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Dourado, António
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
11999Global optimization of energy and production in process industries: a genetic algorithm applicationSantos, Amâncio ; Dourado, António articleopenAccess
22004Interpretability and learning in neuro-fuzzy systemsPaiva, Rui Pedro ; Dourado, António articleopenAccess
330-Jul-2013Preprocessing effects of 22 linear univariate features on the performance of seizure prediction methodsRasekhi, Jalil ; Mollaei, Mohammad Reza Karami ; Bandarabadi, Mojtaba ; Teixeira, Cesar A. ; Dourado, Antonio articleopenAccess
42004Quality prediction in pulp bleaching: application of a neuro-fuzzy systemPaiva, Rui Pedro ; Dourado, António ; Duarte, Belmiro articleopenAccess
51999A self-organizing fuzzy controller with a fixed maximum number of rules and an adaptive similarity factorDias, Joana Matos ; Dourado, António articleopenAccess
61999Supervision and c-Means clustering of PID controllers for a solar power plantHenriques, Jorge ; Cardoso, Alberto ; Dourado, António articleopenAccess