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121-Apr-2023Methodological considerations for determining the volume and intensity of drop jump training. A systematic, critical and prepositive reviewMontoro-Bombú, Raynier; Sarmento, Hugo ; Buzzichelli, Carlo; Alfano Moura, Nelio; Gonzáles Badillo, Juan José; Santos, Amândio ; Rama, Luís articleopenAccess
222-Jun-2022The Validity of the Push Band 2.0 on the Reactive Strength Index Assessment in Drop JumpMontoro-Bombú, Raynier; Paz Arencibia, Lázaro de la; Buzzichelli, Carlo; Miranda-Oliveira, Paulo; Fernandes, Orlando; Santos, Amândio ; Rama, Luís articleopenAccess
32022Validity and reliability of the Output sport device for assessing drop jump performanceMontoro-Bombú, Raynier; Field, Adam; Santos, Amândio ; Rama, Luís articleopenAccess