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Title: Optical meta-atom for localization of light with quantized energy
Authors: Lannebère, Sylvain 
Silveirinha, Mário G. 
Keywords: Physics - Optics
Issue Date: 30-Oct-2015
Publisher: Springer Nature
Project: PTDC/EEITEL/2764/2012 
Instituto de Telecomunicac¸o˜es under project C00355-TRAP 
Serial title, monograph or event: Nature Communications
Volume: 6
Issue: 1
Abstract: The capacity to confine light into a small region of space is of paramount importance in many areas of modern science. Here we suggest a mechanism to store a quantized 'bit' of light--with a very precise amount of energy--in an open core-shell plasmonic structure ('meta-atom') with a nonlinear optical response. Notwithstanding the trapped light state is embedded in the radiation continuum, its lifetime is not limited by the radiation loss. Interestingly, it is shown that the interplay between the nonlinear response and volume plasmons enables breaking fundamental reciprocity restrictions, and coupling very efficiently an external light source to the meta-atom. The collision of an incident optical pulse with the meta-atom may be used to release the trapped light 'bit'.
Description: Article in press in Nature Communications (29/09/2015). Attached: Supplementary Movies 1 and 2 (small size version)
ISSN: 2041-1723
DOI: 10.1038/ncomms9766
Rights: openAccess
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