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Abrantes, J.L.
Abrantes, José Luís
José Luís Abrantes
José L. Abrantes
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
126-Apr-2017Autenticidade e Centros Históricos Património Mundial: contributo para explicar a redundância - uma abordagem multigruposPaiva, Odete Maria de Matos doctoralThesisembargoedAccess
22020Destination image perceived by domestic tourists: The influence of Generation GapSeabra, Cláudia ; Pereira, Andreia; Silva, Carla; Abrantes, José Luís ; Reis, Manuel; Paiva, Odete articleopenAccess
319-Jul-2013Drivers of in‐group and out‐of‐group electronic word‐of‐mouth (eWOM)Abrantes, José Luís ; Seabra, Cláudia ; Lages, Cristiana Raquel; Jayawardhena, ChanakaarticleopenAccess
4Jun-2013Heterogeneity in risk and safety perceptions of international touristsSeabra, Cláudia ; Dolnicar, Sara; Abrantes, José Luís ; Kastenholz, Elisabeth articleopenAccess
53-Dec-2018Peacefulness at home: impacts on international travelSeabra, Cláudia ; Kastenholz, Elisabeth ; Abrantes, José Luís ; Reis, ManuelarticleembargoedAccess
62011Personal and Pedagogical Interaction Factors as Determinants of Academic AchievementCardoso, Ana Paula ; Ferreira, Manuela; Abrantes, José Luís ; Seabra, Cláudia ; Costa, Cesário articleopenAccess
723-Sep-2015The influence of motivations in tourists’ involvementSeabra, Cláudia ; Silva, Carla; Abrantes, José Luís ; Vicente, Margarida; Herstein, RamarticleembargoedAccess
8Jan-2020The influence of terrorism in tourism arrivals: A longitudinal approach in a Mediterranean countrySeabra, Cláudia ; Reis, Pedro ; Abrantes, José Luís articleembargoedAccess
921-Jul-2014The influence of terrorism risk perception on purchase involvement and safety concern of international travellersSeabra, Cláudia ; Abrantes, José Luís ; Kastenholz, Elisabeth articleopenAccess
102015The STUDENTSCALE: Measuring Students’ Motivation, Interest, Learning Resources and StylesMoreira, Rui; Moreira, Cláudia ; Abrantes, José Luís ; Rego, BelmiroconferenceObjectembargoedAccess
1114-Oct-2014Travel content creation: The influence of travelers’ innovativeness, involvement and use of social mediaRibeiro, Henrique; Amaro, Suzanne Fonseca; Seabra, Cláudia ; Abrantes, José Luís articleembargoedAccess
12May-2016WOM antecedents in backpacker travelersAlves, Sandra; Abrantes, José Luís ; Antunes, Maria José; Seabra, Cláudia ; Herstein, RamarticleopenAccess