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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
Jan-2023Using rheological monitoring to determine the gelation kinetics of chitosan-based systemsDuarte, Belmiro P. M. ; Moura, Maria J. articleopenAccess
12-Jan-2023An Exemestane Derivative, Oxymestane-D1, as a New Multi-Target Steroidal Aromatase Inhibitor for Estrogen Receptor-Positive (ER+) Breast Cancer: Effects on Sensitive and Resistant Cell LinesAmaral, Cristina ; Correia-da-Silva, Georgina ; Almeida, Cristina Ferreira; Valente, Maria João ; Varela, Carla ; Tavares-da-Silva, Elisiario ; Vinggaard, Anne Marie; Teixeira, Natércia A. A. ; Roleira, Fernanda M. F. articleopenAccess
2023Computational Fluid Dynamic Modelling of Fully-Suspended Slurry Flows in Horizontal Pipes with Different Solids ConcentrationsMessa, Gianandrea Vittorio; Yang, Qi; Rasteiro, Maria da Graça ; Faia, Pedro M. ; Matoušek, Vaclav; Silva, Rui C. ; Garcia, Fernando articleopenAccess
12-Jan-2023Unveiling the Chemical Composition and Biological Properties of Salvia cacaliifolia Benth. Essential OilSilva, Jorge M. Alves ; Cocco, Emma; Piras, Alessandra; Gonçalves, Maria José ; Silva, Ana ; Falconieri, Danilo; Porcedda, Silvia; Cruz, M. Teresa ; Maxia, Andrea; Salgueiro, Lígia articleopenAccess
15-Jan-2023Chemical Profile, Anti-Microbial and Anti-Inflammaging Activities of Santolina rosmarinifolia L. Essential Oil from PortugalSilva, Jorge Miguel Alves ; Gonçalves, Maria José ; Silva, Ana ; Cavaleiro, Carlos ; Cruz, M. Teresa ; Salgueiro, Lígia articleopenAccess
2023Editorial: Impact of global climate change on the interaction between plants and plant-parasitic nematodesDutta, Tushar K.; Vicente, Claudia S. L.; Maleita, Carla M. N. ; Phani, VictorarticleopenAccess
2023Transcriptome analysis reveals the high ribosomal inhibitory action of 1,4-naphthoquinone on Meloidogyne luci infective second-stage juvenilesCardoso, Joana M. S. ; Esteves, Ivânia ; Egas, Conceição ; Braga, Mara E. M. ; Sousa, Herminio C. de ; Abrantes, Isabel ; Maleita, Carla articleopenAccess
2023Editorial: Sustainable strategies for the management of phytoparasitic nematodesMaleita, Carla ; Esteves, Ivânia ; Ciancio, Aurelio; Oka, YujiarticleopenAccess
2023Urban Wastewater as a Source of Reclaimed Water for Irrigation: Barriers and Future PossibilitiesSantos, Andreia F. ; Alvarenga, Paula; Gando-Ferreira, Licínio M. ; Quina, Margarida J. articleopenAccess
22-Jan-2023Exploiting the Crithmum maritimum L. Aqueous Extracts and Essential Oil as Potential Preservatives in Food, Feed, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic IndustriesPedreiro, Sónia ; Figueirinha, Artur ; Cavaleiro, Carlos ; Cardoso, Olga ; Donato, Maria Manuel ; Salgueiro, Lígia ; Ramos, Fernando articleopenAccess
2023Effect of Xylanase-Assisted Treatment of Oxygen-Delignified Eucalypt Kraft Pulp on ECF BleachingMatos, José M.S. ; Evtuguin, Dmitry V.; Sousa, António P. M.; Carvalho, Maria Graça V. S. articleopenAccess
24-Jan-2023On Hair Care Physicochemistry: From Structure and Degradation to Novel Biobased Conditioning AgentsFernandes, Catarina ; Medronho, Bruno ; Alves, Luís ; Rasteiro, Maria da Graça articleopenAccess
16-Feb-2023Lignin Recovery from Black Liquor Using Integrated UF/NF Processes and Economic AnalysisSharma, Manorma ; Alves, Patrícia ; Gando-Ferreira, Licínio M. articleopenAccess
2023Exact Optimal Designs of Experiments for Factorial Models via Mixed-Integer Semidefinite ProgrammingDuarte, Belmiro P. M. articleopenAccess
2-Feb-2023Isolation of Extracellular Vesicles from Human Follicular Fluid: Size-Exclusion Chromatography versus UltracentrifugationSoares, Maria ; Pinto, Maria M. ; Nobre, Rui J. ; Almeida, Luís Pereira de ; Rasteiro, Maria da Graça ; Santos, Teresa Almeida ; Santos, João Ramalho ; Sousa, Ana Paula articleopenAccess
19-Jan-2023Essential Oils from Côa Valley Lamiaceae Species: Cytotoxicity and Antiproliferative Effect on Glioblastoma CellsMarques, Mário Pedro ; Neves, Beatriz Guapo ; Varela, Carla Lopes ; Zuzarte, Mónica ; Gonçalves, Ana Cristina ; Dias, Maria Inês; Amaral, Joana S.; Barros, Lillian; Magalhães, Mariana ; Cabral, Célia articleopenAccess
17-Mar-2023Grape Pomace as a Natural Source of Phenolic Compounds: Solvent Screening and Extraction OptimizationRodrigues, Rafaela P. ; Sousa, Ana M. ; Gando-Ferreira, Licínio M. ; Quina, Margarida J. articleopenAccess
2023Enzymatic Hydrolysis Strategies for Cellulosic Sugars Production to Obtain Bioethanol from Eucalyptus globulus BarkAmândio, Mariana ; Rocha, Jorge M. S. ; Xavier, Ana M. R. B.articleopenAccess
20-Mar-2023Novel Amperometric Mercury-Selective Sensor Based on Organic Chelator IonophoreElsebai, Basant; Ghica, Mariana E. ; Abbas, Mohammed Nooredeen; Brett, Christopher M. A. articleopenAccess
2023Bibliometric Analysis and Benchmarking of Life Cycle Assessment of Higher Education InstitutionsDéda, Denner ; Gervásio, Helena ; Quina, Margarida J. articleopenAccess
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 325