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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
15-Nov-2019Enzymatic nanocellulose in papermaking – The key role as filler flocculant and strengthening agentLourenço, Ana F.; Gamelas, José A.F.; Sarmento, Pedro; Ferreira, Paulo Jorge Tavares articleembargoedAccess
20-May-2019The relevance of the pretreatment on the chemical modification of cellulosic fibersAguado, Roberto ; Lourenço, Ana F. ; Ferreira, Paulo J. T. ; Moral, Ana; Tijero, AntonioarticleembargoedAccess
12-Jan-2019Physical and chemical characteristics of pretreated slash pine sawdust influence its enzymatic hydrolysisKruyeniski, Julia ; Ferreira, Paulo J. T. ; Videira Sousa Carvalho, Maria da Graça ; Vallejos, María E. ; Felissia, Fernando E. ; Area, María C. articleembargoedAccess
2-Feb-2019Carboxymethylated cellulose nanofibrils in papermaking: influence on filler retention and paper propertiesLourenço, Ana F. ; Godinho, Diana ; Gamelas, José A. F. ; Sarmento, Pedro ; Ferreira, Paulo J. T. articleembargoedAccess
29-May-2018Surface Energy and Lewis Acid-base Characteristics of Lignocellulosic Fibers upon Modification by Chemical Vapor Deposition of Trichloromethylsilane: An Inverse Gas Chromatography StudyGamelas, J. A. F. ; Azpeitia, M. ; Ferreira, Paulo ; Tejado, A. articleembargoedAccess
Apr-2018Evaluating the Genotoxicity of Cellulose Nanofibrils in a Co-Culture of Human Lung Epithelial Cells and Monocyte-derived MacrophagesVentura, Célia ; Lourenço, Ana Filipa ; Sousa-Uva, António ; Ferreira, Paulo J.T. ; Silva, Maria João articleembargoedAccess
2017Towards a new generation of functional fiber-based packaging: cellulose nanofibers for improved barrier, mechanical and surface propertiesTarrés, Quim ; Oliver-Ortega, Helena ; Ferreira, Paulo J. ; Àngels Pèlach, M. ; Mutjé, Pere ; Delgado-Aguilar, Marc articleembargoedAccess
28-Apr-2017Cationic cellulosic derivatives as flocculants in papermakingAguado, Roberto ; Lourenço, Ana F. ; Ferreira, Paulo J. ; Moral, Ana ; Tijero, Antonio articleembargoedAccess
2009Effect of the final ECF bleaching stage on Eucalyptus Kraft pulp properties : a comparison between hydrogen peroxide and chlorine dioxideLoureiro, P.E.G. ; Ferreira, P.J. ; Evtyugin, D.V. ; Carvalho, M.G.S.V. articleopenAccess
2010Evaluation of Polyelectrolyte Performance on PCC Flocculation Using the LDS TechniqueAntunes, E. ; Ferreira, P. ; Rasteiro, M. G. ; Garcia, F. A. P. articleclosedAccess
Aug-2010Características do papel reprográfico produzido com fibras de eucalipto e suas relações com a estabilidade dimensionalMendes, Afonso Henrique Teixeira ; Park, Song Wong ; Almeida, Fábio Sérgio ; Ferreira, Paulo Jorge Tavares articleopenAccess
29-Dec-2016Unique Combination of Surface Energy and Lewis Acid–Base Characteristics of Superhydrophobic Cellulose FibersGamelas, J. A. F. ; Salvador, A. ; Hidalgo, J. ; Ferreira, P. J. ; Tejado, A. articleembargoedAccess
2008Caracterización de la superficie de papeles de impresión y escritura con encolado superficialMoutinho, I. ; Figueiredo, M. ; Ferreira, P. articleopenAccess
2012The importance of the measurement of paper differential CD shrinkageMendes, Afonso H. T. ; Kim, Hae Y. ; Ferreira, Paulo J. T. ; Park, Song W. articleopenAccess
30-Jun-2016Papermaking trials in a pilot paper machine with a new silica coated PCC fillerFerreira, Paulo J. ; Lourenço, Ana F. ; Simões, Rogério S. ; Costa, Ana P. ; Gamelas, José A. F. articleopenAccess
2016Surface properties of xylan and xylan derivatives measured by inverse gas chromatographySousa, Sónia ; Pedrosa, Jorge ; Ramos, Ana ; Ferreira, Paulo J. ; Gamelas, José A.F. articleopenAccess
24-Feb-2016Surface properties of calcium carbonate modified with silica by sol-gel methodPedrosa, Jorge ; Gamelas, J.A.F. ; Lourenço, Ana F. ; Ferreira, Paulo J. articleopenAccess
17-Nov-2016Influence of TEMPO-oxidised cellulose nanofibrils on the properties of filler-containing papersLourenço, Ana F. ; Gamelas, José A. F. ; Nunes, Tiago ; Amaral, José ; Mutjé, Peré ; Ferreira, Paulo J. articleopenAccess
2015Correlating Aggregates Structure with PEL Characteristics Using an Experimental Design MethodologyRasteiro, Pinheiro, Ineide Maria G. ; Ferreira, Paulo J. ; Wandrey, Christine ; Hunkeler, David ; Garcia, Fernando A. ; Ahmadloo, Hamideh articleopenAccess
2015Precipitated calcium carbonate modified by the layer-by-layer deposition method - its potential as papermaking fillerLourenço, A.F. ; Gamelas, J.A.F. ; Ferreira, P. J. articleopenAccess
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 263