuisarticleopenAccess
1072012Value-based DEA models: application-driven developmentsAlmeida, P. N. de ; Dias, L. C. articleopenAccess
1082004Valued outranking relations in ELECTRE providing manageable disaggregation proceduresMousseau, Vincent ; Dias, Luís articleopenAccess


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