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Ribeiro, Jorge
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UC Researcher
My academic background is in Visual Information Technologies, in which I graduated with a Master's degree in 2010. For my master's project, I created a new interactive visual performance mixing device, which was publicly presented between 12-Jul-2010 and 31-Jul-2010 at Espaço do Tempo, Montemor-o-Novo. After completing my Master's degree, I worked for several years (from 2010 to 2017) as an R&D Engineer in the fields of Human-Computer Interaction, Games and Computer Vision. During this time, I had the opportunity to work on different forms of Interaction: Control a robot with Wii Remote Control (Handle); develop a 3D video game prototype (LifeIsGame); interact with Kinect to improve motor skills abilities of impaired individuals to better control the body (Move4Health); test methods of environment analysis using point clouds and implement human behaviour method with Bayesian networks for elderly falling detection (CaMeLi). In addition to Baysesian networks, I also ended up working on several projects related to Machine Learning (ML) such as pattern recognition to robot localization (Handle), integrate components both in recognition and tracking actor faces in movies (AdNow) and develop behaviour classificators for the interaction of seniors with a virtual assistant (CogniWin). In 2019 I joined the ReMap project aiming to develop a new user interface for dealing with ML components. The opportunity to work in HCI motivated me to pursue a PhD. I am currently focused on understanding how can be designed new interaction decision systems supported by ML, and the implications for evolving practices in integrating theses systems. I have published a conference paper discussing the use of Playful Probing to enable a debate between experiential development of new planning practices while facilitating cooperative design of a new tool and a journal paper about use Playful Probes to show how to elicit ideas for integration of maintenance planning practices with ML. Since last year I also gained experience as an invited assistant teacher at the University of Coimbra, teaching the practical classes of the courses Interface Architecture and Interactive Media Design.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12018Biological Profile Estimation Based on Footprints and Shoeprints from Bracara Augusta Figlinae (Brick Workshops)Marado, Luís Miguel ; Ribeiro, Jorge articleopenAccess
220-Aug-2021Methodological Characteristics, Physiological and Physical Effects, and Future Directions for Combined Training in Soccer: A Systematic ReviewRibeiro, Jorge ; Afonso, José; Camões, Miguel; Sarmento, Hugo ; Sá, Mário; Lima, Ricardo ; Oliveira, Rafael; Clemente, Filipe Manuel articleopenAccess
32022Playful Probes for Design Interaction with Machine Learning: A Tool for Aircraft Condition-Based Maintenance Planning and VisualisationRibeiro, Jorge ; Andrade, Pedro ; Carvalho, Manuel Costa ; Silva, Catarina ; Ribeiro, Bernardete ; Roque, Licínio articleopenAccess
42020VR Book: A Tangible Interface for Smartphone-based Virtual RealityCardoso, Jorge ; Ribeiro, Jorge conferenceObjectopenAccess