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Morgado, Tiago A.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
113-May-2015Analytical solution for the stopping power of the Cherenkov radiation in a uniaxial nanowire materialMorgado, Tiago A. ; Fernandes, David E. ; Silveirinha, MárioarticleopenAccess
222-Jul-2021Caracterização experimental de uma lente metamaterial formada por fios metálicos dobradosSilva, José Francisco Figueiredo damasterThesisopenAccess
317-Feb-2023Engineering Transistorlike Optical Gain in Two-Dimensional Materials with Berry Curvature DipolesRappoport, Tatiana G; Morgado, Tiago A. ; Lannebère, Sylvain ; Silveirinha, Mário G. articleopenAccess
427-Jul-2021Experimental characterization of a metamaterial lens formed by helical-shaped metallic wiresJoão, Guilherme Luís masterThesisembargoedAccess
515-Jun-2023Experimental verification of magnetic near-field channeling using a helical-shaped wire medium lensMorgado, Tiago A. ; João, Guilherme; Pereira, Ricardo A. M.; Fernandes, David E.; Lannebère, Sylvain articleopenAccess
62010Generalized additional boundary conditions for wire mediaMaslovski, Stanislav I. ; Morgado, Tiago A. ; Silveirinha, Mário G. ; Kaipa, Chandra S. R.; Yakovlev, Alexander B.articleopenAccess
72016Single-interface Casimir torqueMorgado, Tiago A. ; Silveirinha, Mário G. articleopenAccess
82016Super-collimation of the radiation by a point source in a uniaxial wire mediumMorgado, Tiago A. ; Silveirinha, Mário G. articleopenAccess
92011Tailoring the near- and far- fields with wire mediaMorgado, Tiago André Nogueira doctoralThesisopenAccess
102009Transport of an arbitrary near-field component with an array of tilted wiresMorgado, Tiago A. ; Silveirinha, Mário G. articleopenAccess
1123-Jul-2020Trapping light in metal and topological nanostructuresSilva, Solange Vieira dadoctoralThesisopenAccess
122012Uniaxial indefinite material formed by helical-shaped wiresMorgado, Tiago A. ; Maslovski, Stanislav I. ; Silveirinha, Mário G. articleopenAccess