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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
8-Feb-2023Multimodal assessment of the spatial correspondence between fNIRS and fMRI hemodynamic responses in motor tasksPereira, João ; Direito, Bruno ; Lührs, Michael; Castelo-Branco, Miguel ; Sousa, Teresa articleopenAccess
2011Synthesis and biological evaluation of 125I-erythropoietin as a potential radiopharmaceutical agent for tumoursClemente, Gonçalo dos Santos ; Duarte, Vera Lúcia SerraarticleopenAccess
17-Oct-2014Development and aging of visual hemifield asymmetries in contrast sensitivitySilva, Maria Fátima ; d'Almeida, Otília C. ; Oliveiros, Bárbara ; Mateus, Catarina ; Castelo-Branco, Miguel articleopenAccess
20-May-2014Transition from cyclosporine-induced renal dysfunction to nephrotoxicity in an in vivo rat modelSereno, José ; Rodrigues-Santos, Paulo ; Vala, Helena; Rocha-Pereira, Petronila ; Alves, Rui; Fernandes, João; Santos-Silva, Alice; Carvalho, Eugenia ; Teixeira, Frederico ; Reis, F. articleopenAccess
2014Conversion to sirolimus ameliorates cyclosporine-induced nephropathy in the rat: focus on serum, urine, gene, and protein renal expression biomarkersSereno, José ; Nunes, Sara ; Rodrigues-Santos, Paulo ; Vala, Helena; Rocha-Pereira, Petronila ; Fernandes, João ; Santos-Silva, Alice; Teixeira, Frederico ; Reis, Flávio articleopenAccess
2015Neural signals evoked by stimuli of increasing social scene complexity are detectable at the single-trial level and right lateralizedAmaral, Carlos P. ; Simões, Marco A. ; Castelo-Branco, Miguel articleopenAccess
2016Control of Brain Activity in hMT+/V5 at Three Response Levels Using fMRI-Based Neurofeedback/BCISousa, Teresa ; Direito, Bruno ; Lima, João; Ferreira, Carlos ; Nunes, Urbano ; Castelo-Branco, Miguel articleopenAccess
12-Sep-2017Structure-function correlations in Retinitis Pigmentosa patients with partially preserved vision: a voxel-based morphometry studyMachado, Ana Rita ; Pereira, Andreia Carvalho ; Ferreira, Fábio ; Ferreira, Sónia ; Quendera, Bruno ; Silva, Eduardo ; Castelo-Branco, Miguel articleopenAccess
10-May-2017Methylglyoxal-induced glycation changes adipose tissue vascular architecture, flow and expansion, leading to insulin resistanceRodrigues, Tiago ; Matafome, Paulo N. ; Sereno, José ; Almeida, José; Castelhano, João ; Gamas, Luís ; Neves, Christian ; Gonçalves, Sónia ; Carvalho, Catarina ; Arslanagic, Amina ; Wilcken, Elinor ; Fonseca, Rita ; Simões, Ilda; Conde, Silvia Vilares; Castelo-Branco, Miguel ; Seiça, Raquel articleopenAccess
2017Extending Inferential Group Analysis in Type 2 Diabetic Patients with Multivariate GLM Implemented in SPM8Ferreira, Fábio S. ; Pereira, João ; Duarte, João V. ; Castelo-Branco, Miguel articleopenAccess
2017Primary visual cortical remapping in patients with inherited peripheral retinal degenerationFerreira, Sónia; Pereira, Andreia Carvalho ; Quendera, Bruno ; Reis, Aldina; Silva, Eduardo Duarte ; Castelo-Branco, Miguel articleopenAccess
