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Mar-2023The Impact of 120 Minutes of Soccer-Specific Exercise on RecoveryField, Adam; Corr, Liam David; Sarmento, Hugo ; Naughton, Robert; Clifford, Tom; Haines, Matthew; Page, Richard Michael; Harper, Liam DavidarticleopenAccess
2022Maturity Status, Relative Age and Constituent Year Effects in Young Iberian KayakersFernandes, Rui António ; Gomes, Beatriz Branquinho ; Alacid, FernandoarticleopenAccess
14-Jan-2023Relationship between Objective and Subjective Fatigue Monitoring Tests in Professional SoccerLourenço, João; Gouveia, Elvio Rúbio ; Sarmento, Hugo ; Ihle, Andreas; Ribeiro, Tiago; Henriques, Ricardo ; Martins, Francisco; França, Cíntia; Ferreira, Ricardo Maia; Fernandes, Luís; Teques, Pedro; Duarte, DanielarticleopenAccess
8-Jan-2023Weekly External Load Performance Effects on Sports Injuries of Male Professional Football PlayersMartins, Francisco; Marques, Adilson; França, Cíntia; Sarmento, Hugo ; Henriques, Ricardo ; Ihle, Andreas; de Maio Nascimento, Marcelo; Saldanha, Carolina ; Przednowek, Krzysztof; Gouveia, Elvio Rúbio articleopenAccess
2023Changing coaches in a local Portuguese professional soccer team: influencing factors and decision effectMartins, Francisco; França, Cíntia; Sarmento, Hugo ; Lopes, Hélder; Przednowek, Krzysztof; Santos, Francisco; Henriques, Ricardo ; Marques, Adilson; Ihle, Andreas; Gouveia, Elvio Rúbio articleopenAccess
2023Dietary intakes and daily distribution patterns of macronutrients in youth soccer playersMartinho, Diogo V. ; Naughton, Robert J.; Leão, César; Lemos, João; Field, Adam; Faria, Ana; Rebelo, André; Gouveia, Élvio R.; Sarmento, Hugo articleopenAccess
2023Methodological considerations for determining the volume and intensity of drop jump training. A systematic, critical and prepositive reviewMontoro-Bombú, Raynier; Sarmento, Hugo ; Buzzichelli, Carlo; Moura, Nelio Alfano; Gonzáles Badillo, Juan José; Santos, Amândio ; Rama, Luís articleopenAccess
Apr-2023Rating of Perceived Exertion in Professional Volleyball: A Systematic ReviewRebelo, André; Pereira, João R. ; Martinho, Diogo V. ; Valente-dos-Santos, João articleopenAccess
2023Empowering frail older adults: multicomponent elastic-band exercises and BCAA supplementation unleash physical health and preserve haematological biomarkersCaldo, Adriana ; Furtado, Guilherme E. ; Chupel, Matheus U. ; Letieri, Rubens Vinícius ; Neves, Rafael Santos ; Direto, Fábio; Barros, Marcelo P.; Bachi, André L. L.; Matheu, Ander; Martins, Faber; Massart, Alain ; Teixeira, Ana Maria articleopenAccess
2023Effects of a 24-week exercise program on anthropometric, body composition, metabolic status, cardiovascular response, and neuromuscular capacity, in individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilitiesJacinto, Miguel ; Matos, Rui ; Monteiro, Diogo; Antunes, Raul; Caseiro, André ; Gomes, Beatriz ; Campos, Maria João ; Ferreira, José Pedro articleopenAccess
2023Effects of exercise on body mass index and waist circumference of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities: a systematic review with meta-analysisJacinto, Miguel ; Monteiro, Diogo; Antunes, Raul; Ferreira, José Pedro ; Matos, Rui ; Campos, Maria João articleopenAccess
Mar-2023Effects of a Velocity-Based Complex Training Program in Young Female Artistic Roller Skating AthletesRebelo, André; Pereira, João R. ; Martinho, Diogo V. ; Valente-dos-Santos, João articleopenAccess
2023The COVID-19 pandemic impact on the Portuguese Physical Education classesMendes, Pedro ; Fachada, Miguel ; Melo, Ricardo; Campos, Francisco; Nobre, Paulo ; Machado-Rodrigues, Aristides M. articleopenAccess
2023Contemporary practices of physical trainers in professional soccer: A qualitative studyBarrera-Díaz, Joel ; Figueiredo, António ; Field, Adam; Ferreira, Bruno; Querido, Sérgio M; Silva, João Renato; Ribeiro, João; Pinto, Ismael; Cornejo, Patricio; Torres, Hernan; Saffa, Alvaro; Sarmento, Hugo articleopenAccess
2023Bilateral Asymmetry and the Relationship Between Unilateral Isokinetic Strength and Balance Performance in Male Adolescent Football PlayersFrança, Cíntia; Martins, Francisco; Martinho, Diogo V. ; Ihle, Andreas; Marques, Adilson; Sarmento, Hugo ; Clemente, Filipe Manuel ; Przednowek, Krzysztof; Caballero Campo, Pedro ; Gouveia, Elvio Rúbio articleopenAccess
Oct-2023Cause-Effect: The Relationship between Role and Experience with Psychological and Physical Responses in the Competition Context in Soccer RefereesCastillo-Rodríguez, Alfonso; Caparrós, Jesús Lorenzo Rodríguez; Figueiredo, António ; González-Fernández, Francisco Tomás; Onetti-Onetti, WanesaarticleopenAccess
5-Dec-2022Association between the level of partial foot amputation and gait: a scoping review with implications for the minimum impairment criteria for wheelchair tennisOliveira, Fábio Carlos Lucas de ; Williamson, Samuel; Ardern, Clare L.; Fagher, Kristina; Heron, Neil; Janse van Rensburg, Dina Christina Christa; Jansen, Marleen G. T.; Kolman, Nikki; O'Connor, Sean Richard; Saueressig, Tobias; Schoonmade, Linda; Thornton, Jane S.; Webborn, Nick; Pluim, Babette M.articleopenAccess
18-Jan-2023Characterization of Static Strength, Vertical Jumping, and Isokinetic Strength in Soccer Players According to Age, Competitive Level, and Field PositionGouveia, João Nuno; França, Cíntia; Martins, Francisco; Henriques, Ricardo ; Nascimento, Marcelo de Maio; Ihle, Andreas; Sarmento, Hugo ; Przednowek, Krzysztof; Martinho, Diogo V. ; Gouveia, Elvio Rúbio articleopenAccess
27-Jan-2023Autonomic Function Recovery and Physical Activity Levels in Post-COVID-19 Young Adults after Immunization: An Observational Follow-Up Case-Control StudyFreire, Ana Paula Coelho Figueira; Amin, Shaan; de Lira, Fábio Santos ; Morano, Ana Elisa von Ah; Pereira, Telmo ; Coelho-e-Silva, Manuel João ; Caseiro, Armando ; Christofaro, Diego Giulliano Destro; Dos Santos, Vanessa Ribeiro; Júnior, Osmar Marchioto; Pinho, Ricardo Aurino; Silva, Bruna Spolador de AlencararticleopenAccess
16-Feb-2023Changes in Estimated Body Composition and Physical Fitness of Adolescent Boys after One Year of Soccer TrainingFrança, Cíntia; Martinho, Diogo V. ; Gouveia, Elvio Rúbio ; Martins, Francisco; Marques, Adilson; Ribeiro, Tiago; Nascimento, Marcelo de Maio; Lopes, Helder; Rodrigues, Ana; Ihle, AndreasarticleopenAccess
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 189