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Henriques, Jorge
Henriques, Jorge H.
Ciência ID
UC Researcher
Jorge Henriques received his PhD in Informatics Engineering in 2001 from the University of Coimbra, where is an Associate Professor with habilitation at Informatics Engineering Department. His main research interests are computational intelligence methodologies with application to modelling, prediction, diagnosis and decision, in particular within the clinical context. He has been particularly active in the development of pHealth solutions, namely in the research and in the implementation of advanced algorithms for bio-signals analysis and processing (particularly, ECG, ICG, PPG, heart sounds and blood pressure). He is a senior researcher at the Adaptive Computation Group at CISUC - Centre for Informatics and Systems – University of Coimbra.
He has been involved in program committees and organization of national and international conferences. He got an award in the 10th PhysioNet/Computing in Cardiology Challenge, presenting the best computational algorithm for the prediction of acute hypotensive episodes.
He was the co-founder of the Clinical Informatics research laboratory at CISUC (2002) He has served as coordinator of the Bachelor in Informatics Engineering (2007-2012) and as coordinator of the Master in Informatics Engineering (2005-2007) at Department of Informatics Engineering, University of Coimbra. He was the elected vice-director of the Department of Informatics Engineering (2011-2013) and an elected member of the Scientific Council of Informatics Department from 2001
He has coordinated and participated in several projects at national and international level. In particular, at international level, he has participated in European FP6, FP7 and H2020 research projects, in the eHealth area, such as FP6-MYHEART, FP7-EPILEPSIAE , FP7-HEARTCYCLE, FP7-WELCOME and FP7-HEARTWAYS, H2020-LINK. At national level he has coordinated and participated in several research projects, namely, FCT-CARDIORISK, and FCT-HEARTSAFE, FCT-SOUNDFORLIFE.
He is a licensed Professional Engineer and he was the executive-coordinator of the Informatics Laboratory of Instituto Pedro Nunes, and has provided consulting services to various companies and national institutions in the clinical informatics and eHealth area.
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52023GRACE PLUS: A data fusion-based approach to improve GRACE score in the risk assessment of Acute Coronary SyndromeNeto, Afonso B.L.; Sousa, José P.; Gil, Paulo ; Henriques, Jorge articleembargoedAccess
616-Mar-2021Heart rate variability analysis for the identification of the preictal interval in patients with drug-resistant epilepsyLeal, Adriana ; Pinto, Mauro F. ; Lopes, Fábio ; Bianchi, Anna M; Henriques, Jorge ; Ruano, Maria G. ; Carvalho, Paulo de ; Dourado, António ; Teixeira, César A. articleopenAccess
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92016A Tool For ECG Analysis as a Module of a Tele-Monitoring SystemRocha, Teresa ; Paredes, Simão ; Cabiddu, Ramona; Couceiro, Ricardo ; Carvalho, Paulo ; Henriques, Jorge articleopenAccess
102023Towards continuous non-invasive blood pressure measurements-interpretation of the vasculature response to cuff inflationLoureiro, João; Bogatu, Laura; Schmitt, Lars; Henriques, Jorge ; Carvalho, Paulo ; Noordergraaf, Gerrit J.; Paulussen, Igor; Muehlsteff, Jens articleopenAccess