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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
2017A free boundary optimization problem for the ∞-LaplacianTeymurazyan, Rafayel ; Urbano, José Miguel articleopenAccess
2014An intrinsic Liouville theorem for degenerate parabolic equationsTeixeira, Eduardo V. ; Urbano, José Miguel articleembargoedAccess
2015Analysis of adaptive forward-backward diffusion flows with applications in image processingPrasath, V. B. Surya ; Urbano, José Miguel ; Vorotnikov, Dmitry articleembargoedAccess
14-Mar-2014Asymptotic Limits for the Doubly Nonlinear EquationAstudillo Rojas, María Rosario doctoralThesisembargoedAccess
2005Boundary regularity at {t=0} for a singular free boundary problemHenriques, Eurica ; Urbano, José Miguel preprintopenAccess
30-Jul-2018Campanato spaces and applications in partial differential equationsJesus, David João Brandligt de masterThesisopenAccess
2000Continuous solutions for a degenerate free boundary problemUrbano, José articleopenAccess
2003Current issues on singular and degenerate evolution equationsDibenedetto, Emmanuele ; Urbano, José Miguel ; Vespri, Vincenzo preprintopenAccess
1999Degenerate Elliptic Problems in a Class of Free DomainsRodrigues, José Francisco ; Urbano, José Miguel articleopenAccess
2006Entropy solutions for the p(x)-Laplace equationSanchón, Manel ; Urbano, José Miguel preprintopenAccess
2000A Free Boundary Problem: contributions from modern analysisUrbano, José Miguel preprintopenAccess
2020Fully nonlinear integro-differential equations with deforming kernelsCaffarelli, Luis A. ; Teymurazyan, Rafayel ; Urbano, José Miguel articleopenAccess
2008Growth conditions and uniqueness of the Cauchy problem for the evolutionary infinity LaplacianLeonori, Tommaso ; Urbano, José Miguel preprintopenAccess
1999Hölder continuity of local weak solutions for parabolic equations exhibiting two degeneraciesUrbano, José Miguel preprintopenAccess
2004Intrinsic scaling for pde's with an exponential nonlinearityHenriques, Eurica ; Urbano, José Miguel preprintopenAccess
1985Investigação científica em Portugal : uma obrigação moral para com as gerações vindourasUrbano, José Miguel ; Martins, Pedro ; Fiolhais, Carlos articleopenAccess
2009Limits as p(x) of p(x)-harmonic functionsManfredi, Juan J. ; Rossi, Julio D. ; Urbano, José Miguel preprintopenAccess
2010Local Hölder continuity for doubly nonlinear parabolic equationsKuusi, Tuomo ; Siljander, Juhana ; Urbano, José Miguel preprintopenAccess
2008A mathematical model for a comprehensive approach to the dynamics of human colonic aberrant crypt fociFigueiredo, Isabel N. ; Figueiredo, Pedro N. ; Leal, Carlos ; Urbano, José Miguel preprintopenAccess
2006New global a prior; estimates for the third-grade fluid equationsSteinhauer, Mark ; Urbano, José Miguel ; Videman, Juha articleopenAccess