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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
1Mar-2021Choice-based preference disaggregation concerning vehicle technologiesDias, Luís C. ; Oliveira, Gabriela D.; Sarabando, Paula articleopenAccess
2Feb-2023Confidence in bargaining processes and outcomes: Empirical tests of a conceptual modelVetschera, Rudolf ; Dias, Luis C.articleopenAccess
32020Determinants of access to improved water sources: Meeting the MDGsAntunes, Micaela ; Martins, Rita articleembargoedAccess
41-Jul-2023Development and application of a composite circularity indexGarrido, Susana ; Rodríguez-Antón, José; Amado, Carla A F; Santos, Sérgio; Dias, Luís C. articleopenAccess
524-Aug-2020Digitalisation, social entrepreneurship and national well-beingTorres, Pedro Marcelo Amado Garcia da Rocha ; Augusto, Mário António Gomes articleembargoedAccess
615-Jun-2020Do brand relationships on social media motivate young consumers’ value co-creation and willingness to pay? The role of brand loveWallace, Elaine; Torres, Pedro ; Augusto, Mário ; Stefuryn, Maryana articleopenAccess
7Feb-2023Drivers of water utilities’ operational performance – An analysis from the Portuguese caseAmaral, António L.; Martins, Rita; Dias, Luis C. articleopenAccess
81-Nov-2022Efficiency benchmarking of wastewater service providers: An analysis based on the Portuguese caseAmaral, A Luís; Martins, Rita; Dias, Luís C. articleopenAccess
92023Exploring the Interrelationship Among Management Accounting Systems, Decentralization, and Organizational PerformancePedroso, Elsa ; Gomes, Carlos F. bookPartopenAccess
102020Factors Explaining Life Expectancy at Age 65: A Panel Data Approach Applied to European Union CountriesPoças, Ana ; Soukiazis, Elias ; Antunes, Micaela articleembargoedAccess
1122-Jun-2020Housing, Inequality and Economic Growth: Evidence from a Sample of Brazilian StatesManzoli, Vittoria; Duarte, António ; Simões, Marta articleopenAccess
123-Feb-2020How are the potential gains from economic activity transmitted to the labour factor: more employment or more wages? Evidence from the Portuguese contextCarreira, Carlos ; Lopes, LuísarticleembargoedAccess
13Jul-2021IPO Patterns in Euronext After the Global Financial Crisis of 2007‑ 2008Silva, Nuno; Sebastião, Helder ; Henriques, DiogoarticleopenAccess
1413-Apr-2023A multi-criteria assessment of the implementation of innovative technologies to achieve different levels of microplastics and macroplastics reductionCunha, Maria C; Tsiaras, Kostas; Marques, João R; Hatzonikolakis, Yannis; Dias, Luís C. ; Triantaphyllidis, GeorgearticleopenAccess
152020National systems of innovation in the Eurozone: Policy implications for SpainDuarte, Marcelo Pereira ; Carvalho, Fernando Manuel Pereira Oliveira articleembargoedAccess
16Aug-2023Operational drivers of water reuse efficiency in Portuguese wastewater service providersAmaral, António L.; Martins, Maria Rita Vieira ; Dias, Luis C. articleopenAccess
172021Performance evaluation of emergency department physicians using robust value‐based additive efficiency modelLabijak‐Kowalska, Anna; Kadziński, Miłosz; Spychała, Inga; Dias, Luis C. ; Fiallos, Javier; Patrick, Jonathan; Michalowski, Wojtek; Farion, KenarticleopenAccess
182020PLS visualization using biplots: an application to team effectivenessSilva, Alberto; Dimas, Isabel ; Lourenço, Paulo Renato ; Rebelo, Teresa ; Freitas, AdelaidebookPartembargoedAccess
19Jun-2020Regulatory changes to Portugal's social tariffs: Carrying water in a sieve?Martins, Maria Rita Vieira ; Antunes, Micaela Andreia Alegria ; Fortunato, Adelino articleembargoedAccess
2014-Jul-2022Return Predictability and Portfolio SelectionMonteiro, Ana Sofia MelodoctoralThesisopenAccess