Kastenholz, Elisabeth

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Kastenholz, Elisabeth
Elisabeth Kastenholz is Associate Professor at the Department of Economics, Management, Industrial Engineering and Tourism at the University of Aveiro, where she teaches Tourism and Marketing related subjects since 1994, also integrating the University’s Research Unit GOVCOPP (Governance, Competitiveness and Pubic Policies) and serving as Coordinator of Tourism Studies. She holds a PhD in Tourism Studies, an MBA, a Licenciatura in “Tourism Management and Planning” and a bachelor in “Public Administration - Specificity Foreign Affairs” (Germany), having worked for the German Foreign Ministy in the beginning of her career.
She was has coordinated 3 research projects and participated in several others, the most important being her coordinating role in the three years (2010-2013) research project "The overall rural tourism experience and sustainable development of local communities”.
She is coordinator of 3 books, (co-) author of over 50 articles published in international, peer-reviewed scientific journals, over 50 book chapters, more than 140 papers in Conference Proceedings and was co-editor of 2 special issues of Scientific Journals. She was invited keynote speaker in over 30 occasions. She is member of Member of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Tourismuswissenschaft e.v and of the Portuguese Society of Rural Studies;
Her current research interests lie in sustainable tourism destination marketing, the "overall destination experience", consumer behaviour in tourism, accessible tourism, rural tourism (and related topics like food & wine and nature-based tourism). For more information on her publications see: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Elisabeth_Kastenholz?ev=hdr_xprf


Born in Cologne, Germany, 1964,
1971 - 1984
School in Cologne/ Germany, Abitur (a-levels) at the Ursulinenschule Koeln with a Numerus Clausus of 1.2 (inverted scale form 1.0- excellent to 6.0 points)

1984 - 1987
Bachelor in “Public Administration - Specificity Foreign Affairs” by the Fachhochschule dês Bundes fuer Oeffentliche Verwaltung/ Bonn (final evaluation 11.2 points in 14)
Member of the German Foreign Ministry 1984-1988

living since 1988 in Aveiro/ Portugal

1988 – 1993
5 years pré-Bolonha undergraduate course (Licenciatura) in “Tourism Management and Planning” (“Gestão e Planeamento em Turismo”) by the University of Aveiro (final evaluation 17 points in 20)

since 1993 lecturer at the University of Aveiro

1994 - 1995
MBA, and Master’s degree in Business Administration by the Instituto Superior de Estudos Empresariais/ University of Porto (today named EGP, http://www.egp-upbs.up.pt/), (final evaluation: 17 points in 20; master thesis evaluated as “very good”)

Degree: Master
Final grade: muito bom (very good, maximum classification)
Degree granting institution ISEE / University of Porto
Thesis tile: The Background and Market Profile of Tourism in Rural areas in the Portuguese North and Central Region
Supervisor: Prof. Doutor Gordon Paul, Marketing Ph.D., University of Central Florida/ Orlando
Scientific area: Business Administration

Degree: PhD Thesis
Final grade: unanimity (maximum classification)
Degree granting institution: University of Aveiro
Thesis tile: The Role and Marketing Implications of Destination Images on Tourist Behavior: The Case of Northern Portugal
Supervisor: Prof. Doutor Gordon Paul, Marketing Ph.D., University of Central Florida/ Orlando
Scientific area: Tourism

since 2012 Professora Associada at University of Aveiro
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223-Oct-2018It’s so hot: predicting climate change effects on urban tourists’ time–space experienceCaldeira, Ana Maria ; Kastenholz, Elisabeth articleembargoedAccess
33-Dec-2018Peacefulness at home: impacts on international travelSeabra, Cláudia ; Kastenholz, Elisabeth ; Abrantes, José Luís ; Reis, ManuelarticleembargoedAccess
421-Jul-2014The influence of terrorism risk perception on purchase involvement and safety concern of international travellersSeabra, Cláudia ; Abrantes, José Luís ; Kastenholz, Elisabeth articleopenAccess