2017Testing the excitation/inhibition imbalance hypothesis in a mouse model of the autism spectrum disorder: in vivo neurospectroscopy and molecular evidence for regional phenotypesGonçalves, Joana ; Violante, Inês R. ; Sereno, José ; Leitão, Ricardo A. ; Cai, Ying; Abrunhosa, Antero ; Silva, Ana Paula ; Silva, Alcino J.; Castelo-Branco, Miguel articleopenAccess
2017Microglia in Health and Disease: A Double-Edged SwordSantiago, Ana Raquel ; Bernardino, Liliana ; Agudo-Barriuso, Marta; Gonçalves, Joana articleopenAccess
26-Jun-2017Separability of motor imagery of the self from interpretation of motor intentions of others at the single trial level: an EEG studyAndrade, João ; Cecílio, José ; Simões, Marco ; Sales, Francisco ; Castelo-Branco, Miguel articleopenAccess
14-Aug-2018The role of Prefrontal Cortex in a Battle of the Sexes Dilemma involving a Conflict between Tribal and Romantic loveDuarte, Isabel Catarina ; Costa, Sónia Brito ; Cayolla, Ricardo ; Castelo-Branco, Miguel articleopenAccess
2018Data driven diagnostic classification in Alzheimer's disease based on different reference regions for normalization of PiB-PET images and correlation with CSF concentrations of Aβ speciesOliveira, Francisco ; Leuzy, Antoine; Castelhano, J. ; Chiotis, Konstantinos; Hasselbalch, Steen Gregers; Rinne, Juha; Mendonça, Alexandre de ; Otto, Markus; Lleó, Alberto ; Santana, Isabel ; Johansson, Jarkko; Anderl-Straub, Sarah; Arnim, Christine; Beer, Ambros; Blesa, Rafael ; Fortea, Juan; Sanna-Kaisa, Herukka; Portelius, Erik; Pannee, Josef; Zetterberg, Henrik; Blennow, Kaj; Moreira, Ana P. ; Abrunhosa, Antero ; Nordberg, Agneta; Castelo-Branco, Miguel articleopenAccess
15-Oct-2018Uncovering the heterogeneity and temporal complexity of neurodegenerative diseases with Subtype and Stage InferenceYoung, Alexandra L.; Marinescu, Razvan V.; Oxtoby, Neil P.; Bocchetta, Martina; Yong, Keir; Firth, Nicholas C.; Cash, David M.; Thomas, David L.; Dick, Katrina M.; Cardoso, Jorge; van Swieten, John; Borroni, Barbara; Galimberti, Daniela; Masellis, Mario; Tartaglia, Maria Carmela; Rowe, James B.; Graff, Caroline; Tagliavini, Fabrizio ; Frisoni, Giovanni B.; Laforce, Robert; Finger, Elizabeth; de Mendonça, Alexandre; Sorbi, Sandro; Warren, Jason D.; Crutch, Sebastian; Fox, Nick C. ; Ourselin, Sebastien; Schott, Jonathan M. ; Rohrer, Jonathan D. ; Alexander, Daniel C.; Ferreira, Carlos ; et al.articleopenAccess
11-Nov-2018Radiobiological Characterization of 64CuCl₂ as a Simple Tool for Prostate Cancer TheranosticsGuerreiro, Joana Fernandes; Alves, Vítor ; Abrunhosa, Antero José ; Paulo, António; Gil, Octávia Monteiro; Mendes, FilipaarticleopenAccess
20-Mar-2018Virtual Travel Training for Autism Spectrum Disorder: Proof-of-Concept Interventional StudySimões, Marco ; Bernardes, Miguel ; Barros, Fernando ; Castelo-Branco, Miguel de Sá e Sousa articleopenAccess
1-Feb-2018Optical Properties Influence Visual Cortical Functional Resolution After Cataract Surgery and Both Dissociate From Subjectively Perceived Quality of VisionMiranda, Ângela Sofia Cardoso ; Rosa, Andreia de Faria Martins ; Dias, Miguel José Patrício ; Harvey, Ben M. ; Silva, Maria Fátima Loureiro da ; Castelo-Branco, Miguel de Sá e Sousa ; Murta, Joaquim Carlos Neto articleopenAccess
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 90