Silveirinha, Mário G.

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Silveirinha, Mário G.
Silveirinha, Mário
UC Researcher
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
118-Jun-2012Achromatic lens based on a nanowire material with anomalous dispersionCosta, João T. ; Silveirinha, Mário G. articleopenAccess
22008Additional boundary condition for a wire medium connected to a metallic surfaceSilveirinha, Mário G. ; Fernandes, Carlos A.; Costa, Jorge R.articleopenAccess
32009Additional boundary conditions for nonconnected wire mediaSilveirinha, Mário G. articleopenAccess
42014Boundary conditions for quadrupolar metamaterialsSilveirinha, Mário G. articleopenAccess
512-Sep-2013Cobertor térmico com baixa reflectividade em radiofrequênciasAlmeida, Jorge Alexandre Mota de masterThesisopenAccess
625-Feb-2015Confinamento da luz num ressoador abertoSilva, Solange Vieira da masterThesisopenAccess
72003Electromagnetic waves in artificial media with application to lens antennasSilveirinha, Mário Gonçalo Mestre Veríssimo doctoralThesisembargoedAccess
817-Feb-2023Engineering Transistorlike Optical Gain in Two-Dimensional Materials with Berry Curvature DipolesRappoport, Tatiana G; Morgado, Tiago A. ; Lannebère, Sylvain ; Silveirinha, Mário G. articleopenAccess
92010Generalized additional boundary conditions for wire mediaMaslovski, Stanislav I. ; Morgado, Tiago A. ; Silveirinha, Mário G. ; Kaipa, Chandra S. R.; Yakovlev, Alexander B.articleopenAccess
101-Mar-2019Light Tunneling, Topological Effects and Light‐Matter Interactions in Wire MetamaterialsLatioui, HafssaadoctoralThesisopenAccess
1111-Sep-2015Metamaterials for Light and Electron Waves: New Phenomena and ApplicationsFernandes, David Emanuel Dias doctoralThesisopenAccess
122013Non-local susceptibility of the wire medium in the spatial domain considering material boundariesHanson, George W; Silveirinha, Mário G. ; Burghignoli, Paolo; Yakovlev, Alexander BarticleopenAccess
138-Mar-2013Nonlocal effective medium approach to wave propagation in metamaterialsCosta, João Tiago de Figueiredo e doctoralThesisopenAccess
142014Optical Instabilities and Spontaneous Light Emission by Polarizable Moving MatterSilveirinha, Mário G. articleopenAccess
1530-Oct-2015Optical meta-atom for localization of light with quantized energyLannebère, Sylvain ; Silveirinha, Mário G. articleopenAccess
162019Photonic analogues of the Haldane and Kane-Mele modelsLannebère, Sylvain ; Silveirinha, Mário G. articleopenAccess
172011Resolving subwavelength objects with a crossed wire mesh superlens operated in backscattering modeSilveirinha, Mário G. ; Medeiros, Carla R.; Fernandes, Carlos A.; Costa, Jorge R.articleopenAccess
1827-Mar-2015Simulating the Propagation of Electron Waves in Graphene Superlattices: A Parallel Heterogeneous ApproachRodrigues, Manuel Jose Torres masterThesisembargoedAccess
192016Single-interface Casimir torqueMorgado, Tiago A. ; Silveirinha, Mário G. articleopenAccess
202016Super-collimation of the radiation by a point source in a uniaxial wire mediumMorgado, Tiago A. ; Silveirinha, Mário G. articleopenAccess
212011Tailoring the near- and far- fields with wire mediaMorgado, Tiago André Nogueira doctoralThesisopenAccess
222014Theory of quantum frictionSilveirinha, Mário G. articleopenAccess
2316-Nov-2015Time Evolution of Electron Waves in Graphene SuperlatticesFernandes, David E. ; Rodrigues, Manuel ; Falcão, Gabriel ; Silveirinha, Mário G. articleopenAccess
2417-Feb-2015Transferência de potência sem fiosAraújo, Sérgio Tiago Silva masterThesisopenAccess
252009Transport of an arbitrary near-field component with an array of tilted wiresMorgado, Tiago A. ; Silveirinha, Mário G. articleopenAccess
2623-Jul-2020Trapping light in metal and topological nanostructuresSilva, Solange Vieira dadoctoralThesisopenAccess
272012Uniaxial indefinite material formed by helical-shaped wiresMorgado, Tiago A. ; Maslovski, Stanislav I. ; Silveirinha, Mário G. articleopenAccess