Conflitti, Alessandro

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Conflitti, Alessandro
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12007Boolean algebras and spectrumConflitti, Alessandro preprintopenAccess
22014Dominant Shi regions with a fixed separating wall: bijective enumerationConflitti, Alessandro ; Mamede, Ricardo articleopenAccess
32015Gray codes and lexicographical combinatorial generation for nonnesting and sparse nonnesting set partitionsConflitti, Alessandro ; Mamede, Ricardo articleembargoedAccess
42017Gray codes for noncrossing and nonnesting partitions of classical typesConflitti, Alessandro ; Mamede, Ricardo articleembargoedAccess
52008Linear time equivalence of Littlewood-Richardson coefficient symmetry mapsAzenhas, Olga ; Conflitti, Alessandro ; Mamede, Ricardo preprintopenAccess
62019Multiplicity-free skew Schur functions with full interval supportAzenhas, Olga ; Conflitti, Alessandro ; Mamede, Ricardo articleopenAccess
72009On an index two subgroup of puzzle and Littlewood-Richardson tableau Z2 x S3-symmetriesAzenhas, Olga ; Conflitti, Alessandro ; Mamede, Ricardo preprintopenAccess
82009On noncrossing and nonnesting partitions of type DConflitti, Alessandro ; Mamede, Ricardo preprintopenAccess
92011On the Largest Size of an Antichain in the Bruhat Order for A(2k,k)Conflitti, Alessandro ; Fonseca, Carlos Martins da ; Mamede, Ricardo articleembargoedAccess
102007On the noncommutative hypergeometric equationConflitti, Alessandro ; Schlosser, Michael J. preprintopenAccess