Clementino, Maria Manuel

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Clementino, Maria Manuel
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12013Covering Morphisms in Categories of Relational AlgebrasClementino, Maria Manuel ; Hofmann, Dirk ; Montoli, Andrea articleembargoedAccess
213-Sep-2017Descent Theory of (T,V)-categories: global-descent and étale-descentBasile, Pier Giorgio doctoralThesisopenAccess
32004Effective Descent Morphisms in Categories of Lax AlgebrasClementino, Maria Manuel ; Hofmann, Dirk articleopenAccess
42003Exponentiability in categories of lax algebrasClementino, Maria Manuel ; Hofmann, Dirk ; Tholen, Walter articleopenAccess
52006Exponentiable functors between quantaloid-enriched categoriesClementino, Maria Manuel ; Hofmann, Dirk ; Stubbe, Isar preprintopenAccess
62006Exponentiation in V-categoriesClementino, Maria Manuel ; Hofmann, Dirk articleopenAccess
72016Fibrewise injectivity in order and topologyCagliari, Francesca ; Clementino, Maria Manuel ; Mantovani, Sandra articleembargoedAccess
82014From lax monad extensions to Topological theoriesClementino, Maria Manuel ; Tholen, Walter bookPartopenAccess
91-Apr-2015Kan-injectividade e KZ-reflectividade em categorias enriquecidas com ordemCarvalho, Margarida Abreu de doctoralThesisopenAccess
102003Local homeomorphisms via ultrafilter convergenceClementino, Maria Manuel ; Hofmann, Dirk ; Janelidze, George preprintopenAccess
112001On Connectedness via Closure OperatorsClementino, Maria Manuel articleopenAccess
122013On exponentiability of étale algebraic homomorphismsClementino, Maria Manuel ; Hofmann, Dirk ; Janelidze, George articleembargoedAccess
132016On Exponentiable Morphisms in Classical AlgebraClementino, Maria Manuel ; Hofmann, Dirk ; Janelidze, George articleembargoedAccess
142004On extensions of lax monadsClementino, Maria Manuel ; Hofmann, Dirk articleopenAccess
152009On regular and homological closure operatorsClementino, Maria Manuel ; Gutierres, Gonçalo preprintopenAccess
162010On regular and homological closure operatorsClementino, Maria Manuel ; Gutierres, Gonçalo articleopenAccess
172006On some special classes of continuous mapsClementino, Maria Manuel ; Hofmann, Dirk preprintopenAccess
182009On the categorical meaning of Hausdorff and Gromov distances, IAkhvlediani, Andrei ; Clementino, Maria Manuel ; Tholen, Walter preprintopenAccess
192014On the representability of actions for topological algebrasBorceux, Francis ; Clementino, Maria Manuel ; Montoli, Andrea bookPartopenAccess
202013Proper maps for lax algebras and the Kuratowski-Mrówka TheoremClementino, Maria Manuel ; Tholen, Walter articleopenAccess