Teixeira-Lemos, Edite

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Teixeira-Lemos, Edite
Lemos, Edite Maria Relvas das Neves Teixeira de
Lemos, E. T. de
Ciência ID
Former Researcher UC
Edite Teixeira de Lemos received her PharmD from the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Coimbra, her MSc in Pharmacy from the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy of Poitiers, France, and her PhD in Biomedical Sciences from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Coimbra, Portugal. Moreover she obtain the mention of specialist in Nutrition and Food Analysis by the Polythecnic Institute of Viseu .
After 10 years working in the Polytechnic Institute of Viseu as a professor responsible from scientific areas of food chemistry, food analysis, nutrition and biotoxicology and head of Department, she rose to the position of senior professor in February 1999.
She is currently a senior Professor and is the director of Master and post-graduated courses, Food Engineering Department, Polytechnic Institute of Viseu, Portugal. Member of CI&DETS Research Centre. President Scientific Board Agrarian School of Viseu (2014-2018). Vice-President of the Bioethics Committee of the Polithecnic Institute of Viseu .
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
19-Apr-2013Diabetes abrogates sex differences and aggravates cardiometabolic risk in postmenopausal womenMelo, Filipa Mascarenhas ; Marado, Daniela; Palavra, Filipe ; Sereno, José ; Coelho, Álvaro; Pinto, Rui; Lemos, Edite Teixeira de ; Teixeira, Frederico ; Reis, Flávio articleopenAccess
22011Diabetic nephropathy amelioration by a low-dose sitagliptin in an animal model of type 2 diabetes (Zucker diabetic fatty rat)Mega, Cristina ; Teixeira-Lemos, Edite ; Vala, Helena; Fernandes, Rosa ; Oliveira, Jorge; Mascarenhas-Melo, Filipa ; Teixeira, F. ; Reis, F. articleopenAccess
32011Differential effects of acute (extenuating) and chronic (training) exercise on inflammation and oxidative stress status in an animal model of type 2 diabetes mellitusTeixeira-Lemos, Edite ; Pinto, Rui; Oliveira, Jorge; Garrido, P. ; Sereno, José ; Mascarenhas-Melo, Filipa ; Pinheiro, João Páscoa ; Teixeira, F. ; Reis, Flávio articleopenAccess
428-Jul-2017Effects of sitagliptin therapy on the evolution of pancreatic and renal lesions in type 2 diabetes - experimental study in the Zucker Diabetic Fatty rat modelAndrade, Ana Cristina Pais Mega dedoctoralThesisopenAccess
52010Effects of sitagliptin treatment on dysmetabolism, inflammation, and oxidative stress in an animal model of type 2 diabetes (ZDF rat)Ferreira, Liliana; Teixeira-Lemos, Edite ; Pinto, Filipa; Parada, Belmiro ; Mega, Cristina ; Vala, Helena; Pinto, Rui; Garrido, Patrícia ; Sereno, José ; Fernandes, Rosa ; Santos, Paulo; Velada, Isabel; Melo, Andreia ; Nunes, Sara ; Teixeira, Frederico ; Reis, Flávio articleopenAccess
62013Emergent biomarkers of residual cardiovascular risk in patients with low HDL-c and/or high triglycerides and average LDL-c concentrations: focus on HDL subpopulations, Oxidized LDL, adiponectin, and uric acidMascarenhas-Melo, Filipa ; Palavra, Filipe; Marado, Daniela; Sereno, José ; Teixeira-Lemos, Edite ; Freitas, Isabel; Mendonça, Maria Isabel; Pinto, Rui; Teixeira, Frederico ; Reis, Flávio articleopenAccess
72013Implication of low HDL-c levels in patients with average LDL-c levels: a focus on oxidized LDL, large HDL subpopulation, and adiponectinMascarenhas-Melo, Filipa ; Sereno, José ; Teixeira-Lemos, Edite ; Marado, Daniela; Palavra, Filipe ; Pinto, Rui; Rocha-Pereira, Petronila ; Teixeira, Frederico ; Reis, Flávio articleopenAccess
