Pereira, João M. S.

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Pereira, João M. S.
Pereira, João
Pereira, João M.
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12020Directly Exploring the Neural Correlates of Feedback-Related Reward Saliency and Valence During Real-Time fMRI-Based NeurofeedbackDireito, Bruno ; Ramos, Manuel ; Pereira, João ; Sayal, Alexandre ; Sousa, Teresa ; Castelo-Branco, Miguel articleopenAccess
22023Experimental characterization of the nonlinear thermomechanical behaviour of refractory masonry with dry jointsAli, Mahmoud; Oliveira, Rafael L. G. ; Pereira, João ; Rodrigues, João P. G. L. M. ; Lourenço, Paulo B.; Ulrich Marschall, Hans; Sayet, Thomas; Gasser, Alain; Blond, EricarticleopenAccess
32017Extending Inferential Group Analysis in Type 2 Diabetic Patients with Multivariate GLM Implemented in SPM8Ferreira, Fábio S. ; Pereira, João ; Duarte, João V. ; Castelo-Branco, Miguel articleopenAccess
4Jul-2014Gaussianization methods for structural brain imagingMartins, Daniela Filipa Dias masterThesisopenAccess
52021Impact of Periodontal Attachment Loss on the Outcome of Endodontic Microsurgery: A Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisSarnadas, Margarida; Marques, Joana A. ; Baptista, Isabel Poiares ; Pereira, João M. articleopenAccess
630-Jul-2014Methods for Multivariate Analyses in NeuroimagingFerreira, Fábio Daniel Santos masterThesisopenAccess
7Oct-2015Morphometric analyses of brain atrophy in Diabetes type 2: evidence from both T1 and T2 MRIRamos, João Afonso de Magalhães Peixoto e Génio masterThesisopenAccess
88-Feb-2023Multimodal assessment of the spatial correspondence between fNIRS and fMRI hemodynamic responses in motor tasksPereira, João ; Direito, Bruno ; Lührs, Michael; Castelo-Branco, Miguel ; Sousa, Teresa articleopenAccess
92023Neurofeedback-dependent influence of the ventral striatum using a working memory paradigm targeting the dorsolateral prefrontal cortexPereira, Daniela Jardim ; Sayal, Alexandre ; Pereira, João ; Morais, Sofia ; Macedo, António ; Direito, Bruno ; Castelo-Branco, Miguel articleopenAccess
102023Numerical simulations on refractory linings for steel casting vesselsOliveira, Rafael G. ; Rodrigues, João Paulo C. ; Pereira, João M. S. articleopenAccess
1120-Sep-2013Optimization of an analysis process of PET with PiB in Alzheimer's DiseaseLima, João Filipe Rodrigues Matos masterThesisopenAccess
122013VBM with viscous fluid registration of gray matter segments in SPMPereira, João M. S. ; Acosta-Cabronero, Julio; Pengas, George; Xiong, Li; Nestor, Peter J.; Williams, Guy B.articleopenAccess
13Feb-2015White Matter Perfusion Quantification with Single-Voxel Arterial Spin LabelingAlves, Carolina César Martins de Oliveira masterThesisopenAccess