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Santana, Ana Paula
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12008Akivis superalgebras and specialityAlbuquerque, Helena ; Santana, Ana Paula preprintopenAccess
22017An action of the Hecke monoid on rational modules for the Borel subgroup of a quantised general linear groupSantana, Ana Paula ; Yudin, Ivan articleembargoedAccess
317-Apr-2013Homological properties of quantised Borel-Schur algebras and resolutions of quantised Weyl modulesDonkin, Stephen ; Santana, Ana Paula ; Yudin, Ivan articleopenAccess
4Feb-2018On Auslander-Reiten sequences for Borel-Schur algebrasErdmann, Karin ; Santana, Ana Paula ; Yudin, Ivan articleembargoedAccess
52010Perfect category-graded algebrasSantana, Ana Paula ; Yudin, Ivan preprintopenAccess
62014Stratifying ideals and twisted productsSantana, Ana Paula ; Yudin, Ivan bookPartopenAccess