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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12017An action of the Hecke monoid on rational modules for the Borel subgroup of a quantised general linear groupSantana, Ana Paula ; Yudin, Ivan articleembargoedAccess
22019Another proof of Banaschewski's surjection theoremBaboolal, Dharmanand; Picado, Jorge ; Pultr, Aleš articleopenAccess
32017Beck–Chevalley condition and Goursat categoriesGran, Marino ; Rodelo, Diana articleopenAccess
42017Cavity type problems ruled by infinity Laplacian operatorRicarte, Gleydson Chaves ; Silva, João Vítor ; Teymurazyan, Rafayel articleembargoedAccess
52016A criterion for reflectiveness of normal extensionsMontoli, Andrea ; Rodelo, Diana ; Van der Linden, Tim articleembargoedAccess
62020A decoupled first/second-order steps technique for nonconvex nonlinear unconstrained optimization with improved complexity boundsGratton, Serge ; Royer, Clément W; Vicente, Luís Nunes articleembargoedAccess
727-Nov-2020Drug transport enhanced by temperature: mathematical analysis and numerical simulationSilveira, Maria Elisa BarbosadoctoralThesisopenAccess
82018Entourages, density, cauchy maps, and completionPicado, Jorge ; Pultr, Aleš articleembargoedAccess
9May-2018A Formula for Codensity Monads and Density ComonadsAdámek, Jiří ; Sousa, Lurdes articleopenAccess
102017A free boundary optimization problem for the ∞-LaplacianTeymurazyan, Rafayel ; Urbano, José Miguel articleembargoedAccess
1116-Sep-2019Generalised enriched categories: exponentiation and injectivitySilva, Willian Ribeiro Valencia dadoctoralThesisopenAccess
122019Hedgehog frames and a cardinal extension of normalityGutiérrez García, Javier ; Mozo Carollo, Imanol ; Picado, Jorge ; Walters-Wayland, JoannearticleembargoedAccess
132019Multiplicity-free skew Schur functions with full interval supportAzenhas, Olga ; Conflitti, Alessandro ; Mamede, Ricardo articleopenAccess
142015A New Approach to Leibniz BialgebrasBarreiro, Elisabete ; Benayadi, Saïd articleembargoedAccess
152016On Exponentiable Morphisms in Classical AlgebraClementino, Maria Manuel ; Hofmann, Dirk ; Janelidze, George articleembargoedAccess
16Oct-2019On the categorical behaviour of preordered groupsClementino, Maria Manuel ; Martins-Ferreira, Nelson ; Montoli, Andrea articleembargoedAccess
172017On the exponential decay of waves with memoryFerreira, José Augusto ; Oliveira, Paula de ; Pena, Gonçalo articleembargoedAccess
182018Remainders in pointfree topologyFerreira, Maria João; Picado, Jorge ; Marques Pinto, SandraarticleembargoedAccess
192019Some aspects of (non) functoriality of natural discrete covers of localesBall, Richard N. ; Picado, Jorge ; Pultr, Aleš articleembargoedAccess
202017Some Remarks on Connectors and Groupoids in Goursat CategoriesGran, Marino ; Nguefeu, Idriss Tchoffo ; Rodelo, Diana articleopenAccess