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Title: Energia para a Sustentabilidade — Desenvolvimento de Programa de Identidade Visual
Authors: Santos, Tiago José Miranda 
Orientador: Alves, Artur Luís Gonçalves de Azevedo Rebelo
Keywords: identidade visual, branding, comunicação visual, comunicação integrada
Issue Date: 13-Sep-2012
Publisher: DEI
Place of publication or event: Coimbra
Abstract: The identity of an institution is the visual basis of its entire commu- nication (internal or external).The visual communication is the channel more used to communicate with the public. The visual communication allows the fast identification and needs the emitter of the message. An attractive image will communicate more than the creator of the message. It will seduce and create a relationship between a brand and it ́s target public. At this project proposal an identity and a global communication plan will be created for the initiative Energy for sustainability (EFS) deve- loped at University of Coimbra (UC). This initiative’s disciplinary diver- sity is proven by the 100 PhD teachers who work in it in a voluntary way for the energetic optimization, which also reveals the nearby change in a centenary-old institution. It ́s necessary to preserve the University of Coimbra’s tradition and classicism while associating it to a vanguard movement. At this project development I will approach and identify the goals to achieve while following the ethical rules recommended by the different professional associations, preparing to the contact with the work market, but also safeguarding all the work ethics. Throughout the development of this project it is needed to identify objectives to be met, following ethical standards recommended by various professional associations, preparing the author to contact with the labor market and also to safeguarding the developed work ethic. This initiative’s visual communication should reflect the aesthetics ‘vanguard, the values and the communication ́s approach. The present work studies the process of branding throughout their creative process covering topics such as briefing, requirements identifi- cation, professional ethics, design’s value and target audiences.
Rights: openAccess
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