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Title: An interactive bi-objective shortest path approach: searching for unsupported nondominated solutions
Authors: Coutinho-Rodrigues, J. M. 
Clí­maco, J. C. N. 
Current, J. R. 
Keywords: Shortest path; Multiple criteria; Network routing
Issue Date: 1999
Citation: Computers & Operations Research. 26:8 (1999) 789-798
Abstract: In many network routing problems several conflicting objectives must be considered. Even for the bi-objective shortest path problem, generating and presenting the whole set of nondominated solutions (paths) to a decision maker, in general, is not effective because the number of these paths can be very large. Interactive procedures are adequate to overcome these drawbacks. Current et al. [1] proposed an interactive approach based on a NISE-like procedure to search for nondominated supported solutions and using auxiliar constrained shortest path problems to carry out the search inside the duality gaps. In this paper we propose a new interactive approach to search for unsupported nondominated solutions (lying inside duality gaps) based on a k-shortest path procedure. Both approaches are compared.
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