Neves, Rafael Santos

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Neves, Rafael Santos
UC Researcher
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
128-Mar-2021Effect of Training-Detraining Phases of Multicomponent Exercises and BCAA Supplementation on Inflammatory Markers and Albumin Levels in Frail Older PersonsCaldo-Silva, Adriana ; Furtado, Guilherme Eustáquio ; Chupel, Matheus Uba ; Bachi, André L. L.; de Barros, Marcelo P.; Neves, Rafael S. ; Marzetti, Emanuele; Massart, Alain ; Teixeira, Ana MariaarticleopenAccess
22023Empowering frail older adults: multicomponent elastic-band exercises and BCAA supplementation unleash physical health and preserve haematological biomarkersCaldo, Adriana ; Furtado, Guilherme E. ; Chupel, Matheus U. ; Letieri, Rubens Vinícius ; Neves, Rafael Santos ; Direto, Fábio; Barros, Marcelo P.; Bachi, André L. L.; Matheu, Ander; Martins, Faber; Massart, Alain ; Teixeira, Ana Maria articleopenAccess
318-Jul-2023Salivary Markers Responses in the Post-Exercise and Recovery Period: A Systematic ReviewNeves, Rafael Santos ; Silva, Marco Antônio Rabelo da ; de Rezende, Mônica A C; Caldo, Adriana ; Pinheiro, João; Santos, Amândio M. C. articleopenAccess
42020The Effects of Concurrent Training Combining Both Resistance Exercise and High-Intensity Interval Training or Moderate-Intensity Continuous Training on Metabolic SyndromeSilva, Marco Antônio R. da ; Baptista, Liliana C. ; Neves, Rafael S. ; De França, Elias; Loureiro, Helena ; de Lira, Fábio Santos ; Caperuto, Erico C.; Veríssimo, Manuel T. ; Martins, Raul A. articleopenAccess