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Martins, Catarina
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12013“How many people have you killed?”: child-soldiers in literature and filmMartins, Catarina articleopenAccess
22011IntroduçãoMartins, Catarina otheropenAccess
32008Introdução: Os Jovens e os Caminhos de FuturoMartins, Catarina ; Ribeiro, Margarida Calafate ; Matias, Marisa ; Peixoto, Paulo ; Pereira, Tiago Santos otheropenAccess
42015Recreating African Futures through literary imagination. The newest gender, racial, national and African identities as revealed in Mario Lúcio Sousa’s O Novíssimo Testamento (The newest Testament) (Cape Verde)Martins, Catarina articleopenAccess