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Picado, Jorge
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12019Another proof of Banaschewski's surjection theoremBaboolal, Dharmanand; Picado, Jorge ; Pultr, AlešarticleopenAccess
22019Axiom TD and the Simmons sublocale theoremPicado, Jorge ; Pultr, AlešarticleembargoedAccess
32008Completely normal frames and real-valued functionsFerreira, Maria João ; Gutiérrez García, Javier ; Picado, Jorge preprintopenAccess
42011Entourages, Covers and Localic GroupsPicado, Jorge ; Pultr, Aleš articleembargoedAccess
52018Entourages, density, cauchy maps, and completionPicado, Jorge ; Pultr, AlešarticleembargoedAccess
62002Frames with Transitive StructuresHunsaker, Worthen ; Picado, Jorge articleopenAccess
72005Functorial Quasi-Uniformities on FramesFerreira, Maria João ; Picado, Jorge articleopenAccess
82002The Gauge of a Uniform FramePicado, Jorge articleopenAccess
92017Generating sublocales by subsets and relations: a tangle of adjunctionsMoshier, M. Andrew ; Picado, Jorge ; Pultr, Aleš articleembargoedAccess
102019Hedgehog frames and a cardinal extension of normalityGutiérrez García, Javier; Mozo Carollo, Imanol; Picado, Jorge ; Walters-Wayland, JoannearticleembargoedAccess
112007Ideals in Heyting semilattices and open homomorphismsPicado, Jorge ; Pultr, Aleš ; Tozzi, Anna preprintopenAccess
122013Insertion and extension results for pointfree complete regularityGutiérrez García, Javier; Picado, Jorge articleopenAccess
132009Insertion of continuous real functions on spaces, bispaces, ordered spaces and point-free spaces - a common rootFerreira, Maria João ; Gutiérrez García, Javier ; Picado, Jorge preprintopenAccess
142019Joins of closed sublocalesPicado, Jorge ; Pultr, Aleš; Tozzi, AnnaarticleembargoedAccess
152017Localic maps constructed from open and closed partsPicado, Jorge ; Pultr, Aleš articleopenAccess
162009Localic real functions: A general settingGutiérrez García, Javier ; Kubiak, Tomasz ; Picado, Jorge articleopenAccess
172007Lower and upper regularizations of frame semicontinuous real functionsGutiérrez García, Javier ; Kubiak, Tomasz ; Picado, Jorge preprintopenAccess
182008Monotone insertion and monotone extension of frame homomorphismsGutiérrez García, Javier ; Kubiak, Tomasz ; Picado, Jorge articleopenAccess
192014Monotone normality and stratifiability from a pointfree point of viewGutiérrez García, Javier ; Picado, Jorge ; de Prada Vicente, María Ángeles articleembargoedAccess
202014More on Subfitness and FitnessPicado, Jorge ; Pultr, Aleš articleembargoedAccess
212016New Aspects of Subfitness in Frames and SpacesPicado, Jorge ; Pultr, Aleš articleembargoedAccess
222006A new look at localic interpolation theoremsPicado, Jorge articleopenAccess
232016Normal semicontinuity and the Dedekind completion of pointfree function ringsGutiérrez García, Javier ; Mozo Carollo, Imanol ; Picado, Jorge articleembargoedAccess
242013Notes on Exact Meets and JoinsBall, Richard N. ; Picado, Jorge ; Pultr, Aleš articleembargoedAccess
252014Notes on point-free real functions and sublocalesGutiérrez García, Javier ; Picado, Jorge ; Pultr, Aleš bookPartopenAccess
262015Notes on the Product of LocalesPicado, Jorge ; Pultr, Aleš articleembargoedAccess
272020On hereditary properties of extremally disconnected frames and normal framesGutiérrez García, Javier; Kubiak, Tomasz; Picado, Jorge articleembargoedAccess
282015On permutable pairs of quasi-uniformitiesFerreira, Maria João ; Matlabyana, Mack ; Picado, Jorge articleembargoedAccess
292006On point-finiteness in pointfree topologyFerreira, Maria João ; Picado, Jorge preprintopenAccess
302010On strong inclusions and asymmetric proximities in framesPicado, Jorge ; Pultr, Aleš preprintopenAccess
312007On the algebraic representation of semicontinuityGutiérrez García, J. ; Picado, Jorge articleopenAccess
322015On the Dedekind completion of function ringsMozo Carollo, Imanol ; Gutiérrez García, Javier ; Picado, Jorge articleembargoedAccess
332009On the description of frame asymmetric uniformities via paircoversPicado, Jorge preprintopenAccess
342014On the parallel between normality and extremal disconnectednessGutiérrez García, Javier ; Picado, Jorge articleembargoedAccess
352009On the uniformization of L-valued framesGutiérrez-García, J. ; Mardones-Pérez, I. ; Picado, Jorge ; Vicente, M. A. de Prada preprintopenAccess
362020Perfect locales and localic real functionsGutiérrez García, Javier; Kubiak, Tomasz; Picado, Jorge articleembargoedAccess
372017Perfectness in localesGutiérrez García, Javier ; Kubiak, Tomasz ; Picado, Jorge articleembargoedAccess
382007Pointfree forms of Dowker and Michael insertion theoremsGutiérrez García, Javier ; Kubiak, Tomasz ; Picado, Jorge preprintopenAccess
392016Presenting the frame of the unit circleGutiérrez García, Javier ; Mozo Carollo, Imanol ; Picado, Jorge articleembargoedAccess
402005The quantale of Galois connectionsPicado, Jorge articleopenAccess
412018Remainders in pointfree topologyFerreira, Maria João; Picado, Jorge ; Marques Pinto, SandraarticleembargoedAccess
422010Rings of real functions in Pointfree TopologyGutiérrez García, Javier ; Picado, Jorge preprintopenAccess
432009The semicontinuous frame quasi-uniformity, revisitedFerreira, Maria João ; Picado, Jorge preprintopenAccess
442003The semicontinuous quasi-uniformity of a frameFerreira, Maria João ; Picado, Jorge preprintopenAccess
452005Sobre a construção de estruturas quase-uniformes em topologia sem pontos.Ferreira, Maria João Rodrigues doctoralThesisembargoedAccess
462019Some aspects of (non) functoriality of natural discrete covers of localesBall, Richard N.; Picado, Jorge ; Pultr, AlešarticleembargoedAccess
472000Structured Frames by Weil EntouragesPicado, Jorge articleopenAccess
482014(Sub)fit biframes and non-symmetric nearnessPicado, Jorge ; Pultr, Aleš articleembargoedAccess
492006Sublocale sets and sublocale latticesPicado, Jorge ; Pultr, Aleš preprintopenAccess
502018The Other Closure and Complete SublocalesClementino, Maria Manuel ; Picado, Jorge ; Pultr, AlešarticleembargoedAccess
512016A unified view of the Dedekind completion of pointfree function ringsGutiérrez García, Javier ; Mozo Carollo, Imanol ; Picado, Jorge articleembargoedAccess
521-Sep-2008Uniform-type structures on lattice-valued spaces and framesGutiérrez García, Javier ; Mardones-Pérez, Iraide ; Picado, Jorge ; Prada Vicente, María Angeles de articleopenAccess
531996Vizinhanças da diagonal no sentido de Weil em reticulados locaisPicado, Jorge Manuel Senos da Fonseca doctoralThesisembargoedAccess