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Vetschera, Rudolf
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
1Feb-2023Confidence in bargaining processes and outcomes: Empirical tests of a conceptual modelVetschera, Rudolf ; Dias, Luis C.articleopenAccess
2Jan-2019Group decision making with incomplete information: a dominance and quasi-optimality volume-based approach using Monte-Carlo simulationSarabando, Paula ; Dias, Luis C. ; Vetschera, Rudolf articleembargoedAccess
32014Levels of incomplete information in group decision models – A comprehensive simulation studyVetschera, Rudolf ; Sarabando, Paula ; Dias, Luis articleopenAccess
4May-2013Mediation with Incomplete Information: Approaches to Suggest Potential AgreementsSarabando, Paula ; Dias, Luís C. ; Vetschera, Rudolf articleopenAccess
5May-2019Multiple local optima in Zeuthen–Hicks bargaining: an analysis of different preference modelsDias, Luis C. ; Vetschera, Rudolf articleembargoedAccess
6Oct-2019On generating utility functions in Stochastic Multicriteria Acceptability AnalysisDias, Luis C. ; Vetschera, Rudolf articleembargoedAccess
722-Oct-2019Outside options and confidence in Zeuthen-Hicks bargainingDias, Luís Miguel Cândido ; Vetschera, Rudolf workingPaperopenAccess
8May-2022Two-party Bargaining Processes Based on Subjective Expectations: A Model and a Simulation StudyDias, Luis C. ; Vetschera, Rudolf articleopenAccess