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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
8-Feb-2010O princípio (fundamental) da eficiênciaSilva, Susana Maria Calvo Loureiro Tavares da preprintopenAccess
9-Jul-2009O Sigilo Médico: análise do direito portuguêsPereira, André Gonçalo Dias preprintopenAccess
2006The obstacle problem for nonlinear elliptic equations with variable growth and L1-dataRodrigues, José Francisco ; Sanchón, Manel ; Urbano, José Miguel preprintopenAccess
2007Odd-quadratic Lie superalgebrasAlbuquerque, Helena ; Barreiro, Elisabete ; Benayadi, Saïd preprintopenAccess
2007On (0,1)-matrices with prescribed row and column sum vectorsFonseca, C. M. da ; Mamede, Ricardo preprintopenAccess
1998On a Darcy-Stefan Problem arising in freezing and thawing of saturated porous mediaRodrigues, José Francisco ; Urbano, José Miguel preprintopenAccess
2008On a doubly nonlinear diffusion model of chemotaxis with prevention of overcrowdingBendahmane, Mostafa ; Bürger, Raimund ; Baier, Ricardo Ruiz ; Urbano, José Miguel preprintopenAccess
2001On a new relation between Jacobi and homogeneous Poisson manifoldsPetalidou, Fani preprintopenAccess
2006On a two-sidedly degenerate chemotaxis model with volume-filling effectBendahmane, Mostafa ; Karlsen, Kenneth H. ; Urbano, José Miguel preprintopenAccess
2009On an index two subgroup of puzzle and Littlewood-Richardson tableau Z2 x S3-symmetriesAzenhas, Olga ; Conflitti, Alessandro ; Mamede, Ricardo preprintopenAccess
2000On an involution on the set of Littlewood-Richardson tableaux and the hidden commutativityAzenhas, Olga preprintopenAccess
2008On boundedness and small-orthogonality classesSousa, Lurdes preprintopenAccess
2010On categories with semidirect productsMartins-Ferreira, Nelson ; Sobral, Manuela preprintopenAccess
1999On computing real logarithms for matrices in the Lie group of special Euclidean motions in RnCardoso, J. R. ; Leite, F. Silva preprintopenAccess
1999On coregular closure operatorsGutierres, Gonçalo preprintopenAccess
1999On decompositions in generalised Lorentz-Zygmund spacesNeves, J. S. preprintopenAccess
2008On differential equations for orthogonal polynomials on the unit circleBranquinho, A. ; Rebocho, M. N. preprintopenAccess
2003On Fiedler's characterization of tridiagonal matrices over arbitrary fieldsBento, Américo ; Duarte, António Leal preprintopenAccess
2001On functors which are lax epimorphismsAdámek, Jirí ; Bashir, Robert El ; Sobral, Manuela ; Velebil, Jirí preprintopenAccess
2009On Gabor frames with Hermite functions: polyanalytic spaces from the Heisenberg groupAbreu, Luís Daniel preprintopenAccess