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Carrilho, Rui
Carrilho, Rui M. B.
Carrilho, Rui M.B.
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UC Researcher
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
11-Sep-20112,2'-Bis(meth-oxy-meth-oxy)-3-methyl-1,1'-binaphth-ylCarrilho, Rui M. B. ; Abreu, Artur R. ; Pereira, Mariette M. ; Rodrigues, V. H. articleopenAccess
220-Jan-2014Binaphthyl-based helical monophosphites - A new concept of phosphorus ligands in homogeneous catalysisCarrilho, Rui Miguel Barroso doctoralThesisopenAccess
32023Carbon Monoxide as C1 Building Block in Fine Chemical Synthesis†Carrilho, Rui M. B. ; Calvete, Mário J. F. ; Mikle, Gábor; Kollár, László ; Pereira, Mariette M. articleopenAccess
45-May-2017A Cost-Efficient Method for Unsymmetrical Meso-Aryl Porphyrin Synthesis Using NaY Zeolite as an Inorganic Acid CatalystCalvete, Mário J. F. ; Dias, Lucas D. ; Henriques, César A. ; Pinto, Sara M. A. ; Carrilho, Rui M. B. ; Pereira, Mariette M. articleopenAccess
51-Oct-2014Crystal structure of (R)-2'-benz-yloxy-[1,1'-binaphthalen]-2-yl tri-fluoro-methane-sulfonateCarrilho, Rui M. B. ; Pereira, Mariette M. ; Maria, Teresa M. R. ; Eusébio, M. Ermelinda ; Paiva, V. H. articleopenAccess
623-Jul-2020Desenvolvimento de catalisadores para conversão de CO2 em produtos de valor acrescentadoGonzalez, Andreia Cristina da SilvamasterThesisopenAccess
72013A new facile synthesis of steroid dimers containing 17,17′-dicarboxamide spacersCarrilho, Rui M. B. ; Pereira, Mariette M. ; Moreno, Maria José S. M. ; Takács, Attila ; Kollár, László articleopenAccess
8Sep-2018A novel Pd-catalysed sequential carbonylation/cyclization approach toward bis-N-heterocycles: rationalization by electronic structure calculationsDamas, Liliana Reis ; Carrilho, Rui M. B. ; Nunes, Sandra ; Pais, Alberto ; Kollár, László ; Pineiro, Marta ; Pereira, Mariette M. articleopenAccess
92021Oxidative Degradation of Pharmaceuticals: The Role of Tetrapyrrole-Based CatalystsPiccirillo, Giusi ; Aroso, Rafael T. ; Rodrigues, Fábio M.S. ; Carrilho, Rui M. B. ; Pinto, Sara M. A. ; Calvete, Mário J. F. ; Pereira, Mariette M. articleopenAccess
1027-Feb-2023Photoantibacterial Poly(vinyl)chloride Films Applying Curcumin Derivatives as Bio-Based Plasticizers and PhotosensitizersRodrigues, Fábio M. S. ; Tavares, Iúri; Aroso, Rafael T. ; Dias, Lucas D. ; Domingos, Carolina V. ; de Faria, Clara M. G.; Piccirillo, Giusi ; Maria, Teresa M. R. ; Carrilho, Rui M. B. ; Bagnato, Vanderlei S.; Calvete, Mário J. F. ; Pereira, Mariette M. articleopenAccess
112020Sequential catalytic carbonylation reactions for sustainable synthesis of biologically relevant entitiesDamas, Liliana Reis ; Rodrigues, Fábio M.S. ; Gonzalez, Andreia C.S.; Carrilho, Rui Miguel Barroso ; Piñeiro Gomez, Marta ; Pereira, Maria Miguéns articleembargoedAccess
122017Solventless Coupling of Epoxides and CO2 in Compressed Medium Catalysed by Fluorinated MetalloporphyrinsCarrilho, Rui M. B. ; Dias, Lucas ; Rivas, Raquel; Pereira, Mariette M. ; Claver, Carmen; Masdeu-Bultó, AnnaarticleopenAccess
1319-Mar-2022Stereoisomeric Tris-BINOL-Menthol Bulky Monophosphites: Synthesis, Characterisation and Application in Rhodium-Catalysed HydroformylationFelgueiras, Alexandre P. ; Rodrigues, Fábio M. S. ; Carrilho, Rui M. B. ; Cruz, Pedro F. ; Rodrigues, Vítor H. ; Kégl, Tamás; Kollár, László ; Pereira, Mariette M. articleopenAccess