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Sanchón, Manel
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12007Boundedness of the extremal solution of some p-Laplacian problemsSanchón, Manel articleopenAccess
22006Entropy solutions for the p(x)-Laplace equationSanchón, Manel ; Urbano, José Miguel preprintopenAccess
32006The obstacle problem for nonlinear elliptic equations with variable growth and L1-dataRodrigues, José Francisco ; Sanchón, Manel ; Urbano, José Miguel preprintopenAccess
42006Regularity of entropy solutions of quasilinear elliptic problems related with Hardy-Sobolev inequalitiesAbdellaoui, Boumediene ; Colorado, Eduardo ; Sanchón, Manel preprintopenAccess
52006Semi-stable and extremal solutions of reaction equations involving the p-laplacianCabré, Xavier ; Sanchón, Manel preprintopenAccess