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Renaud, Mathieu
Soil Ecotoxicologist with particular interest on the effects of contaminants on soil invertebrate comunities
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12019From laboratory to the field: Validating molecular markers of effect in Folsomia candida exposed to a fungicide-based formulationSimões, Tiago ; Novais, Sara C; Luz, Tiago Natal da ; Renaud, Mathieu ; Leston, Sara ; Ramos, Fernando ; Römbke, Jörg ; Roelofs, Dick; van Straalen, Nico M; Sousa, José P. ; Lemos, Marco Filipe Loureiro articleopenAccess
22020Metal oxides and annealed metals as alternatives to metal salts for fixed-ratio metal mixture ecotoxicity tests in soilRenaud, Mathieu ; Cousins, Mark; Awuah, Kobby Fred; Jegede, Olukayode; Hale, Beverley; Sousa, José Paulo ; Siciliano, Steven DouglasarticleopenAccess
35-Mar-2022The Recolonization Concentration Concept: Using Avoidance Assays with Soil Organisms to Predict the Recolonization Potential of Contaminated SitesRenaud, Mathieu ; Luz, Tiago Natal da ; Ribeiro, Rui ; Sousa, José Paulo articleopenAccess