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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
1Apr-20101H NMR Spectroscopic and Quantum Chemical Studies on a Poly(ester amide) Model Compound: Nα-Benzoyl-l-Argininate Ethyl Ester Chloride. Structural Preferences for the Isolated Molecule and in SolutionFonseca, A. C. ; Jarmelo, S. ; Carvalho, R. A. ; Fausto, R. ; Gil, M. H. ; Simões, P. N. articleopenAccess
2Jul-2014Biodegradable poly(ester amide)s – A remarkable opportunity for the biomedical area: Review on the synthesis, characterization andFonseca, Ana C. ; Gil, Maria H. ; Simões, Pedro N. articleopenAccess
315-Oct-2019Brief Overview on Bio-Based Adhesives and SealantsMagalhães, Solange ; Alves, Luís ; Medronho, Bruno ; Fonseca, Ana C. ; Romano, Anabela; Coelho, Jorge F. J. ; Norgren, MagnusarticleopenAccess
41-Jul-2020Development of drug delivery systems based on high wavelength light - Photosensive polymersDariva, Camila GiacominidoctoralThesisopenAccess
524-Sep-2013Development of new unsaturated polyesters from renewable resourcesLopes, Ines Marques masterThesisopenAccess
6Sep-2013Development of unsaturated polyesters from renewable sourcesLopes, Inês Marques masterThesisopenAccess
710-Apr-2010Drug delivery systems: Advanced technologies potentially applicable in personalized treatmentsCoelho, Jorge F. ; Ferreira, Paula C. ; Alves, Patricia ; Cordeiro, Rosemeyre ; Fonseca, Ana C. ; Góis, Joana R. ; Gil, Maria H. articleopenAccess
816-Nov-2020Estudo comparativo das propriedades termomecânicas e resistência química de elastómeros utilizados como vedantesPereira, David Miguel NunesmasterThesisembargoedAccess
92021Highly Porous Composite Scaffolds Endowed with Antibacterial Activity for Multifunctional Grafts in Bone RepairNeto, Ana S.; Pereira, Patrícia ; Fonseca, Ana C. ; Dias, Carla ; Almeida, Mariana C. ; Barros, Inês ; Miranda, Catarina O. ; Almeida, Luís P. de ; Morais, Paula V. ; Ferreira, José M. F.articleopenAccess
1010-May-2023In Vitro Evaluation of Biphasic Calcium Phosphate Scaffolds Derived from Cuttlefish Bone Coated with Poly(ester urea) for Bone Tissue RegenerationPereira, Patrícia ; Neto, Ana S.; Rodrigues, Ana Sofia ; Barros, Inês ; Miranda, Catarina O. ; Santos, João Ramalho ; Almeida, Luís Pereira de ; Ferreira, José M. F.; Coelho, Jorge ; Fonseca, Ana C. articleopenAccess
1123-Sep-2014Incorporação de nanopartículas em poliésteres de base naturalMarques, Teresa Maria Correia Pita masterThesisembargoedAccess
1220-Jul-2015Incorporação de polímeros inteligentes em aerogéis à base de sílicaVareda, João Pedro Caria masterThesisopenAccess
136-Aug-2020Is parental psychological flexibility a (uni) dimensional construct? A bifactor analysis of the Portuguese version of the parental acceptance questionnaire (6-PAQ)Fonseca, Ana C. ; Canavarro, Maria Cristina ; Moreira, Helena articleopenAccess
144-Dec-2020Natural based in-situ gelling hydrogels for prolonged drug delivery purposesCosta, Joana Filipa SimõesmasterThesisembargoedAccess
152013Novel poly(ester amide)s from glycine and L-lactic acid by an easy and cost-effective synthesisFonseca, Ana C. ; Serra, Arménio C. ; Coelho, Jorge F. J. ; Gil, Maria H. ; Simões, Pedro N. articleopenAccess
162013Poly(ester amide)s based on (L)-lactic acid oligomers and α-amino acids: influence of the α-amino acid side chain in the poly(ester amide)s propertiesFonseca, Ana C ; Coelho, Jorge F. J. ; Valente, Joana F. A. ; Correia, Tiago R. ; Correia, Ilídio J. ; Gil, Maria H. ; Simões, Pedro N. articleopenAccess
1730-Jun-2020A Preliminary Evaluation of the Pro-Chondrogenic Potential of 3D-Bioprinted Poly(ester Urea) ScaffoldsMoxon, Samuel R.; Ferreira, Miguel J. S.; Santos, Patrícia dos ; Popa, Bogdan; Gloria, Antonio; Katsarava, Ramaz; Tugushi, David; Serra, Arménio C. ; Hooper, Nigel M.; Kimber, Susan J.; Fonseca, Ana C. ; Domingos, Marco A. N.articleopenAccess
1820-Jul-2016Recent Developments in Antimicrobial Polymers: A ReviewSantos, Madson R. E. ; Fonseca, Ana C. ; Mendonça, Patrícia V. ; Branco, Rita ; Serra, Arménio ; Morais, Paula V. ; Coelho, Jorge F. J. articleopenAccess
19Apr-2010Role of Guanidyl Moiety in the Insertion of Arginine and Nα-Benzoyl-l-argininate Ethyl Ester Chloride in Lipid MembranesFonseca, A. C. ; Frías, M. A. ; Bouchet, A. M. ; Jarmelo, S. ; Simões, P. N. ; Fausto, R. ; Gil, M. H. ; Lairion, F. ; Disalvo, E. A. articleopenAccess
202023Structural, thermal, and mechanical characterisation of PEEK-based composites in cryogenic temperatureNikonovich, Maksim ; Costa, Joana F. S.; Fonseca, Ana C. ; Ramalho, Amílcar ; Emami, NazaninarticleopenAccess
21Apr-2011Study of Nα-benzoyl-L-argininate ethyl ester chloride, a model compound for poly(ester amide) precursors: X-ray diffraction, infrared and Raman spectroscopies, and quantum chemistry calculationsFonseca, A. C. ; Jarmelo, S. ; Silva, M. Ramos ; Beja, A. M. Matos ; Fausto, R. ; Gil, M. H. ; Simões, P. N. articleopenAccess
222008Thermal characterization of poly(vinyl chloride) samples prepared by living radical polymerization: Comparison with poly(vinyl chloride) prepared by free radical polymerizationCoelho, Jorge F. J. ; Simões, P. N. ; Mendonça, Patrícia V. ; Fonseca, A. C. ; Gil, M. H. articleopenAccess