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Bonvin, Alexandre M. J. J.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
115-Jul-2017Membrane proteins structures: A review on computational modeling toolsAlmeida, Jose G. ; Preto, Antonio J. ; Koukos, Panagiotis I. ; Bonvin, Alexandre M.J.J. ; Moreira, Irina S. articleembargoedAccess
22013Unveiling the Interaction of Vanadium Compounds with Human Serum Albumin by Using 1H STD NMR and Computational Docking StudiesDias, David M. ; Rodrigues, João P. G. L. M. ; Domingues, Neuza S. ; Bonvin, Alexandre M. J. J. ; Castro, M. M. C. A. articleopenAccess