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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
1Jan-2023Access for those who want or for those who can? Equity in the use of doctor’s appointments in Portugal based on the HIS 2019Antunes, Micaela ; Quintal, Carlota articleopenAccess
22020Acesso aos cuidados de saúde em Portugal no rescaldo da crise. Nem tudo é dinheiro?Antunes, Micaela Andreia Alegria ; Ramos, Luís Filipe Gens Moura ; Lourenço, Óscar Manuel Domingos ; Quintal, Carlota Maria Miranda articleopenAccess
310-Jul-2015Uma aplicação da lei de Thirlwall à economia portuguesa : análise por setoresDias, Jeanete Jandira Pereira masterThesisopenAccess
42011Application of the balance-of-payments constrained growth model to Portugal, 1965-2008Soukiazis, Elias ; Antunes, Micaela articleopenAccess
52015Causes of the decline of economic growth in Italy with special reference to the post-euro period: a balance-of-payments approachSoukiazis, Elias ; Cerqueira, Pedro André ; Antunes, Micaela articleopenAccess
630-Mar-2017Consumo energético e crescimento económico: que relação é possível estabelecer? Análise para um painel de países da UEGomes, Barbara Marisa Moreira masterThesisopenAccess
82013Convergence in the Spanish and Portuguese NUTSIII regions: an exploratory spatial approachViegas, Miguel ; Antunes, Micaela articleopenAccess
931-Mar-2022COVID-19 e Necessidades em Saúde Não Satisfeitas para Indivíduos Com Mais de 50 anos em PortugalLourenço, Óscar ; Quintal, Carlota ; Moura-Ramos, Luís ; Antunes, Micaela articleopenAccess
102020Determinants of access to improved water sources: Meeting the MDGsAntunes, Micaela ; Martins, Rita articleembargoedAccess
1114-Mar-2018Direito Humano à Água e ao Saneamento: Análise das Disparidade de CumprimentoCosta, Inês Jorge da masterThesisopenAccess
1227-Apr-2020Equidade na utilização dos cuidados de saúde em Portugal: uma análise do internamento hospitalar e meios complementares de diagnóstico com base no Inquérito Nacional de Saúde de 2014Rodrigues, Eva MesquitamasterThesisopenAccess
133-Feb-2020[Equity in Usage of Medical Appointments in Portugal: In Sickness and in Health, in Poverty and in Wealth?]Quintal, Carlota Maria Miranda ; Antunes, Micaela Andreia Alegria articleopenAccess
142004A evolução das disparidades regionais em Portugal ao nível das NUTS III : uma análise empírica com base nos processos de convergênciaAntunes, Micaela masterThesisopenAccess
152014Explaining Italy's economic growth: A balance-of-payments approach with internal and external imbalances and non-neutral relative pricesSoukiazis, Elias ; Cerqueira, Pedro André ; Antunes, Micaela articleopenAccess
162020Factors Explaining Life Expectancy at Age 65: A Panel Data Approach Applied to European Union CountriesPoças, Ana ; Soukiazis, Elias ; Antunes, Micaela articleembargoedAccess
17Jan-2012Foreign trade, human capital and economic growth: An empirical approach for the European Union countriesSoukiazis, Elias ; Antunes, Micaela articleopenAccess
182017Growth adjustments through non-price competitiveness and productivity - A cumulative causation approachSoukiazis, Elias ; Antunes, Micaela ; Cerqueira, Pedro André workingPaperopenAccess
192013Growth performance in Portugal since the 1960’s: a simultaneous equation approach with cumulative causation characteristicsSoukiazis, Elias ; Antunes, Micaela articleopenAccess
202013Growth rates constrained by internal and external imbalances and the role of relative prices: Empirical evidence from PortugalSoukiazis, Elias ; Cerqueira, Pedro ; Antunes, Micaela articleopenAccess
212009How well the balance-of-payments constraint approach explains the Portuguese growth performance. Empirical evidence for the 1965-2008 periodAntunes, Micaela ; Soukiazis, Elias workingPaperopenAccess
2230-Oct-2018O impacto da inovação tecnológica na estrutura de emprego - Paul Stricker, S.A.Jesus, Jacinto Coelho de masterThesisopenAccess
232011Is foreign trade important for regional growth? Empirical evidence from PortugalSoukiazis, Elias ; Antunes, Micaela articleopenAccess
24Nov-2022Mirror, mirror on the wall, when are inequalities higher, after all? Analysis of breast and cervical cancer screening in 30 European countriesQuintal, Carlota ; Antunes, Micaela articleembargoedAccess
25Mar-2012Modelling economic growth with internal and external imbalances: Empirical evidence from PortugalSoukiazis, Elias ; Cerqueira, Pedro A. ; Antunes, Micaela articleopenAccess
262019No unmet needs without needs! Assessing the role of social capital using data from European Social Survey 2014Quintal, Carlota ; Lourenço, Óscar ; Moura-Ramos, Luis ; Antunes, Micaela articleembargoedAccess
27Jun-2020Regulatory changes to Portugal's social tariffs: Carrying water in a sieve?Martins, Maria Rita Vieira ; Antunes, Micaela Andreia Alegria ; Fortunato, Adelino articleembargoedAccess
282014Structural Funds and European Regional Growth: Comparison of Effects among Different Programming PeriodsPinho, Carlos ; Varum, Celeste ; Antunes, Micaela articleopenAccess
292013Structural funds and regional growth: conditions for improving efficiencyPinho, Carlos ; Varum, Celeste ; Antunes, Micaela articleopenAccess
302004The evolution of real disparities in Portugal among the NUTS III regions. An empirical analysis based on the convergence approachSoukiazis, Elias ; Antunes, Micaela articleopenAccess
312017The Greek economy under the twin-deficit pressure: a demand orientated growth approachSoukiazis, Elias ; Antunes, Micaela ; Kostakis, Ioannis articleopenAccess
322020The Impact of Structural Funds on Regional Growth: A Panel Data Spatial AnalysisAntunes, Micaela Andreia Alegria ; Viegas, Miguel Lopes Batista ; Varum, Celeste ; Pinho, CarlosarticleembargoedAccess
3329-Apr-2011The interaction between human capital, foreign trade and economic growth: an empirical approachAntunes, Micaela Andreia Alegria doctoralThesisopenAccess
342017The response of non-price competitiveness and productivity due to changes in passed income gaps. Evidence from the OECD countriesAntunes, Micaela ; Cerqueira, Pedro André ; Soukiazis, Elias workingPaperopenAccess
362015Under What Conditions Do Structural Funds Play a Significant Role in European Regional Economic Growth? Some Evidence from Recent Panel DataPinho, Carlos ; Varum, Celeste ; Antunes, Micaela articleopenAccess
3729-Apr-2023Unmet healthcare needs among the population aged 50+ and their association with health outcomes during the COVID-19 pandemicQuintal, Carlota Maria Miranda ; Moura Ramos, Luís ; Antunes, Micaela Andreia Alegria ; Lourenço, Óscar Manuel Domingos articleopenAccess
38Dec-2019Unmet needs across Europe: Disclosing knowledge beyond the ordinary measureRamos, Luís Filipe Gens Moura ; Quintal, Carlota Maria Miranda ; Lourenço, Óscar Manuel Domingos ; Antunes, Micaela Andreia Alegria articleembargoedAccess
392017What can eastern European countries learn from the Slovak economy? A twin deficit growth approachSoukiazis, Elias ; Muchova, Eva ; Cerqueira, Pedro A. ; Antunes, Micaela articleopenAccess