Ribeiro, Bernardete

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Ribeiro, Bernardete
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Ribeiro, Bernardete Martins
Ribeiro, Bernardete
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12017Adaptive learning for dynamic environments: A comparative approachCosta, Joana ; Silva, Catarina ; Antunes, Mário ; Ribeiro, Bernardete articleopenAccess
226-Nov-2010Computational Intelligence: Neural Networks and Kernel MethodsRibeiro, Bernardete Martins otheropenAccess
315-Dec-2013Customized crowds and active learning to improve classificationCosta, Joana ; Silva, Catarina ; Antunes, Mário ; Ribeiro, Bernardete articleopenAccess
42017Financial credit risk assessment via learning-based hashingRibeiro, Bernardete Martins ; Chen, NingarticleembargoedAccess
52008Image complexity and feature mining for steganalysis of least significant bit matching steganographyLiu, Qingzhong ; Sung, Andrew H. ; Ribeiro, Bernardete ; Wei, Mingzhen ; Chen, Zhongxue ; Xu, Jianyun articleopenAccess
62016Improve credit scoring using transfer of learned knowledge from self-organizing mapAghaeiRad, Ali ; Chen, Ning ; Ribeiro, Bernardete articleopenAccess
71-Sep-2013Learning from multiple annotators: distinguishing good from random labelersRodrigues, Filipe ; Pereira, Francisco ; Ribeiro, Bernardete articleopenAccess
82017Learning Supervised Topic Models for Classification and Regression from CrowdsRodrigues, Filipe ; Lourenco, Mariana ; Ribeiro, Bernardete ; Pereira, Francisco articleopenAccess
92007On Text-based Mining with Active Learning and Background Knowledge Using SVMSilva, Catarina ; Ribeiro, Bernardete articleopenAccess
102017Probabilistic modeling and visualization for bankruptcy predictionAntunes, Francisco ; Ribeiro, Bernardete ; Pereira, Francisco articleopenAccess
1126-Nov-2010Programa, Conteúdos e Métodos de Ensino Teórico e Prático : Técnicas de Reconhecimento de PadrõesRibeiro, Bernardete Martins otheropenAccess