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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12020An integrated and interoperable AutomationML-based platform for the robotic process of metal additive manufacturingBabcinschi, Mihail ; Freire, Bernardo ; Ferreira, Lúcia ; Señaris, Baltasar; Vidal, Felix; Vaz, Paulo; Neto, Pedro articleopenAccess
216-Jul-2018Automatic Tool Changer on Collaborative RobotsBabcinschi, Mihail masterThesisopenAccess
32020Direct Energy Deposition: a complete workflow for the additive manufacturing of complex shape partsFreire, Bernardo ; Babcinschi, Mihail ; Ferreira, Lúcia ; Señaris, Baltasar; Vidal, Felix; Neto, Pedro articleopenAccess
42023Integrated Design Fabrication and Control of a Bioinspired Multimaterial Soft Robotic HandAlves, Samuel ; Babcinschi, Mihail ; Silva, Afonso ; Neto, Diogo ; Fonseca, Diogo ; Neto, Pedro articleopenAccess