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Jacinto, Miguel
Jacinto, Miguel
UC Researcher
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12022Barriers and Motives for Physical Activity and Sports Practice among Trans People: A Systematic ReviewOliveira, Joana; Frontini, Roberta Caçador ; Jacinto, Miguel ; Antunes, RaúlarticleopenAccess
213-Aug-2021Effects of Exercise Programs on Anxiety in Individuals with Disabilities: A Systematic Review with a Meta-AnalysisJacinto, Miguel ; Frontini, Roberta ; Matos, Rui; Antunes, RaularticleopenAccess
38-Nov-2021Perceived Barriers of Physical Activity Participation in Individuals with Intellectual Disability-A Systematic ReviewJacinto, Miguel ; Vitorino, Anabela Sousa; Palmeira, Diogo; Antunes, Raul; Matos, Rui; Ferreira, José Pedro ; Bento, TeresaarticleopenAccess
42022Physical Activity, Exercise, and Sports in Individuals with Skeletal Dysplasia: What Is Known about Their Benefits?Jacinto, Miguel ; Matos, Rui; Alves, Inês ; Lemos, Carolina; Monteiro, Diogo; Morouço, Pedro; Antunes, RaularticleopenAccess
54-Sep-2021Prescription and Effects of Strength Training in Individuals with Intellectual Disability-A Systematic ReviewJacinto, Miguel ; Oliveira, Rafael; Brito, João P; Martins, Alexandre D; Matos, Rui; Ferreira, José Pedro articleopenAccess

(Principal Investigator)

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CE/FCDEF-UC/00802021Jacinto, Miguel