Pereira, Carlos Filipe

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Pereira, Carlos Filipe
Pereira, Carlos Filipe
Pereira, Carlos Filipe
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I have long held an interest in understanding how cell identity is acquired, maintained and ultimately modified or reversed. During my PhD, I have made my first contributions to the cellular reprogramming field by establishing cell fusion and heterokaryons as a new approach to study reprogramming mechanisms towards pluripotency. Of note I implicated the essential role of Polycomb repression in reprogramming. Then, during my postdoc, I brought cellular reprogramming concepts to hematopoeisis for the first time. I identified a combination of transcription factors that induces hemogenesis and established that cellular reprogramming approaches can inform the developmental specification of hematopoietic stem cells. My independent research group has now shown that cooperative transcription factor binding mediates hemogenic induction and pioneered cell fate reprogramming approaches in immunology with induced dendritic cells. This conceptual shift opens exciting opportunities to merge cellular reprogramming and cancer immunotherapy. I am an Assistant Investigator at Coimbra University and Associate Professor at Lund University and group leader of the Cell Reprogramming in Hematopoiesis and Immunity laboratory. I am also scientific co-founder of BRT Blood Reprogramming Technologies and Asgard Therapeutics.
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12021Cell Fate Reprogramming in the Era of Cancer ImmunotherapyZimmermannova, Olga; Caiado, Inês ; Ferreira, Alexandra G. ; Pereira, Carlos Filipe articleopenAccess
24-Dec-2018Cooperative Transcription Factor Induction Mediates Hemogenic ReprogrammingGomes, Andreia ; Kurochkin, Ilia; Chang, Betty; Daniel, Michael; Law, Kenneth; Satija, Namita; Lachmann, Alexander; Wang, Zichen; Ferreira, Lino ; Ma'ayan, Avi; Chen, Benjamin K.; Papatsenko, Dmitri; Lemischka, Ihor R; Moore, Kateri A.; Pereira, Carlos Filipe articleopenAccess
321-Sep-2017Designing Transcription Factors for Efficient Hematopoietic ReprogrammingAlves, Rita Alexandra Silvério masterThesisopenAccess
42016Direct Reprogramming of Fibroblasts to Dendritic Cells for ImmunotherapyRosa, Fábio Alexandre Fiúza masterThesisembargoedAccess
58-Oct-2018Elucidating Blood Origin: From Reprogramming to OntogenyGomes, Andreia MarquesdoctoralThesisembargoedAccess
617-Sep-2019Elucidating Gata2 transcription facto role during DNA replication and epigenetic inheritanceSilva, Catarina Milheiro Soares damasterThesisembargoedAccess
714-Aug-2023GATA2 mitotic bookmarking is required for definitive haematopoiesisSilvério-Alves, Rita ; Kurochkin, Ilia; Rydström, Anna; Vazquez Echegaray, Camila; Haider, Jakob; Nicholls, Matthew; Rode, Christina; Thelaus, Louise; Lindgren, Aida Yifter; Ferreira, Alexandra G. ; Brandão, Rafael; Larsson, Jonas; de Bruijn, Marella F. T. R.; Martin-Gonzalez, Javier; Pereira, Carlos Filipe articleopenAccess
810-Jun-2021Generating dendritic cells by direct cell reprogrammingRosa, Fábio Alexandre FiúzadoctoralThesisopenAccess
93-Sep-2023High-Throughput Drug Screening Revealed That Ciclopirox Olamine Can Engender Gastric Cancer Stem-like CellsPádua, Diana; Figueira, Paula; Pinto, Mariana; Maia, André Filipe; Peixoto, Joana; Lima, Raquel T; Pombinho, António; Pereira, Carlos Filipe ; Almeida, Raquel ; Mesquita, PatríciaarticleopenAccess
102021HMGA1 Has Predictive Value in Response to Chemotherapy in Gastric CancerPádua, Diana; Pinto, Débora Filipa; Figueira, Paula; Pereira, Carlos Filipe ; Almeida, Raquel ; Mesquita, PatríciaarticleopenAccess
1125-Sep-2018Inducing Antigen Presentation in Tumor cells by Direct ReprogrammingCaiado, Inês Maria Nascimento masterThesisembargoedAccess
123-Nov-2023Mechanisms Underlying the Specification of Definitive HematopoiesisAlves, Rita doctoralThesisopenAccess
1314-Jul-2023Restoring tumor immunogenicity with dendritic cell reprogrammingZimmermannova, Olga; Ferreira, Alexandra G. ; Ascic, Ervin; Velasco Santiago, Marta; Kurochkin, Ilia; Hansen, Morten; Met, Özcan; Caiado, Inês ; Shapiro, Ilja E.; Michaux, Justine; Humbert, Marion; Soto-Cabrera, Diego; Benonisson, Hreinn; Silvério-Alves, Rita ; Gomez-Jimenez, David; Bernardo, Carina; Bauden, Monika; Andersson, Roland; Höglund, Mattias; Miharada, Kenichi; Nakamura, Yukio; Hugues, Stephanie; Greiff, Lennart; Lindstedt, Malin; Rosa, Fábio F. ; Pires, Cristiana F.; Bassani-Sternberg, Michal; Svane, Inge Marie; Pereira, Carlos Filipe articleopenAccess
1419-Sep-2018The role of LSD1/CoREST during hemogenic reprogramming.Santos, Ana Raquel Pereira masterThesisembargoedAccess
1520-Feb-2020A SOX2 Reporter System Identifies Gastric Cancer Stem-Like Cells Sensitive to MonensinPádua, Diana; Barros, Rita ; Amaral, Ana Luísa ; Mesquita, Patrícia; Freire, Ana Filipa ; Sousa, Mafalda ; Maia, André Filipe; Caiado, Inês ; Fernandes, Hugo; Pombinho, António; Pereira, Carlos Filipe ; Almeida, Raquel articleopenAccess
1611-Jul-2017Transient HES5 Activity Instructs Mesodermal Cells toward a Cardiac FateFreire, Ana G.; Waghray, Avinash; Soares-da-Silva, Francisca ; Resende, Tatiana P.; Lee, Dung-Fang; Pereira, Carlos Filipe ; Nascimento, Diana S.; Lemischka, Ihor R.; Pinto-do-Ó, PerpétuaarticleopenAccess
172019Understanding and Modulating Immunity With Cell ReprogrammingPires, Cristiana Ferreira ; Rosa, Fábio F. ; Kurochkin, Ilia; Pereira, Carlos Filipe articleopenAccess
1818-Sep-2019Understanding the Genetic Program of Conventional Dendritic Cells Type 2 with Direct Cell ReprogrammingOliveira, Luís Filipe HenriquesmasterThesisembargoedAccess