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15-Mar-20223D Printing for Cartilage Replacement: A Preliminary Study to Explore New PolymersDelgado, Gonçalo F. ; Pinho, Ana C. ; Piedade, Ana P. articleopenAccess
22021Advanced Tribological Characterization of DLC Coatings Produced by Ne-HiPIMS for the Application on the Piston Rings of Internal Combustion EnginesVahidi, Alireza ; Fonseca, Diogo ; Oliveira, João ; Cavaleiro, Albano ; Ramalho, Amilcar ; Ferreira, Fábio articleopenAccess
32020Aluminum-to-Steel Cladding by Explosive WeldingCarvalho, Gustavo H. S. F. L. ; Galvão, Ivan ; Mendes, Ricardo ; Leal, Rui M. ; Loureiro, Altino articleopenAccess
42021Anticipating Future Behavior of an Industrial Press Using LSTM NetworksMateus, Balduíno César; Mendes, Mateus ; Farinha, José Torres ; Cardoso, António MarquesarticleopenAccess
58-Mar-2022Antimicrobial TiN-Ag Coatings in Leather Insole for Diabetic FootMarques, Sandra M; Carvalho, Isabel ; Leite, Teófilo R; Henriques, Mariana; Carvalho, SandraarticleopenAccess
62020Characterization of Sintered Aluminium Reinforced with Ultrafine Tungsten Carbide ParticlesEmadinia, Omid ; Vieira, Maria Teresa ; Vieira, Manuel FernandoarticleopenAccess
72020Correlation between Substrate Ion Fluxes and the Properties of Diamond-Like Carbon Films Deposited by Deep Oscillation Magnetron Sputtering in Ar and Ar + Ne PlasmasOliveira, João ; Ferreira, Fábio ; Serra, Ricardo ; Kubart, Tomas ; Vitelaru, Catalin; Cavaleiro, Albano articleopenAccess
824-Sep-2021Cr-Based Sputtered Decorative Coatings for Automotive IndustryCarneiro, Edgar; Parreira, Nuno M. G.; Vuchkov, Todor ; Carvalho, Albano Augusto Cavaleiro Rodrigues de ; Ferreira, Jorge; Andritschky, Martin; Carvalho, Sandra articleopenAccess
92021A DedA Family Membrane Protein in Indium Extrusion in Rhodanobacter sp. B2A1Ga4Caldeira, Joana B. ; Chung, Ana Paula ; Piedade, Ana Paula ; Morais, Paula V. ; Branco, Rita articleopenAccess
1023-Jun-2021Effect of Friction Stir Welding Techniques and Parameters on Polymers Joint Efficiency-A Critical ReviewPereira, Miguel A. R. ; Amaro, Ana M.; Reis, Paulo N. B. ; Loureiro, Altino articleopenAccess
112021Effect of Harsh Environmental Conditions on the Impact Response of Carbon Composites with Filled Matrix by Cork PowderSilva, Marco P.; Santos, Paulo; Parente, João; Valvez, Sara; Reis, Paulo N. B. articleopenAccess
1211-Sep-2021Effect of Hostile Solutions on the Residual Fatigue Life of Kevlar/Epoxy Composites after Impact LoadingReis, Paulo N. B. ; Silva, Marco P.; Santos, Paulo; Parente, João; Valvez, SaraarticleopenAccess
132021Effect of remaining ligament on fatigue crack growthJesus, Joel ; Neto, D. M. ; Fernandes, R. F. ; Borges, M. F. ; Antunes, F. V. ; Sérgio, E. R.articleopenAccess
142020Effect of the Substrate Biasing on the Structure and Properties of Tantalum Coatings Deposited Using HiPIMS in Deep Oscillations Magnetron Sputtering ModeFerreira, Fábio ; Cavaleiro, Albano ; Oliveira, João articleopenAccess
152022Effect of variable amplitude block loading on fatigue crack growthNeto, D. M. ; Borges, M. F. ; Silva, J. M. ; Antunes, F. V. articleopenAccess
162021Electroactive Polymers Obtained by Conventional and Non-Conventional TechnologiesKanaan, Akel F.; Pinho, Ana C. ; Piedade, Ana P. articleopenAccess
172022Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy in the Characterisation and Application of Modified Electrodes for Electrochemical Sensors and BiosensorsBrett, Christopher M. A. articleopenAccess
182020Electroless Deposition of Ni-P Coatings on HNBR for Low Friction Rubber SealsVasconcelos, Beatriz ; Serra, Ricardo ; Oliveira, João ; Fonseca, CarlosarticleopenAccess
192022Evaluation of Bone Consolidation in External Fixation with an Electromechanical SystemPaulino, Maria F. ; Roseiro, Luís M. ; Balacó, Inês ; Neto, Maria A. ; Amaro, Ana M. articleopenAccess
202020Experimental Study on the Flexural Behavior of Alkali Activated Fly Ash Mortar BeamsLopes, Adelino V. ; Lopes, Sergio M. R. ; Pinto, Isabel articleopenAccess