82013Markers of increased cardiovascular risk in postmenopausal women: focus on oxidized-LDL and HDL subpopulationsMascarenhas-Melo, Filipa ; Sereno, José ; Lemos, Edite Teixeira de ; Ribeiro, Sandra; Rocha-Pereira, Petronila ; Cotterill, Ethan ; Teixeira, Frederico ; Reis, Flávio articleopenAccess
92011Monoamine oxidase and semicarbazide-sensitive amine oxidase kinetic analysis in mesenteric arteries of patients with type 2 diabetesNunes, S. F. ; Figueiredo, I. V. ; Pereira, João ; Lemos, E. T. ; Reis, F. ; Teixeira, F. ; Caramona, M. M. articleopenAccess
1012-Feb-2008Papel do exercício físico regular no stresse oxidativo e inflamação da diabetes mellitus tipo 2Lemos, Edite Maria Relvas das Neves Teixeira de doctoralThesisembargoedAccess
112010Preventive but not curative efficacy of celecoxib on bladder carcinogenesis in a rat modelSereno, José ; Parada, Belmiro ; Reis, Flávio ; Cunha, Fernanda X; Teixeira-Lemos, Edite ; Garrido, Patrícia ; Pinto, Rui; Rocha-Pereira, Petronila; Neto, Paula; Ruivo, José da Silva ; Santos, Paulo Rodrigues dos ; Nunes, Sara ; Mota, Alfredo ; Figueiredo, Arnaldo ; Teixeira, Frederico articleopenAccess
1224-Apr-2023Quality of Life Perception among Portuguese Celiac Patients: A Cross-Sectional Study Using the Celiac Disease Questionnaire (CDQ)Chaves, Cláudia; Raposo, António; Zandonadi, Renata Puppin; Nakano, Eduardo Yoshio; Ramos, Fernando ; Teixeira-Lemos, Edite articleopenAccess
132012Regular physical exercise as a strategy to improve antioxidant and anti-inflammatory status: benefits in type 2 diabetes mellitusTeixeira-Lemos, Edite ; Oliveira, Jorge; Pinheiro, João Páscoa ; Reis, Flávio articleopenAccess
1428-Jan-2011Regular physical exercise training assists in preventing type 2 diabetes development: focus on its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory propertiesTeixeira-Lemos, Edite ; Nunes, Sara ; Teixeira, Frederico ; Reis, Flávio articleopenAccess
1520-Mar-2014Sitagliptin prevents aggravation of endocrine and exocrine pancreatic damage in the Zucker Diabetic Fatty rat - focus on amelioration of metabolic profile and tissue cytoprotective propertiesMega, Cristina ; Vala, Helena; Rodrigues-Santos, Paulo ; Oliveira, Jorge; Teixeira, Frederico ; Fernandes, Rosa ; Reis, F. ; Lemos, Edite Teixeira de articleopenAccess
162014Sitagliptin prevents inflammation and apoptotic cell death in the kidney of type 2 diabetic animalsMarques, Catarina ; Mega, Cristina ; Gonçalves, Andreia ; Rodrigues-Santos, Paulo ; Lemos, Edite Teixeira de ; Teixeira, Frederico ; Fontes-Ribeiro, Carlos A. ; Reis, F. ; Fernandes, Rosa articleopenAccess
172015The Place of Dipeptidyl Peptidase-4 Inhibitors in Type 2 Diabetes Therapeutics: A "Me Too" or "the Special One" Antidiabetic Class?Godinho, Ricardo ; Mega, Cristina ; Teixeira-Lemos, Edite ; Carvalho, Eugenia ; Teixeira, Frederico ; Fernandes, Rosa ; Reis, Flávio articleopenAccess
182022The Prevalence of Polypharmacy and Potentially Inappropriate Medications and Its Relationship with Cognitive Status in Portuguese Institutionalized Older Adults: A Cross-Sectional StudyCaçador, Catarina ; Teixeira-Lemos, Edite ; Oliveira, Jorge; Pinheiro, João ; Teixeira-Lemos, Luís; Ramos, Fernando articleopenAccess
195-Apr-2021The Relationship between Nutritional Status and Functional Capacity: A Contribution Study in Institutionalised Portuguese Older AdultsCaçador, Catarina ; Teixeira-Lemos, Edite ; Oliveira, Jorge; Pinheiro, João ; Mascarenhas-Melo, Filipa; Ramos, Fernando articleopenAccess
2030-Sep-2021The Role of Nutritional Status on Polypharmacy, Cognition, and Functional Capacity of Institutionalized Elderly: A Systematic ReviewCaçador, Catarina ; Teixeira-Lemos, Edite ; Martins, Sofia Oliveira; Ramos, Fernando articleopenAccess