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Domingues, Neuza S.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
1Sep-2023Cholesteryl hemiazelate identified in CVD patients causes in vitro and in vivo inflammationDomingues, Neuza S. ; Gaifem, Joana; Matthiesen, Rune; Saraiva, Diana P.; Bento, Luís; Marques, André R. A.; Soares, Maria I. L. ; Sampaio, Julio; Klose, Christian; Surma, Michal A.; Almeida, Manuel Lopes de ; Rodrigues, Gustavo; Gonçalves, Pedro Araújo; Ferreira, Jorge; E Melo, Ryan Gouveia; Pedro, Luís Mendes; Simons, Kai ; Melo, Teresa M. V. D. Pinho e ; Cabral, M. Guadalupe; Jacinto, António ; Silvestre, Ricardo; Vaz, Winchil L. C. ; Vieira, Otília V. articleopenAccess
221-Sep-2023Cx43-mediated hyphal folding counteracts phagosome integrity loss during fungal infectionCristóvão, Beatriz ; Rodrigues, Lisa ; Catarino, Steve ; Abreu, Mónica ; Gonçalves, Teresa ; Domingues, Neuza S. ; Girão, Henrique articleopenAccess
32012Ex vivo and in vivo studies with VO (dmpp) : validation of its anti-diabetic propertiesDomingues, Neuza Luísa da Silva masterThesisopenAccess
42021Insulin resistance as a predictor of cardiovascular diseasesDomingues, Neuza articleopenAccess
519-Jul-2017Involvement of the p62/NRF2 signal transduction pathway on erythrophagocytosisSantarino, Inês; Viegas, Michelle ; Domingues, Neuza S. ; Ribeiro, Ana M.; Soares, Miguel P.; Vieira, Otília V.articleopenAccess
6Jun-2013Mitochondrial dysfunction is the focus of quaternary ammonium surfactant toxicity to mammalian epithelial cellsInácio, Ângela S. ; Costa, Gabriel N. ; Domingues, Neuza S. ; Santos, Maria S. ; Moreno, António J. M. ; Vaz, Winchil L. C. ; Vieira, Otília V. articleopenAccess
715-Dec-2020Role of damaged lysosomes on endothelial cells during heart failure with preserved ejection fraction developmentPita, Carlos Daniel Ferreira RafaelmasterThesisembargoedAccess
82013Unveiling the Interaction of Vanadium Compounds with Human Serum Albumin by Using 1H STD NMR and Computational Docking StudiesDias, David M. ; Rodrigues, João P. G. L. M. ; Domingues, Neuza S. ; Bonvin, Alexandre M. J. J. ; Castro, M. M. C. A. articleopenAccess