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Clímaco, João
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12002An aggregation/disaggregation approach to obtain robust conclusions with ELECTRE TRIDias, Luís ; Mousseau, Vincent ; Figueira, José ; Clímaco, João articleopenAccess
22006An Approach to Support Negotiation Processes with Imprecise Information Multicriteria Additive ModelsClímaco, João ; Dias, Luís articleopenAccess
32006An automated reference point-like approach for multicriteria shortest path problemsClímaco, João ; Craveirinha, José ; Pascoal, Marta articleopenAccess
42013Bicriteria path problem minimizing the cost and minimizing the number of labelsPascoal, Marta ; Captivo, M. Eugénia ; Clímaco, João ; Laranjeira, Ana articleembargoedAccess
52008Capacitated single allocation hub location problem--A bi-criteria approachCosta, Maria da Graça ; Captivo, Maria Eugénia ; Clí­maco, João articleopenAccess
62006A comprehensive survey on the quickest path problemPascoal, Marta ; Captivo, M. ; Clímaco, João articleopenAccess
72013Constructing minimal cost/minimal SRLG spanning trees Over optical networks - An exact approachCraveirinha, José ; Clímaco, João ; Martins, Lúcia ; Pascoal, Marta articleopenAccess
82008Core problems in bi-criteria {0,1}-knapsack problemsSilva, Carlos Gomes da ; Clí­maco, João ; Figueira, José Rui articleopenAccess
92008A dynamic location problem with maximum decreasing capacitiesDias, Joana ; Captivo, M. ; Clímaco, João articleopenAccess
102007Efficient primal-dual heuristic for a dynamic location problemDias, Joana ; Captivo, M. Eugénia ; Clí­maco, João articleopenAccess
112000ELECTRE TRI for Groups with Imprecise Information on Parameter ValuesDias, Luís ; Clímaco, João articleopenAccess
122002Exploring the Consequences of Imprecise Information in Choice Problems Using ELECTREDias, Luis C. ; Clímaco, João bookPartopenAccess
132001Indifference sets of reference points in multi-objective integer linear programmingAlves, Maria João ; Clímaco, João articleopenAccess
142000An Interactive Method for 0-1 Multiobjective Problems Using Simulated Annealing and Tabu SearchAlves, M. João ; Clímaco, João articleopenAccess
152000An interactive reference point approach for multiobjective mixed-integer programming using branch-and-boundAlves, Maria João ; Clímaco, João articleopenAccess
162008A memetic algorithm for multi-objective dynamic location problemsDias, Joana ; Captivo, M. ; Clímaco, João articleopenAccess
172008A meta-model for multiobjective routing in MPLS networksCraveirinha, José ; Girão-Silva, Rita ; Clímaco, João articleopenAccess
18Dec-2015Multiobjective routing in multiservice MPLS networks with traffic splitting — A network flow approachGirão-Silva, Rita ; Craveirinha, José ; Clímaco, João ; Captivo, M. Eugénia articleembargoedAccess
191995A multiple objective linear programming model for power generation expansion planningClímaco, João ; Antunes, C. Henggeler ; Martins, A. Gomes ; Almeida, A. Traça articleopenAccess
202017A network-wide exact optimization approach for multiobjective routing with path protection in multiservice multiprotocol label switching networksGirão-Silva, Rita ; Craveirinha, José ; Gomes, Teresa ; Martins, Lúcia ; Clímaco, João ; Campos, João articleopenAccess