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Gil, Paulo
Gil, Paulo
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UC Researcher
Paulo Gil received his PhD in Electrical Engineering in 2004 from the Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal, where he is currently a Tenure Assistant Professor at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. He is an Assistant Professor with the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, NOVA School of Science and Technology and Research with the Center of Informatics and Systems of the University of Coimbra (CISUC) and with the Centre of Technology and Systems (CTS-UNINOVA). His research interests include, but not restricted to, nonlinear control, distributed systems, intelligent control systems, resilient networked control systems, Cyber-Physical Systems and hybrid control system. In these areas he has numerous publications, and is active on the program committees of many of the well-established conferences and workshops. He is member of the IEEE Control Systems Society, and was vicepresident of the Portuguese Association for Automatic Control (APCA) from 2019-01-01 to 2020-12-31 and visiting researcher at Control and Dynamic Systems Lab, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering (CDSL), Seoul National University from 2019-09-01 to 2019-12-31. Between 2011 e 2017 he was a member of the IEEE-IES Technical Committee on Network-Based Control Systems and is currently member of IFAC Tecnical Commitees TC 2.1 - Control Design and TC 3.2 - Computational Intelligence in Control.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12023Computational methods applied to syphilis: where are we, and where are we going?Albuquerque, Gabriela; Fernandes, Felipe; Barbalho, Ingridy M. P.; Barros, Daniele M. S.; Morais, Philippi S. G.; Morais, Antônio H. F.; Santos, Marquiony M.; Galvão-Lima, Leonardo J.; Sales-Moioli, Ana Isabela L.; Santos, João Paulo Q.; Gil, Paulo ; Henriques, Jorge ; Teixeira, César A. ; Lima, Thaísa S. ; Coutinho, Karilany D.; Pinto, Talita K. B.; Valentim, Ricardo A. M.articleopenAccess
22022Development of technologies to support the diagnosis of infectious diseases and cancer to support the primary health careFerreira, Matheus A. C.; Carvalho, Dionísio D. A.; Cruz, Agnaldo S.; Coutinho, Karilany D.; Oliveira, Carlos A. P.; Morais, Antonio H. F.; Santos, João Paulo Q.; Mayrink, Nadja N. V.; Galvão-Lima, Leonardo J.; Sales-Moioli, Ana Isabela L.; Barros, Daniele M. S.; Albuquerque, Gabriela A.; Alves, Luca P. C. F.; Teixeira, César A. ; Henriques, Jorge M. O. ; Gil, P. Sousa ; Gusmão, Cristine M. G.; Valentim, Ricardo A. M.articleopenAccess
32023Digital health solution for monitoring and surveillance of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis in BrazilBarbalho, Ingridy M. P.; Fonseca, Aleika L. A.; Fernandes, Felipe; Henriques, Jorge ; Gil, Paulo ; Nagem, Danilo; Lindquist, Raquel; Lima, Thaísa S. ; Dos Santos, João Paulo Queiroz; Paiva, Jailton; Morais, Antonio H. F.; Dourado Júnior, Mário E. T.; Valentim, Ricardo A. M.articleopenAccess
42019A Distributed Multi-Agent Framework for Resilience Enhancement in Cyber-Physical SystemsJanuario, Fabio; Cardoso, Alberto ; Gil, Paulo articleopenAccess
52013flock.uc.pt – A Web Platform for Online Educational Modules with Online ExperimentsCardoso, Alberto ; Restivo, Maria Teresa ; Cioga, Pedro ; Delgado, Miguel ; Monsanto, José Nuno ; Bicker, João ; Nunes, Eduardo ; Gil, Paulo articleopenAccess
62023GRACE PLUS: A data fusion-based approach to improve GRACE score in the risk assessment of Acute Coronary SyndromeNeto, Afonso B.L.; Sousa, José P.; Gil, Paulo ; Henriques, Jorge articleembargoedAccess
72020NanoSen-AQM: From Sensors to UsersLucas, Pedro ; Silva, Jorge ; Araújo, Filipe ; Silva, Catarina ; Gil, Paulo ; Arrais, Joel P. ; Coutinho, Daniel ; Salgueiro, Pedro; Rato, Luis ; Saias, Jose; Nogueira, Vitor; Cardoso, Alberto ; Ribeiro, Bernardete articleopenAccess
88-Aug-2023Osteoporosis screening using machine learning and electromagnetic wavesAlbuquerque, Gabriela A.; Carvalho, Dionísio D. A.; Cruz, Agnaldo S.; Santos, João P. Q.; Machado, Guilherme M.; Gendriz, Ignácio S.; Fernandes, Felipe R. S.; Barbalho, Ingridy M. P.; Santos, Marquiony M.; Teixeira, César A. D. ; Henriques, Jorge M. O. ; Gil, P. Sousa ; Neto, Adrião D. D.; Campos, Antonio L. P. S.; Lima, Josivan G.; Paiva, Jailton C.; Morais, Antonio H. F.; Lima, Thaisa Santos; Valentim, Ricardo A. M.articleopenAccess
92017Resilience Enhancement in Cyber-Physical Systems: A Multiagent-Based FrameworkJanuário, Fábio Emanuel Pais; Leitão, Joaquim; Cardoso, Alberto ; Gil, Paulo bookPartopenAccess
102013Simulator of Dynamical Systems and PID Control based on Java LanguageBrito Palma, Luis; Costa Cruz, João; Gil, P. Sousa ; Vieira Coito, FernandoarticleopenAccess
111-Jan-2020A Survey on Home Energy ManagementLeitão, Joaquim; Gil, Paulo ; Ribeiro, Bernardete ; Cardoso, Alberto articleopenAccess