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Santos, Tiago
Santos, Tiago José Miranda
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Tiago Santos, born in 1984, Cantanhede - Portugal, is multi-media designer, PhD student in Contemporary Art, Master in Design and Multimedia, and Postgraduate Degree in Visual Information Technologies at the University of Coimbra. Since 2012 he is a Research Fellow at the same university. He has participated in two research projects; Experiment Project @ Portugal'12 (2012-2013) and "No Problem Has Solution: A Digital Archive of the Book of Disquiet” (2013-2014).
experiment@portugal’12 makes available the national potential in online experimentation based in the remote and virtual Labs of higher education institutions in Portugal, which are available in the platform pt.lab2go. This Web site aims to disseminate and to promote the online experimentation, offering diversified information and by allowing a quick evaluation in the interest of many of its contents. experiment@portugal’12 also contributes for diffusion of concepts, using the international ontology recommended by the GOLC (Global Online Laboratory Consortium). In addition, experiment@portugal also aims to enable and to foster conditions for sharing resources with Portuguese speaking countries, for improving the collaborative work between higher education institutions, between secondary schools and for sharing resources with industry by contributing for lifelong learning and for training. It also promotes the national consortium, with structure and critical mass for international prominence, which has been established within the Experiment@Portugal project, funded by Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (November 2010-December 2013).
The research project 'No Problem Has Solution: A Digital Archive of the Book of Disquiet' aims to produce a digital hypermedia archive of the Book of Disquiet [LdoD], by Bernardo Soares/Fernando Pessoa. The archive will contain digital facsimiles of the documentary materials of LdoD, topographic transcriptions of those materials, textual transcriptions of the four critical editions published between 1982 and 2010 (Coelho 1982 [2nd edition, 1997]; Cunha 1990-91 [2nd edition, 2008]; Zenith 1998 [10th edition, 2012]; Pizarro 2010), and also tools for search and textual analysis. This aggregation and electronic encoding of textual fragments combines genetic and social editing of LdoD, showing it both as a network of potential authorial intentions and as a conjectural construction of its successive editors. This digital archive will also provide a space for virtualizing LdoD that encourages new dynamics of reading, editing, research, and writing. This article presents the project in its theoretical, technical, and methodological aspects, contextualizing them within ongoing research in the field.
As a designer he has specialised on events communication and brands development which has contributed to the Caminhos’ brand consolidation and its communication with their publics.
Has also co-presented the articles "The Cultural Heritage in Portuguese Cinema: an analysis of its presence and absence in Capas Negras and Rasganço movies" and "Cinema 2004-2012 Portuguese qualification between numbers and their cultural and social representations" at Avanca International Film Conference .
He has co-presented in 2013 a communication on "Arts Branding - The Case of Caminhos" in the 12th International Colloquium on Nonprofit SIG, Arts, Heritage, Social Marketing and the Academy of Marketing at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland, presenting the branding and communication strategies which he helped to implement.
At Caminhos Film Festival he coordinates the course Cinemalogia - From Idea to Film since its first edition and the multimedia production.
As a researcher he has published articles on the online experimentation and the use of interactive video as an educational tool at several international conferences.
He also has a deep interest on photography and sound.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
1Sep-2013An interactive video for groundwater flowMarques, Jose Couto; Restivo, Maria Teresa; Santos, Tiago José Miranda ; Cardoso, Alberto articleopenAccess
29-Jan-2014An interactive video to demonstrate how to characterize nanoparticlesRasteiro, Maria Graça ; Cardoso, Alberto ; Gomes, Rita; Santos, Tiago José Miranda articleopenAccess
3Feb-2014An interactive video to demonstrate the main features of the pendulumCardoso, Alberto ; Santos, Tiago José Miranda articleopenAccess
4Jul-2013Cinema Português 2004-2012 qualificação entre os números e as suas representações culturais e sociaisFerreira, Vítor; Santos, Tiago José Miranda ; Costa, AndréarticleopenAccess
5Aug-2015Desafios na Comunicação das ArtesSantos, Tiago José Miranda articleopenAccess
613-Sep-2012Energia para a Sustentabilidade — Desenvolvimento de Programa de Identidade VisualSantos, Tiago José Miranda masterThesisopenAccess
7Nov-2019Intemporal FuturaSantos, Tiago José Miranda articleopenAccess
8Sep-2009Interface de Simulação e Visualização da Instrumentação de Aeronaves não TripuladasFernandes, Cláudio ; Nunes, José ; Santos, Tiago José Miranda bachelorThesisopenAccess
9May-2015LdoD Archive: User Experience and Identity Design ProcessesSantos, Tiago José Miranda ; Pereira, Luís Lucas articleopenAccess
10Mar-2014Linking experiments with the real worldMarques, José Couto; Restivo, Maria Teresa; Cardoso, Alberto ; Santos, Tiago José Miranda articleopenAccess
11Oct-2019Micro e Macro Expressão Tipográfica na Obra de Augusto de CamposSantos, Tiago José Miranda articleopenAccess
12Jul-2018Montagem, Colagem, Justaposição; A Poesia Concreta como meio do CinemaSantos, Tiago José Miranda articleopenAccess
13Dec-2013Multimedia Tools to Learn About Nanoparticles CharacterizationSantos, Tiago José Miranda ; Cardoso, Alberto ; Rasteiro, Maria Graça ; Gomes, Ana Rita articleopenAccess
14Jul-2012O Património Cultural no Cinema Português: uma análise da sua presença e ausência nos filmes Capas Negras e RasgançoFerreira, Vítor ; Santos, Tiago José Miranda articleopenAccess
15May-2016Toponímia e Tipografia: Contributos para a Identidade do EspaçoSantos, Tiago José Miranda articleopenAccess
162019Typography as a mediator of art, space, memory and presence on toponymySantos, Tiago José Miranda articleopenAccess
17Sep-2013Using video tools to teach nanoparticles characterization: Contents for a distance learning courseRasteiro, M. G. ; Cardoso, A. L. C. ; Gomes, Rita ; Santos, Tiago José Miranda articleopenAccess
18Nov-2013Uso de vídeo interactivo na educação e na formaçãoCardoso, Alberto ; Rasteiro, Maria Graça ; Gomes, Rita; Santos, Tiago José Miranda articleopenAccess
1928-Aug-2019O VisualMaterial de “Cidade-City-Cité”Santos, Tiago José Miranda articleopenAccess
20Nov-2019What is Anti-Literature?Santos, Tiago José Miranda articleopenAccess
21Jan-2018With Munari the Form of the Book Followed its FunctionSantos, Tiago José Miranda articleopenAccess